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Begun in 1848 and completed two years later, the tunnel was used until 1928 when a new tunnel was built close by. The old tunnel was forgotten and became overgrown with kudzu vines until 1992, when preservationists lobbied to save it. It is now a park centerpiece, and a site known for ghostly activity. A prominent site for Civil War battles, the tunnel has seen a lot of tragedy. Witnesses have described apparitions of soldiers and phantom campfires and lantern light, along with ghostly screams and the smell of rotting flesh.

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Geographic Information

Tunnel Hill, Georgia
United States

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34.83915908516915, -85.0352954864502
Whitfield County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Tunnel Hill, GA (0.4 mi.)
Varnell, GA (5.5 mi.)
Dalton, GA (6.0 mi.)
Ringgold, GA (6.8 mi.)
Cohutta, GA (9.5 mi.)
Indian Springs, GA (11.0 mi.)
East Brainerd, TN (12.6 mi.)
Apison, TN (12.8 mi.)
Chickamauga, GA (14.7 mi.)
Fort Oglethorpe, GA (14.7 mi.)


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  1. This one goes on my bucket list. Two other tunnels which I have heard are haunted but have no personal experience are. Paw Paw Tunnel , c1836, at over 3,000 feet long it carries the C&O Canal through a mountain in eastern WV. The mule tow path is a pedestrian walkway. Owned by the National Park Service, it is open daily free to walk. Bring flashlights. The other, Stumphouse Tunnel is not to far from Chetoogeta in Oconee County South Carolina. It is incomplete. At just over 1,600 feet it open daily free of charge to walk a couple of hundred feet inside.

      • i lived 5 minutes from here and its actually well taken care of there’s a tour of the tunnel in detail of the process in which the workers went through to dig the tunnel. apart of the tour includes a drive by (on a golf cart) of the civil war era house that belonged to the homesteaders of the area…. the tour includes the small museum , the tunnel itself and the house

  2. I walked through this tunnel once with my daughter and 2 nephews. We got halfway through and realizing how far it was i told everyone we should leave. I picked up my youngest nephew who was about 3 at the time said why are we leaving because thier coming. We were the only people in the tunnel at the time.

  3. We have gone to this tunnel several times. I have a family coneected to it. The first time my hubby went through he smelled cigar smoke. you could also hear the train. The tunnel is a little eerie only because it’s so long and so cool.

  4. I grew up in Tunnel Hill and I only went to visit this place one time. That was all it took. Myself and 4 of my friends snuck into there late at night when we were 12-13 years old. Right around 10:30-11:00 we walked up to the tunnel. It was pitch black so we decided to climb up the sides and explore the tunnel. Once we got in the motion sensor lights came on. We walked about 3/4 of the tunnel and as we kept walking the lights at the front end of the tunnel started turning off one by one. I’m guessing cause no motion had been moving past them. Well we took that as a not so good sign. When we started walking back same thing started to happen and we heard sounds of a horse walking on concrete and it got closer and closer. Eventually it turned from walking to a trot and we started jogging and then it turned into a sprint and we sprinted for the gate. All of the lights coming on one after the other as we passed em. Weirdest and the most scared I’ve ever been in my life

  5. I used to go here all the time as a child, including during the reenactments of the battle that took place on Tunnel Hill. At that point, you could walk through it and there were no gates. Definitely a strange energy inside the tunnel. I had several experiences hearing the train and seeing a dark apparition, most likely a Civil War soldier, in the middle and other end of the tunnel.

  6. Antajuan Grady  |  

    I used to lived near that tunnel in 2007 with my family on Cottonwood Mill Rd in a trailer and that trailer was HAUNTED. Literally, the radio would turn off in the middle of the night for no reason, my mom’s bed would shake, and hair would re-appear in the bathroom (not anyone’s hair who would’ve lived there also) after it was cleaned up. So the places NEAR that tunnel are also haunted as well.

  7. I live 3 minutes from the tunnel and I walk the trails every day by myself, there was a time four years ago that I wouldn’t walk any of the trails only because the trail that goes through the woods up a small hill going toward the tunnel and the few houses that are down the gravel road is where I had seen the single most scariest thing in my life- i was jogging through the trail and started hearing what sounded like a hermonica so I figured it was someone on the road going by in a car, or maybe someone was out practicing where no one could hear them, I didn’t think anything of it until I stopped jogging and started walking real slow because the tune was getting louder, it sounded like a really old melody. Leading up to this I’ve never had much of paranormal experiences going through the other trails, I figured I’d try this trail to see what kind of scenery it had but I’ve been walking back here since I was about 11. So I never thought any experience like this would happen to me- I kept walking down the trail and the hermonica music just stopped and I could see where the civil war reenactors had made a small fire pit out if rocks, and When I looked a man was sitting (on nothing) in a blue coat with a long beard looking to have something in his hands raised up to his mouth. He never turned or looked my way but the way he had no legs or bottom half made it eerie. I stared at the man for what seemed like a whole minute until I turned around and started running back, but when i looked over my shoulder to see if there was anything still there he was gone. I stick to the other trails now days, I haven’t been back on that one! Thats only one paranormal thing that’s happened to me here, if you want ghostly activity you’ll definitely get it here!

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