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At this inn, built in 1858, you may come across the ghost of a Civil War soldier. The inn was taken over by the troops during the war, and it is believed that this soldier died on the premises. Voices have been reported, as well as objects that move on their own.

Note: This building was previously open as the “Woodlawn Bed and Breakfast.”

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Geographic Information

110 Keith Ln
Athens, TN 37303
United States

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35.437638, -84.60363999999998
McMinn County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Athens, TN (0.7 mi.)
Niota, TN (6.2 mi.)
Riceville, TN (6.2 mi.)
Englewood, TN (6.6 mi.)
Etowah, TN (9.1 mi.)
Decatur, TN (11.8 mi.)
Calhoun, TN (12.7 mi.)
Charleston, TN (13.6 mi.)
Sweetwater, TN (13.9 mi.)
Madisonville, TN (14.7 mi.)


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  1. I live in Athens and my grandmother used to tell me that the Keith Mansion was still haunted with soldiers and there were blood stains in the halls

    • I lived there from 1986-1992. It’s NOT haunted. The blood stains are in the floor in the back bedroom to the right just as you come up the stairs. Just look like dark spots in the wood. It was used as a hospital during the civil war so MANY soldiers died there. For the record I never heard ANYTHING when I lived there.

  2. Well, we owned and lived in the house from 1986-1992 when my parents sold it. It is NOT haunted. Yes there are blood stains on the floor in one of the bedrooms upstairs (my sister’s room) That’s because (common knowledge here if you grew up in Athens) it was used as a hospital at one time during the civil war. The blood stains just look like dark spots in the wood.

  3. It was a great house to live in (1986-1992). my family was the first family outside of the Keith family to own it. People would ask us if it was haunted. Of course it’s NOT. Several interesting facts though…..the ceilings are 12’8″ downstairs and 13’8″ upstairs. There are no nails in the roof framing. It’s put together with wooden pegs. In the attic we found the blueprints for the remodel that was done in 1939. The remodel is when the columns and big porch were added. Prior to that it just had a half porch. The wing on the back and garage brick all match because they took don the old slaves quarters brick by brick and reused it so it would match.

  4. Cathy Andersen  |  

    Yes its haunted I been in there several times it’s got cold spots in the family room there was a picture on the wall I left the room for just a moment went back in there and the picture was gone I heard men moaning from pain

  5. Yes it is haunted I have been in it a couple of times before someone decided to buy it and fix it back up after the tornado hit it. And Cathy Anderson is right about the cold spots and the picture of the wall I saw the same thing. I felt lots of spirits in the mansion good and bad I went into one of the rooms upstairs and I was alone in the house and I was shoved into the dark room the door got stuck but after a few minutes I got it opened and went back down stairs and left brought some more people with me and they said they saw other things besides what I saw so yes it’s haunted

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