Haunted Places in Forsyth County, Georgia

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Forsyth County, Georgia. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Georgia.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Forsyth County, Georgia.

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    Aqua Terra Bistro

    Buford, Georgia

    10 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    At Aqua Terra Bistro, witnesses say coffee mugs and wine bottles fly off shelves, voices can be heard in the dining room, and EVPs and a ghostly apparition have been picked up by ghost hunters.

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    Brenau University

    Gainesville, Georgia

    18.1 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Agnes is the ghost who is believed to haunt the 1878 women's college called Brenau University. A former student in the early 1900s, Agnes is said to have hanged herself. Her reasons for her distressed differ depending on who tells the story. She may have been ostracized by sorority members ...

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    Public House

    Roswell, Georgia

    19.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The Public House, known as Peasant Restaurant in the 1970s, was originally a commissary for the Roswell Mill constructed in 1854. The building housed the Dunwoody Shoe Shop in 1920 and a funeral home upstairs. It was a Union hospital during the Civil War, and as legend goes, is the ...

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    Little Gardens

    Lawrenceville, Georgia

    21.8 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Now a venue for upscale events, Little Gardens was once an 1800s plantation house. Its restaurant is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who died here in the early 1900s. According to witnesses, she moves dishes and silverware, sometimes throwing them across tables. She also makes ...

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    Mount Hope Cemetery

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.2 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    According to a psychic, Mount Hope Cemetery and the areas nearby are a hangout for a group of Civil War veteran ghosts. In fact, in 1953 town librarian and historian Madeleine Anthony took a photograph of the cemetery which is believed to show several ghosts as well as a mysterious ...

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    Braselton Town Hall

    Braselton, Georgia

    22.3 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The 1909 residence of the town's founding family is said to be haunted by a ghost called Little John, said to have been a mentally challenged boy who lived in the attic. He is heard walking around and banging when the place closes for the night. Also reported here are ...

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    Historic Worley Bed and Breakfast Inn

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.5 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The image of a boy was caught on camera lying in a bed. The ghost was said to be that of Claude Worley who was struck by a train and was brought to this inn, but never recovered. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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    Holly Theater

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.6 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Holly Theatre is rumored to be haunted by ghosts who have shown up to watch rehearsals and sometimes play tricks, such as turning lights on and off. One of the ghosts here is believed to be Edwin Booth, a renowned 1800s actor and brother of Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth.

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    Picnic Cafe

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The café, built in 1897 by Colonel W.P. Price, is rumored to be haunted by the Colonel himself. An apparition of a lone figure has been seen, although a psychic has determined that the ghost is a female who stands and waits for something unknown.

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    Back Porch Oyster Bar

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The Back Porch Oyster Bar, in a building constructed in 1993, is said to be haunted. Witnesses have noticed odd occurrences such as a black umbrella that swung deliberately on a hook, all by itself; a psychic reported that the ghost is a woman who likes to play pranks, especially ...

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    Lumpkin County Courthouse - Dahlonega Gold Museum

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Dahlonega Gold Museum, inside the 1836 Lumpkin County Courthouse, is haunted by a ghost the staff calls Tommy. He has shown up as a tall figure in a hooded robe, seen on the balcony or through the windows. The stamp mill has inexplicably come on by itself and strange knocking ...

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    Forrest Hills Resort and Conference Center

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Forrest Hills has quite the active property for ghosts. The property itself is rich in history with the Trail of Tears having gone through it along with a rich past of moonshiners and even a suicide by hanging. The majority of the ghosts here are quite friendly and even ...

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    Bourbon Street Grille

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Ghost stories abounded when this building housed Gabee’s Cajun Kitchen and the Art Cart. Witnesses heard phantom dishes shatter and disembodied footsteps, and chess pieces moved on their own. At the Art Cart stood a chessboard handmade from gourds, with the pieces made to look like Muslims and Christians. One ...

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    Fred Jones Building

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Former mayor Fred Jones passed away under suspicious circumstances at his Chevrolet dealership, now four stores and a café. He is said to haunt his old building, sitting at the café table right where his old office used to sit. The shopkeepers here have found their locked doors standing open ...

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    Piazza Italian Restaurant

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    22.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    At the Piazza Italian Restaurant, witnesses have seen plates and other items move or fall by themselves and heard a door with a bell on it open and close when no one was around. Disembodied footsteps have been heard here as well.

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    Hot Dog Heaven

    Woodstock, Georgia

    24.1 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The prankish ghost at this Hot Dog Heaven location is blamed for turning off the hot dog cooker and hurling buns out of locked bins in the middle of the lunch rush.

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    Amicalola Falls Lodge

    Dawsonville, Georgia

    24.4 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The Cherokee Indian braves used to pray on Amicalola Mountain, seeking visions that would guide them in their lives. Folks say the spirits they consulted still remain on the mountain, and sometimes visit the beautiful lodge as well. Reports say the spirits disapprove of negative energy, and in one incidence ...

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    Village Inn Bed and Breakfast

    Stone Mountain, Georgia

    29 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Once used as a Civil War hospital, the 1830s hotel is the site of many strange events. Folks have witnessed apparitions, including that of an African-American man singing and/or whistling, and heard the unexplained sounds of footsteps, slamming doors and Morse code.

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    Sycamore Grill Building

    Stone Mountain, Georgia

    29.1 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The Sycamore Grill building, now empty, is a former Civil War hospital said to be haunted by its past patients. Witnesses have reported shadowy figures and apparitions in the dining area and heard strange shuffling sounds.

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    Stonepile Gap

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    29.4 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Stonepile Gap may look like a pile of stones, but there is much more to these rocks than meets the eye. As legend tells it, these rocks mark a grave of a Cherokee woman named Trahlyta who was told to drink from a nearby spring (Porter Springs), and (depending on ...

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    Pope-Walton House

    Atlanta, Georgia

    30 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Although the site, once the Pope-Walton House and then Anthony's Fine Dining, is reported no longer to be in operation, it was rumored to be haunted by Annie Barnett, who was married here in 1882. The sound of ghostly children singing also has been reported.

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    Kennesaw House

    Marietta, Georgia

    30.8 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Originally built in the 1840s as a cotton warehouse, the place was a makeshift hospital and morgue during the war. Many TV shows have featured this site, where visitors who descended to the basement in the elevator saw an active wartime hospital room. Another ghost reported to reside here is ...

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    Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

    Kennesaw, Georgia

    30.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, fought June 18 to July 2, 1864, is the source of the battlefield's hauntings. Ghostly soldiers walk the grounds; gunshots and cannons are heard. Also reported here are ghost deer who run at the witness and then disappear when they get close. The smell of ...

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    The Old Cotton Mill

    Jefferson, Georgia

    31.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The Cotton Mill in Jefferson, GA – This old cotton mill has a been shut down for nearly 50 years but has recently undertaken a restoration project turning it into an event center. Workers have seen several unexplainable acts including: -dark objects running at them and then bolt to the ceiling -foot ...

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    Rhodes Hall

    Atlanta, Georgia

    33.3 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Rhodes Hall, built in 1904 by founder of Rhodes Furniture Amos Rhodes, is rumored to be haunted by Mrs. Rhodes, who passed away in the home. Ghostly children have been seen and heard laughing here as well. But the scariest ghost here is the Shadow Man, said to reside in ...

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    The Masquerade

    Atlanta, Georgia

    34.3 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    This night club is said to be visited by the spirits who died in fire and tuberculosis outbreaks long ago, both of which killed several members of the building's former staff. Apparitions have been seen and unexplained footsteps have been reported.

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    New American Shakespeare Tavern

    Atlanta, Georgia

    34.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The Shakespeare Tavern is said to be visited by spirits. Witnesses have reported disembodied voices, shadow figures and strange lights. Apparitions seen here include a young boy in an 1800s blue velvet suit, an old man in period clothing, and a woman who moves items around in the women’s dressing ...

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    Ellis Hotel

    Atlanta, Georgia

    35.6 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    In 1946, a fire broke out in what was formerly the Winecoff Hotel, resulting in the deaths of 119 people. While the tragedy led to a reform in fire code safety, some of the victims are said to be here still. Apparitions of frenzied people appear in the halls, screams ...

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    Six Flags Over Georgia

    Austell, Georgia

    39.8 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    There are many ghost stories surrounding Six Flags Over Georgia. Some say a blonde girl about 9 years old was hit and killed by a car in the 1970s, and she may appear and ask guests for help, only to disappear shortly thereafter. And at the Crystal Pistol Music Hall, ...

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    Piedmont College

    Demorest, Georgia

    40.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    At Piedmont College, an orange-outlined ghost is said to roam the Getman-Babcock Dormitory, usually in the lobby. Also seen here is a ghostly little girl in a blue dress. Witnesses have reported the door handle turning on its own in the laundry room as well.

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    Hardin Bridge

    Kingston, Georgia

    45.8 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The old Hardin Bridge is still there, though a new one was built around 2010-2011 crossing the Etowah River just next to it. It is said that a couple accidentally drove off the old bridge many decades ago, and their spirits still haunt the area. Voices and screams ...

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    Johnny Mitchell's Smokehouse

    Euharlee, Georgia

    46.6 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Set in the 1800's settlement of Euharlee, this local smokehouse and barbecue restaurant is rumoured to be haunted by a male settler, who crosses the road at night from a nearby cemetery. He has been seen by staff and diners on several occasions. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Barnsley Gardens Resort

    Adairsville, Georgia

    47.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Built by Godfrey Barnsley in 1844, the ruins of the mansion are said to be haunted by Godfrey himself, his wife Julia, and a Confederate soldier who may be Colonel Robert Earle, killed on these grounds during the Civil War.

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    Warren House

    Jonesboro, Georgia

    49.6 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The plaster has been stripped down in certain sections of this house to reveal the signatures of men who convalesced here during the Civil War when the house was used as a hospital. People believe that the ghost of a soldier still remains inside the Warren House and claim that ...

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    Hard Labor Creek State Park - Camp Rutledge

    Rutledge, Georgia

    50.3 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Locals say there are two ghosts here: one of a man, and another of a boy named Ethan. Ethan is said to roll a red ball toward witnesses. The man, witnesses say, will slam doors, knock on cabin walls, and walk around outside late at night. Also, a figure has ...

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    El Rayos Authentic Mexican

    Calhoun, Georgia

    50.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The building that houses El Rayos Authentic Mexican Restaurant, formerly Place on Peidmont restaurant, was once a private home. Legend has it that it was inhabited by a woman and a little girl, who was run over by a car here. The woman lived here until her death of natural ...

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    The McDonough Square

    McDonough, Georgia

    53.8 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    A train wreck in 1900 is said to be the source of the haunts here. Several of the injured were brought here for medical treatment, and some died. Locals have seen apparitions in the old nearby buildings and the sounds of phantom trains have been heard.

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    Gaither Plantation

    Covington, Georgia

    56 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    At this site, which was featured on an episode of TV's Ghost Hunters, folks have reported seeing many a Civil War soldier. There is also a female spirit in residence at the antebellum home, the ghost of Cecilia, the daughter of a former owner. Her bedroom is said to be ...

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    Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House

    Fayetteville, Georgia

    56.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The ghost who calls this place home is believed to be John Manson Dorsey, a.k.a. “Manse” or “Manny,” flag bearer for the first company that left Fayette County during the Civil War.

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    Southern Oaks Inn

    Lavonia, Georgia

    59.8 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The Southern Oaks Inn was originally a home built by Charles P. Ray in 1918, who died here in an upstairs room, and that's who the current owners believe haunt the place. Apparitions of a man and woman have been seen, and strange footsteps have been heard. Reports from workers ...

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    Berry College

    Rome, Georgia

    60.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    The hauntings at Berry College have earned it the nickname Scary Berry. The ghost of a female student is supposed to haunt Ford Hall. She hanged herself upon receiving news that her boyfriend was killed in World War II. Blackstone Hall has several ghosts, the most well known perhaps being ...

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    Wink Theater

    Dalton, Georgia

    61.1 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Wink Theater was built in 1941 by J.C.H. Wink, who in fact may be the ghost who is believed to haunt the building. Wink was buried on the premises when he passed away during the theater's construction. Witnesses have reported footsteps and strange banging noises.

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    York House Inn

    Rabun Gap, Georgia

    64.8 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    York House Inn is Georgia's oldest continuously operating Inn, since 1896. All manner of living, births and deaths have taken place in the ensuing 120 years. It has been rumored by various employees that a Civil War soldier smokes cigars in one room and several children play in the Inn. ...

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    Hanging Grounds in Senoia

    Senoia, Georgia

    66.5 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    This site, off of Padgett Road, near Starr's Mill, once belonged to Old Man Padgett. Stories say that long ago, as an execution was taking place, the man broke loose and hanged Old Man Padgett from the railroad bridge nearby. Although the tracks are no longer used, phantom trains have ...

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    Chetoogeta Tunnel

    Tunnel Hill, Georgia

    66.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Begun in 1848 and completed two years later, the tunnel was used until 1928 when a new tunnel was built close by. The old tunnel was forgotten and became overgrown with kudzu vines until 1992, when preservationists lobbied to save it. It is now a park centerpiece, and a site ...

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    Rock Building

    Bremen, Georgia

    67.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    This clubhouse for the local tennis courts is believed to be haunted. Staff and members claim to have seen the apparition of a young man wandering the building after hours, who is believed to have drowned in the city swimming pool. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Early Hill Plantation

    Greensboro, Georgia

    68.2 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Once a bed-and-breakfast, this site is reportedly no longer in business. The mansion was built in the 1700s for the mayor, John Brown. Tragedy struck when a branch broke in the front yard, killing the family's young daughter. Reported sightings have included the girl swinging from the tree at night ...

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    Whitman-Anderson House

    Ringgold, Georgia

    73.6 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    This 1918 residence is haunted by a soldier named Captain, who has been known to knock on the front door and materialise by the bedsides of resident's of the house, as if to wake them up in the morning. Legend has it that he is waiting for a letter ...

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    Oakland Hall

    Eatonton, Georgia

    74.8 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Oakland Hall is a private 1800s estate said to be haunted by the ghost of a disabled girl who was locked away here by her family. The ghost can be heard playing, according to the present owners. The site has been featured on an episode of TV’s Ghost Hunters.

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    Panola Hall

    Eatonton, Georgia

    74.9 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Panola Hall is a Greek Revival home that was built in 1854 for Henry Trippe. It is said to have been haunted since the 1870s by the ghost of a girl named Sylvia. She appears as a shy, silent woman with dark hair and a full white skirt, usually in ...

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    Pinhook Plantation House

    Calhoun, Tennessee

    76.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Many ghosts have been reported here, including the Lady in the Gray Gown, a ghost who has been known to open the front door and walk up the stairway. There is also a monk who once held a meeting with several other ghosts in the Gathering Room. Reports say another ...

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    Bonnie Castle

    Grantville, Georgia

    79.7 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Bonnie Castle, now reported to be closed, was once a bed-and-breakfast inn. Ghosts reported here include a woman named Mary who dislikes electricity, a spectral cat, and a man who is said to be the original owner. Strange sounds have been reported coming from the building at all hours of ...

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    Super 8 Chattanooga Ooltewah

    Ooltewah, Tennessee

    80.2 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    Witnesses reported experiencing a feeling of terror when they saw the ghost of a 20-something woman sitting at the edge of the bed. She appears to be in the process of undressing, leading speculators to believe she was a prostitute who was murdered while on the job.

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    Western Carolina University - The Moore Building

    Cullowhee, North Carolina

    92.3 miles from Forsyth County, GA

    As rumor has it, in the mid-1960s a student was murdered after she refused a man's amorous advances. She now is said to haunt the third floor, crying, screaming and pacing. The man was caught and served a few years in a mental hospital, but then was released. He passed ...