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Greenwood Cemetery is said to be haunted by the wife who lived in a large house across the lake. She became wheelchair-bound after an illness, and her husband began to have an affair. To get rid of his wife, he pushed her wheelchair into the lake. She is said to appear in the cemetery as a green mist, sometimes accompanied by wheelchair tracks on the ground.

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Geographic Information

Good Shepherd Lane
Chattanooga, TN
United States

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35.0597955, -85.23690049999999
Hamilton County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
East Chattanooga, TN (0.8 mi.)
Ridgeside, TN (2.1 mi.)
East Ridge, TN (3.3 mi.)
Chattanooga, TN (4.2 mi.)
Red Bank, TN (4.9 mi.)
Lakeview, GA (5.7 mi.)
Rossville, GA (6.0 mi.)
East Brainerd, TN (6.6 mi.)
Harrison, TN (6.7 mi.)
Signal Mountain, TN (7.4 mi.)


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  1. There is a creepy pond across the street from the cemetery… Very creepy place…very eerie with dead oak trees and crows…. We also came across a dead owl…this place definitely gave me the creeps!!!!

  2. This place was definitely creepy. I heard something walking beside me. As I went farther into the grave yard I went to turn around and something stopes me. It looked like a wall of smoke and I could move finally I was able to turn around and run to my car. Something is definitely in this place.

    • I lived on 2401 north crest road in the stuckol house it haunted as well! The grave yard has ghost in as well ! As a kid I saw stuff there all the time and around the house and the train tunel is haunted too ! Haven’t been back but would love to go back some day ! Yes gosht areal ! I have seen them !

  3. I lived on 2401 north crest road in the stuckol house it haunted as well! The grave yard has ghost in as well ! As a kid I saw stuff there all the time and around the house and the train tunel is haunted too ! Haven’t been back but would love to go back some day !

  4. I live on Greenwood Rd, and when I moved in last year I kept having nightmares and felt a sensation of someone breathing on me when I was trying to fall asleep. I was absolutely horrified and went to the spiritual shop of 58 to buy some sage and palo santo to burn. We haven’t had a problem sense though.

  5. I’ve been to the pond that they call a lake. I’ve seen the lady in the wheel chair going into the pond first hand. Later in my years growing up heard more. I wanted to see if it was true about the cemetery. When I got married me my husband and two friends went it’s was around midnight. I was told the later you go the more u will see about 1:30 we started taunting her making fun of her saying your not real if you was you would show your self. It was about 1:45 a head stone lit up and this green figure started floating our way and got faster needless to say we got the heck out of there. I believed but my husband thought I was crazy. Haha needless to say will not and has not been back on any ghost hunt I’ve been on. How ever he said he would drop me off and come back to get me. She is real and she is there. The cemetery in red back at the duck pond there is a lot of activity there also. Byron Dela Beckwith is in that cemetery it is very cool there.

  6. Rachel taylor  |  

    My fiance and I went there a couple of times last year. We are paranormal investigators. And on one of our sessions we caught, on camera while using the Necrophonic app on our phone, what sounded like either “me and the sea” or “Me in the sea”. Also one day we were trying to find a good area to do a session and I seen a woman in white behind the car twice when we were alone. Unfortunately we weren’t recording.

  7. I grew next door at 2000 Greenwood Rd. I used to go over there to watch my uncle fish. I have never felt anything creepy over there. Most of my close relatives are buried at the cemetery. If there are ghost they never bothered me. If anything they protected me.

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