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According to a psychic, Mount Hope Cemetery and the areas nearby are a hangout for a group of Civil War veteran ghosts. In fact, in 1953 town librarian and historian Madeleine Anthony took a photograph of the cemetery which is believed to show several ghosts as well as a mysterious mist.

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Geographic Information

Mount Hope Cemetery Rd
Dahlonega, GA
United States

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34.5265426, -83.9879838
Lumpkin County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Dahlonega, GA (0.5 mi.)
Dawsonville, GA (10.4 mi.)
Clermont, GA (12.7 mi.)
Cleveland, GA (13.7 mi.)
Yonah, GA (15.5 mi.)
Gainesville, GA (18.4 mi.)
Helen, GA (18.9 mi.)
Lula, GA (20.7 mi.)
Oakwood, GA (21.5 mi.)
Raoul, GA (23.0 mi.)


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  1. I use to work in Dahlonega and I’ve spoke with Mr. Anthony myself it was his mother that took the photo for the newspaper in 1953 he actually has the original. There is a copy of it in the F Gold museum on the square in Dahlonega you have to ask to see it because it was taken off the wall it was getting more attention than the gold museum. That’s what got my curiosity up to visit the cemetery and take pictures myself. I have captured orbs every time I go day or night along with ghostly figures a hooded lady that dressed in In clothes from the 1800’s she seems to be looking for something or someone. Also a man in uniform that looks like 2 children standing in front of him and some odd trail of mist looks like tiny stars coming down from behind him if I enlarge the photo and it’s actually faces . also a photo of a circle of fog or mist with images in the circle one being the hooded lady’s head. There is cold spots all about the area. I’ve taken friends who have experienced the same as I and taken photos I just get the feeling im not alone theres a strange aura all about the place but I’ve never been frightened its more like a visit with family. Some people say the photos are smoke but our rule is you never smoke while taking pictures. I still go there often just to visit seems the more often you go the more things you experience like whatever presence is there gets use to you. I have no reason to make any of this up it is a true experience even thou some think I’m strange that is until they come along with me an feel the chills for them self. L

    • I can concur with your story Cindy. The hooded women is in the 1953 picture (standing between the man at the truck and the big tree) and I’ve caught her in my own photos. I got goose bumps while reading your encounters. The picture where I capture the women, I noticed there was a child standing under her and she had her hands placed on this child’s shoulders. There was also a CSA soldier to the right of them. I went back to the location and sure enough…there was a women, child, and CSA soldier buried there. She does look to be searching for someone or something. I agree with your feelings while in he cemetery as well. But…the first time I went, my mom and I took a couple steps inside the grassed area and we both stopped in our tracks. We stood there for a couple minutes and turned around, got back in the car and left. After 20 minutes we spoke to one another for the first time since leaving the cemetery. We both felt pure hatred all around us. It felt as though there was spirits swirling around us cussing and yelling at us. The hatred energy was so strong you could feel it after leaving the area. What an experience. Everytime after that though was a nice and peaceful experience. Every now and then I’ll feel a bad energy but it’s not surprising since there’s a lot of miners buried up there who weren’t properly buried.

  2. I go to the college in Dahlonega and used to live in the suites dormitories that overlook the cemetery. My friends and I have often visited the graveyard on many occasions to enjoy a nice day out in the peace and quiet of it all. The suites parking deck on the top floors give you quite the view of the graveyard. One night, the roomates and I were heading out to dinner when I looked to the hill and saw someone walking through the graveyard. While it’s not unusual to see students walking through, I had to really look at the person. At first, I thought it was a Cadet as they were clearly wearing a uniform. Then I noticed I could see through them and that they were not wearing a modern uniform. The outfit was that of a Confederate soldier. I called the roommates over and they too were freaked out about a Confederate soldier walking amongst the tombstones. He disappeared suddenly after looking up at us which only freaked us out more. We’ve also seen a woman in a long white dress walking around in the daytime. She was just wandering around as well. One roommate was also obsessed with a poet named Robert who is buried in the graveyard (he has the most amazing gravesite. If you ever go, he’s the one with the giant boulder and walls with animals and Emily Dickinson poems all around it). She always felt like he was reaching out to her.

  3. My daughter thinks she saw a ghost there just yesterday (8/24/2015). She was driving by, coming home from school, when she looked out into the cemetery and saw a man standing here,his back kind of turned toward her.. looking out at nothing in particular…just staring out across the field. She said he had on a long-sleeved grey jacket and a hat. As she drove, a tree came between her and the figure, and when she looked for him again, he was gone! This was in broad daylight, and she said he looked real…but disappeared too quickly to be a person. And who would be standing out in 80 degree weather in the hot sun in a long-sleeved jacket and hat?

  4. We are a small empath group hoping to acquire permission to come and research this area. Whom do we ask?
    Best Regards
    Erin Drossman

  5. Elaine Johnson  |  

    I just had my first experience there this past Saturday, June 3rd. It was the middle of the day (noon) and very hot, however when I walked up to a gravesite of two brothers it was very cold and I actually had goosebumps on my arms and legs. I walked away and went back behind their graves past the big tree on top of the hill and that is where I experienced something else. There was no wind blowing at all and yet there were leaves and grass swirling around and around. As I approached them, they suddenly stopped, and when I walked on by they started again. I turned around to try and take a picture​ and my phone cut off and wouldn’t start up again until I reached the bottom of the hill. My phone is new and had never done that before. I really want to go back soon and take more photos.

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