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Forrest Hills has quite the active property for ghosts. The property itself is rich in history with the Trail of Tears having gone through it along with a rich past of moonshiners and even a suicide by hanging. The majority of the ghosts here are quite friendly and even playful though. At the well, you will often hear the dropping and raising of the bucket, in the Goldfinch and Sparrow cabins resident ghosts will move your items around. In Treetopper Lodge, you will be flipping light switches off all day. The Conference center and the Rose Garden Dining hall are even visited with spirits.

(Submitted by Courtney B)

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Geographic Information

135 Forrest Hills Rd
Dahlonega, GA
United States

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34.55024259607333, -84.18255454293103
Lumpkin County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Dawsonville, GA (9.6 mi.)
Dahlonega, GA (11.3 mi.)
Jasper, GA (15.1 mi.)
Nelson, GA (15.8 mi.)
Ball Ground, GA (18.4 mi.)
Talking Rock, GA (18.6 mi.)
East Ellijay, GA (18.9 mi.)
Ellijay, GA (19.7 mi.)
Cherry Log, GA (19.8 mi.)
Morganton, GA (22.8 mi.)


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  1. Krista Howington  |  

    This is where my husband and I got married 14 years ago! Didn’t know it was haunted then but my husbands healthy grandfather had a heart attack in the middle of our reception in the rose dining hall! Wonder if it was connected somehow?

  2. I am a current employee. I was recently asked to stay overnight, as an essential worker, during a snow storm to ensure guest services were not interrupted. I was allowed to bring my small dog as I could not leave him home alone. I advised management that he tends to be protective and might bark at strangers so our room should be as far from guests as possible. We were given a room in the Treetopper lodge because no other guests were staying there. My pup and I had the whole empty lodge to ourselves. The door to our room was locked as well as the main lodge entrance door. My pup seemed content yet there were a few times that he did something Id never seen him do. He would get very still and stare toward one particular area of the room and growl. A low and long defensive growl. I get chills recalling it.

  3. My wife and kids stayed in the Bear Den cabin about 6 years ago. We had no idea the place was haunted. The first night, I had a black shroud wrap around me which appeared to be a dream. I tried to scream, but had no sound come out. It scared me so bad it jolted me out of deep sleep. When I woke I was still screaming but the only sound I could make was a loud hum as if my lips were sewn shut. It really freaked my wife out as I was making that sound with my eyes open. She shook me out of it as she thought I was having a stroke. Later that we went on a hiking trail and felt like we were being followed but when we turned no one was there. We walked a little further until we made quick 180 and ran back when black Hornets came out of no where and started stinging all of us. I had the most stings which I’m allergic to. Benadryl was my friend that night. The rest of the stay was ok. I will never forget that first night of sleep paralysis.

  4. Jeremy Robertson  |  

    My wife and I from Tuscaloosa Alabama had our honeymoon there in one of the cabins. The second night a bird somehow appeared in the cabin. We hadn’t left any windows or doors open. We caught it and let it go thinking nothing of it. The third night I woke up to footsteps which woke my wife which is a heavy sleeper also, it sounded like large boots, I grabbed my pistol and searched the cabin. Nothing. I figured it was just the floor settling. So I went to the restroom and was going back to bed but I heard bluegrass music outside. I checked the time and it was after 3:30!! My wife being a heavy sleeper didn’t hear it so I walked out on the back deck and far off in the woods you could hear someone singing with a guitar, a fiddle and a bass fiddle playing! All they needed was a banjo. so I reluctantly just went back to bed. The fourth and final night my wife and I was on the back deck it was a dark night and the stars were beautiful. I went in to grab a drink when my wife called me back out. She saw a light in the woods. It was just a ball of light completely lighting up a tree. Then it grew dim and faded off in the woods. Lol we just look at each other and went inside. Later that night I had a very uneasy feeling. I just layer there staring at the walls while my wife slept. Then I heard the footsteps again! I sat up in the bed because I wanted to see what this was I had been hearing. I heard footsteps all the way from the kitchen area to the back door where there was an antique chest of drawers with a mirror in top it was like the spirit stopped in front of the mirror! Then I hear and SAW the chest of drawers shake as if it were bumped. And that was all I heard for the rest of the night.

    • Jeremy Robertson  |  

      Also I very important detail I left out! Two night during the stay I had dreams about a small teenaged boy in a union soldier uniform. One dream he was in the woods the second dream he was standing next to the hot tub in our cabin!!!

      • Jeremy Robertson  |  

        But I would recommend going here it was a absolutely beautiful place with great food and even better service! The experience was awesome.

  5. First off the experience we had here was amazing! The staff is wonderful and our room at mountain laurel was awesome! We came fishing for a couple of days and it was the most relaxing stay for us!
    My boyfriend was out on the porch about 11 pm and asked if I heard a piano playing. Which I never heard it. But he said he heard a man mumbling and then piano keys playing. He thought there was a piano on site. When we went to check out they told us there was no piano in that building. However we weren’t the first people to say that. We had such a great stay and we will be back!

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