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A train wreck in 1900 is said to be the source of the haunts here. Several of the injured were brought here for medical treatment, and some died. Locals have seen apparitions in the old nearby buildings and the sounds of phantom trains have been heard.

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Geographic Information

Griffin St. and Keys Ferry St.
McDonough, GA
United States

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33.4473361, -84.14686159999997
Henry County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
McDonough, GA (0.0 mi.)
Blacksville, GA (0.9 mi.)
Locust Grove, GA (7.3 mi.)
Stockbridge, GA (8.4 mi.)
Hampton, GA (8.9 mi.)
Lovejoy, GA (9.7 mi.)
Jenkinsburg, GA (10.6 mi.)
Bonanza, GA (11.0 mi.)
Sunny Side, GA (11.1 mi.)
Oakwood, GA (12.1 mi.)


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  1. I have had many paranormal experiences in McDonough, have heard the phantom train, have been to the tressle, saw a picture snapped of the apparition of a lifetime there (no freaking joke) . McDonough is high energy. I am currently researching what I could possibly be seeing run through my yard at the present time, for the past few months….or who and what era. A male wearing very thin white ,very loose top and pants resembling a Gi., running slow past my back porch. I heard there was a civil war camp far in the back of our property. Any ideas on the clothing?

    • Psychic in Stockbridge  |  

      Immediate impressions: Escaped Union prisoner. Given clothing made from white sugar sacks. From a German immigrant farm family in Ohio–Wiegler/Wiegland. Not an officer. Very frightened. Must get away. 1864. Raider. 150 years ago Sickness.

  2. I live here and a friend of mine works in one of the old houses just beside the square. Endless activity here. Lights going out but only in certain rooms then turning back on, footsteps, heavy breathing. McDonough is very active at night with the paranormal.

  3. Ive lived in McDonough for three years and have experienced so much paranormal active. That’s what made me goole hauntings in McDonough. There is a lot of activity here. I’ve had encounters with good and bad spirits.


    • In the old bell, book, and candle building they used to host haunted tours and they were super cool. I remember most of the stories. Especially about the house where they used to have murder mystery dinners around Halloween. That house is creepy haunted. But in the actual store, in their religion section they had, which was in the back, I was always super eerie about it. I hated being back there. Felt like I couldn’t breathe. Come to find out, that’s where a person died back in the day because it was horse stables and a woman and man were stomped to death, while they were secretly meeting since they were having an affair, by a scared horse. There is more to the story, but that’s what I remember from it.

  5. I grew up in McDonough, spent 25 years in the town. The main thing I remember was getting stuck behind a line of traffic as the phantom train rolled by in the middle of the night. It was creepy and cool.

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