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The building that houses El Rayos Authentic Mexican Restaurant, formerly Place on Peidmont restaurant, was once a private home. Legend has it that it was inhabited by a woman and a little girl, who was run over by a car here. The woman lived here until her death of natural causes, but some say her ghost remains and even steals jewelry. Witnesses also have reported cold spots, a feeling of being watched, and being locked in the restroom by something unseen.

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Geographic Information

360 S Piedmont St
Calhoun, GA 30701
United States

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34.4967764, -84.95120910000003
Gordon County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Calhoun, GA (0.4 mi.)
Resaca, GA (5.8 mi.)
Plainville, GA (8.0 mi.)
Adairsville, GA (8.9 mi.)
Shannon, GA (13.0 mi.)
Ranger, GA (13.8 mi.)
Fairmount, GA (14.9 mi.)
Rydal, GA (17.5 mi.)
Kingston, GA (17.9 mi.)
White, GA (18.9 mi.)


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  1. My boyfriend used to live the home around 1980 thru 1984 .. He has pictures of her and he know her name and he knows a lot by living there so if u want to contact him for more info please email me thanks

    • Please, I would love to get more information about this place. I am a medium and i live in Calhoun. I have been here before and i had a feeling something wasn’t right. But now i have grown to want to learn about this place recently. Please email me at KarliWest74@gmail.com ! I really need to figure this out. I am very desperate for answers. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you.

    • I would love whatever information you can give me on her and the little girl. I went there and had strange feelings whilke i was there. I also went to the restroom and the lights would turn on and off while i was in there and got really nervous when the door wouldnt open. I told the waitress they may want to have an electrician come out and check things but now it makes since. you can contact me at plainvillegirl01@yahoo.com. Thank You

    • Heyy ? My name is alex , you shoulf really come back the restaurant i currently work there as a cook . I’ve actually seen very strange things there . Cold spots , but if he has a picture of her i would like to see it .

    • Antonia Ortega  |  

      What’s his name, how did I get in touch with him? I work there and I’m very interested on all the information I can get.

  2. This is like my second home. I don’t care to eat mexican anywhere else. Raquel, Carlos, Gabby, Diana and all the other waitress they have had since they opened are like family. My husband use to “hang out” there back in the 70’s. A couple of years ago on Halloween night. Me and my kids and and few other friends were there. I took some pics with my phone and I actually have a pic of the woman and her daughter in a window. The daughter kinda looks like a little boy. I love stuff like this and I am not one bit scared to go back.

  3. This pic was taken 3 yrs ago on halloween night. If you zoom in and look at the window in the distance. You will see the woman who lived there with her child that got killed

  4. I worked there when it was “The Place”. I always had feelings and “cold spots” in that house. Several people did. We were preparing food one Saturday, for a private event that night. I walked into the kitchen from the front, one of the cooks was busy preparing food. I looked to the rear, in front of the drive through window. There was a older woman wearing a dark dress with a white apron. She had on laced up boots. Her hair was worn in a bun. She stood there, arms folded with a very angry expression on her face. I asked the cook if he saw her. He did not. That was the first time I ever saw an apparition. Men from a business in Dalton said they saw an older lady standing at an upstairs window, when they parked. The way the tables were positioned there’s no way anyone could stand there.

    • i did not not see a little girl but i see the woman wearing a house coat with her hands in her pockets
      that is amazing -stuff like this does not bother me either , i was at the restaurant having lunch with my mom and i went to the bathroom the lights cut out and i was left in the dark – i laughed , because i thought oh just my luck blew a light bulb as i am going poo, then after i washed my hands in the dark etc … the door was stuck – i had to jiggle and rattle the door knob – i thought omg , im gonna have to scream for help to get this door open , i was laughing the whole time , i told the lady uh – you blew and light bulb and the door got stuck -she nodded and said okay thank you … it wasnt untill later searching for haunted places locally i read this …well gee – guess the little girl got me good … cause i had no idea … ignorance is bliss

  5. Hi my name is Landon i have also been there i know everything people have said on this site sounds completely crazy but ever since i left that place i have always watched behind my back in terror… in this case this is my story on a Friday night our family just got back from the hospital with my little cousin, my cousin was also running a fever that night so there was no way this could possibly happen but as i felt her head she had suddenly felt cold she said she had felt sick though so i decided to take her to the restroom. when we got to the restroom i closed the door and turned around so i wouldn’t see her,suddenly the lights started flickering i heart a short sound of whisper and tried to turn on the light, then i tried opening the door it wouldn’t open, then poof the lights were on and my little cousin was having a large amount of blood dripping from her nose i felt insane, i helped her to her feat and as i was wiping the blood from her nose i felt like i had seen someone through the mirror right behind me but i guess i didn’t…. i opened the door and walked out i tried to tell my parents but they wouldn’t listen. to inform the future people as guests to the restaurant and the future people to read this we are going to go back ill maybe try to get pics or a video and post it on here. thanks for reading 🙂

    • That’s insane dude. I got locked in the bathroom with my sister as well. Thank God the lights didn’t turn off, I probably would’ve had a heart attack XD

  6. My brother n law owned it when it was Place on Piedmont and then changed the name to Rock House Grill. I worked there and it is definitely haunted. I would go in alone in the mornings to do the kitchen prep work. I always felt like I was being watched and there was a presence there. There were always cold spots upstairs and in the front dining by the fireplace. One cold spot was always only about waist high and the other would seem to be my entire height of 5″2. The dumbwaiter in the kitchen would go up and down when only I was there. If it was stopped upstairs it would come down or if I left the kitchen with it down I could hear it cut on and go to the upstairs. The phone would ring and when you answered it would just be a static noise. Also random bumping upstairs and knocking in the dumbwaiter chamber.

  7. hi my name is well I can’t say I’ve been there before food is delicious but every time I go rock hunting I use the restroom there and I’ve gotten cold spotted and I lost a necklace in there

  8. I have been there many many times as it is one of my familys favorite eats. I do paranormal investigations and neither I nor any of my family, have every experienced anything unusual there. So if someone has proof , other than the pic above because I honestly don’t see anything, I would love to see what you have.

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