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Although this 1943 inn is now closed and set to be turned into a senior living facility, it was rumored to be haunted. Folks said footsteps could be heard walking up the stairs and blood could be seen on the hotel walls. From the outside, an apparition has been seen peering through the window curtains.

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Geographic Information

210 East Madison Road
Oak Ridge, TN
United States

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36.028924, -84.24188300000003
Anderson County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Oak Ridge, TN (2.0 mi.)
Oliver Springs, TN (5.8 mi.)
Clinton, TN (8.0 mi.)
Coalfield, TN (10.0 mi.)
Farragut, TN (11.1 mi.)
Petros, TN (12.1 mi.)
Lake City, TN (13.9 mi.)
Garland, TN (14.0 mi.)
Norris, TN (15.1 mi.)
Lenoir City, TN (16.0 mi.)


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  1. I was a volunteer when we first tried to save the old inn. We were having tailgate parties to raise money. My first night we began to bring in the coolers and tiki lights. We went one by one down a narrow dimly lit hallway and were instructed to put the large coolers in a room that was pitch black. I waited until there was room for me and when I carefully pushed the cooler into the pitch black room my hair directly behind my right ear was tugged hard twice. I was not touching the door frame anywhere. Moments later I discovered I was the only one inside as everyone else was outside gathering things to bring inside. It was a shy ghost.

  2. we was there tonight and one of the ghost got after my friend and it kicked in pushed him down and we ran I think that he was abducted or something we never found him I think you still there at the end we’ve never been able to locate him all we found was a bloody spot on the wall and hand prints and we could hear a scream but we never found him

      • I agree considering I live .2 miles from this location and it has been a thriving senior center for a couple of years now. However I did do some work in the building, I’m a cable guy, and I did feel as if I was being watched when going into the basement of the front main building. Creepy place.

  3. I was there in 2001. A group of us broke in because of the massacre stories. All of us can vividly recall ‘things’. One of which was that little ass basement that was accessible only through a trap door in the floor and only found it by mistake. My friend was almost impaled kicking in a door that was SEALED from inside with no windows, concrete walls, no vent. In the room was a chair and noose. On the hallways walls (concrete) was smears of blood and handprints. At the end of the hall was a small room with shelves and boxes. The boxes were filled with old receipts, guest files, ect. Where is THAT section of the basement today? And where is THAT section of the basement in news articles. There were also rooms on the 2nd floor sealed from the inside, no holes in the walls, windows shut and screens intact, clothes everywhere ect. This is back when that one kid (who was not with us) was arrested for forgery of government checks, which he stole from a room we found with FBI files the same night as the small section of basement, told him about and when he went in and couldn’t resist the forgery on his way out. We went back in several times, all of us, many experiences that all of us witnessed and felt and seen and heard. Unfortunately for us, cell phones didn’t have cameras back then 🙁 and we didn’t steal anything, but wish we would have taken some of those old receipts and files!

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