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Many ghosts have been reported here, including the Lady in the Gray Gown, a ghost who has been known to open the front door and walk up the stairway. There is also a monk who once held a meeting with several other ghosts in the Gathering Room. Reports say another odd occurrence that happens here is a rocking chair that begins frantically rocking, and then stops, as if whoever was in the chair got up and left.

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692 Pinhook Rd
Calhoun, TN 37309
United States

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35.2312889, -84.69863299999997
Polk County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Benton, TN (4.7 mi.)
Charleston, TN (5.1 mi.)
Calhoun, TN (5.3 mi.)
East Cleveland, TN (10.2 mi.)
Riceville, TN (10.6 mi.)
Hopewell, TN (10.7 mi.)
Cleveland, TN (11.2 mi.)
South Cleveland, TN (11.6 mi.)
Etowah, TN (11.7 mi.)
Wildwood Lake, TN (13.0 mi.)

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  1. I have lived in this home with my grandparents. Growing up in a haunted house, was most definitely terrifying. Before I had moved in, no one ever told me anything about the home. I was eventually, told they thought it would scare me. When I would see or hear things, everyone would just brush me aside and say, its probably just your imagination. Until, things started happening to them. Then, they wanted to ask me more about what I had experienced. I have found so many things at that home, about its history, just by listening and exploring. I loved this home! That being said, there are some very dark spirits that go with this home. My step grandfather was possessed to the point of our family left. That was the only way we could get rid of the evil that had taken him over. Since leaving this home, he is back to the same fun loving grandfather he was, when I was younger. Again, I LOVE THIS HOME! Just don’t stay to long.

    • I have also lived here and experienced some questionable things as well. My husband and I heard very loud footsteps (heavy boots) paceing the floor for a long period of time. Did you ever experienced anything like this while there??

  2. Bull crap. I had my wedding here and stayed here, ate here showered and everything. Nothing paranormal at all. People needs to do better job running this bed and breakfasy though.

  3. Before my mom passed away she was a house keeper a long time ago and she mentioned stuff that would be moved around and she would also hear footsteps and now they rent it out as a house instead of a bed and breakfast and I live next door and you would notice a light flicker on and of the go off and never come back on till the next night about the same times each night.

      • Karen Edwards  |  

        I definitely had a paranormal experience at this home about 20 years ago. I am a Realtor. My Realtor friend had this home listed, she asked me if I would do an open house on short notice for her since she was not feeling well after she got cancer. I agreed and was all alone in this house. I didn’t know anything about any ghosts, until That day! There is 100% something there.
        I had not 1 customer come through. The doors were opened and shut and locked and unlocked. I left about 30 minutes early. Something was messing with me.
        When I told the Agent what happened, she confirmed that yes, the last 3 owners confirmed it is haunted. There is also a child ghost in the house. I have never been back there. Creepy!!

    • My dad’s brother Ward Larry Exline was the owner of the the house before it ever became a bed and breakfast, if I remember correctly the Lady that people speak of in the gray gown is my grandmother or great grandmother on my dads side I can’t remember which one but my grandmother on that side of the family her name was Lourane. Here is another picture piece of information long ago during the civil war it was used as a boarding house for the soldiers and part of the underground railroad, it had a tunnel underneath that led directly to the Hiawassee river which is not far from the plantation homei always loved this home it’s a great piece of history.

    • I want to buy Pinhook badly and run it as a bread and breakfast, holding weddings and reunions but I don’t want to give my life savings for the down payment.but if there is anyone ho would like to go half and half, I’m will do the same before it is sold. It is a magnificent home.

  4. Hi all- according to Google this place is permanently closed. Idk if that’s true, but I’ve never had the opportunity to visit. Haunted places don’t always manifest activity. Sometimes there are breaks in activity even very haunted locations.

    • The land all around this area is haunted!! I live about 10 miles away. Ive been told about people that have lived in it, and the things they have experienced. My house is haunted, my neighbors, down to the county courthouse. This is why I now do paranormal investigations. Just because one person doesn’t experience anything does not make everyone else a liar. . Ghost choose who they want to show themselves to by the way. If you are a sensitive then you know they are there. A lot of people didn’t believe my house is haunted.. they do now!
      I was told (so not positive) a private family lives in the home now. No one can investigate it or go in.

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