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The mansion, now Baker Peters Jazz Club, is said to be haunted by Abner Baker, a former resident of the 1840 building. The mansion was inhabited by Dr. Baker’s family and several wounded Confederate soldiers whom he was helping during the Civil War. When the Union learned Dr. Baker was helping Confederates, they barged in and demanded the surrender of the soldiers, but Dr. Baker refused, ran upstairs and barricaded himself in his room. The Union soldiers shot through the door and killed him. The doctor’s son Abner then shot and killed the Union informer, Postmaster William Hall, and the postmaster’s allies then killed Abner. Abner’s ghost is said to remain in the building. In fact, there is a framed photo of his ghost in the jazz club. The ghost makes himself known by dropping glasses, turning lights on and off, moving objects, and whispering. Some witnesses have experienced cold chills and other phenomena. The door that was shot through by the Union soldiers is still in the establishment.

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    1. Along with the goings on inside the jazz club, outside on the grounds of a larger stump which up to a few years ago was a old, rather large tree. During the warm months of you drive or walk pass late night around 3ish, you’ll see a man standing there. I saw this myself in 2004 and found it do strange that I pulled into the Walgreens across the street and turned around to see and found nothing there. I asked friends about the man and found I’m not the only person to see this man.

    2. Knox Paranormal Researchers  |  

      The mansion offers up a wide range of activity. Our group had a chance to investigate there last year and we captured several EVPS and spirit box responses. If anyone would like to check out what we found here is a link to the videos:
      Baker House Investigation:

      Also here is a link to the pictures that where taken during the investigation:

    3. Amanda stevens  |  

      I used to work at Baker Peters and about a week in I said I didn’t believe that there was a ghost haunting the place or any of it. A metal ice bucket fell off the top of the ice maker to the floor. No one was touching it. The picture of the ghost is still hanging and the door is still there too. I went upstairs one night to one of the dining rooms and there was whispering. I booked it back downstairs.

    4. Baker-Peters is most definitely haunted. I was upstairs in one of the larger rooms with all these tables and chairs set up for an event one time, and as I was looking out the window I had the distinct feeling someone was behind me and watching me, and I became very cold. Then I heard a voice tell me I didn’t belong in there. I whirled around to see nobody anywhere else in the room. Needless to say I immediately left the room.

    5. Charles Campbell Ellis  |  

      My mom grew up there. She still tells me stories about the place. My grand parents owned it for a long time. Edward Dayton Campbell, and Marian. My mom Polly Anna Campbell Ellis still talks about it.

    6. I was in the restroom at bakers peters jazz club and had the water turn on by itself. I had not even gotten to the sink to wash my hands yet and I looked up and saw the water going full blast. It is a single half bathroom.

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