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At this site, which was featured on an episode of TV’s Ghost Hunters, folks have reported seeing many a Civil War soldier. There is also a female spirit in residence at the antebellum home, the ghost of Cecilia, the daughter of a former owner. Her bedroom is said to be a hot spot for strange happenings, disembodied footsteps, and apparitions.

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270 Davis Ford Rd
Covington, GA 30014
United States

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33.4633268872671, -83.7934983072708
Newton County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Mansfield, GA (5.1 mi.)
Newborn, GA (6.7 mi.)
Porterdale, GA (9.6 mi.)
Covington, GA (10.0 mi.)
Oxford, GA (11.6 mi.)
Oakwood, GA (12.0 mi.)
Shady Dale, GA (12.5 mi.)
Monticello, GA (12.7 mi.)
Social Circle, GA (14.0 mi.)
Rutledge, GA (15.3 mi.)

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  1. I live in Covington and went to a wedding there once. Exploring the house there was a closet in the 1st bedroom to the right upstairs. When I looked inside there was a ladder built on the side of the wall that went to an attic space. I climbed up and stuck my head into the open space above. Light was coming in from a vent to the outside so I could see everything. Straight in front of me was a door actually a half door with a gold door knob. Fairly modern, from the 60’s or 70’s. It was closed. Did not climb up any further but told a friend, look what I found, attic space. She was very thin, told me to move over so she could see. As I looked down to move over she came up beside me and looked in. As I looked up again the door was wide open! I am absolutely sure it was closed all the way. Never heard it open it just was all of a sudden open. I got chills and decided to get out of the closet!

  2. While on a guided tour here, we received intelligent EVP responses inside of the old store and small home placed on the property from other locations in the county. Pretty cool place, just over hunted and the spirits seem to be tired of it.

  3. A friend and i have been there when i was 18 and we seen alot of scary things that had happend then we return at like 12midnight and our car started to cut off and didnt work i actually seen a figer of a evil sprite

  4. I was in the attic one time, hiding from a wedding party, when all of a sudden, a head popped up out of an opening in the floor! A minute later, they called for reinforcement, so I ran into a little room with a half-door and shut it. If not for the bright gold door knob, I doubt I would have been able to find the door in the dim light of the attic! CLOSE CALL!

  5. I actually live fairly close to this beautiful property and been here a couple times by my self. Last time I came to this house, I brought my cousin and her fiancĂ© whom were visiting from Kentucky and also my mom. My cousins fiancĂ© Bob n I went into both of the wooden slave shacks and I took my tape recorder n started asking questions and quietly waljed up the stairs “which mind you were very narrow”, then again started asking questions for about 10 minutes. When we got home I played the tape back and u can clearly hear a older man asking me if I have seen his son. You can also clearly hear the sound of heavy boot footsteps going up and down the stairs behind me.. The man Told me his name after I asked him…

    Gathers Plantation is Haunted, but their is nothing negative there!!!!

  6. I used to live in Covington Georgia and I’ve been down to this place many times I have known people who actually work there for extended period of time and I’ve never heard anything about any ghost being down there I think they’ve got the story of Gaithers Plantation mixed up with the story of the one that’s down in Jasper County where the union soldiers retreating from the Battle of sunshine Church were killed by the Home guards an down the body’s in a old well. that area is near the old Jackson lake rd. Many people get the story of Gaithers Plantation mixed up with the story of the old Williams Plantation down in Jasper County where the guy back in the early 1900s name Williams murdered 12 people bearing some of the body’s own the old plantation n dumping some off of the old Waters Bridge

  7. Cecilia Gaither was the wife of W.H. Gaither, not the daughter. And no one has the story mixed up about a location in Jasper County, it is indeed haunted.

  8. I used to work there a few years ago, and both heard and saw things on the farm that made my hair stand up and which couldn’t be explained. However, the spirits there are tired of being messed with by curious people. They were just doing their thing and were oblivious to me when I would see them or hear them. Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone. Mrs. Cecilia Gaither was the wife of the owner, not the daughter.

  9. Many years ago I was a photographer for a wedding at this plantation. I went out to the property a couple of days before the wedding to look around. The director was busy but said I could tour the property alone. I was out in the pasture area close to the barn. I heard loud noises coming from the stables like horses moving around and horses neighing. I went into the stables to see the horses and to my surprise there were not any horses anywhere! I took off running. At that time I did not know anything about the plantation being haunted. When I told people about my experience they started sharing their stories. Crazy but true!

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