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Dahlonega Gold Museum, inside the 1836 Lumpkin County Courthouse, is haunted by a ghost the staff calls Tommy. He has shown up as a tall figure in a hooded robe, seen on the balcony or through the windows. The stamp mill has inexplicably come on by itself and strange knocking sounds have been heard in the walls. When objects go missing, the staff blames their friendly ghost.

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Public Square
Dahlonega, GA
United States

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34.53263012881104, -83.98487305033188
Lumpkin County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Dahlonega, GA (0.0 mi.)
Dawsonville, GA (10.8 mi.)
Clermont, GA (12.6 mi.)
Cleveland, GA (13.4 mi.)
Yonah, GA (15.1 mi.)
Helen, GA (18.5 mi.)
Gainesville, GA (18.6 mi.)
Lula, GA (20.7 mi.)
Oakwood, GA (21.8 mi.)
Raoul, GA (23.0 mi.)

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  1. the Wesley Providence Apartments in Lithonia,Ga. is a terrible place for ghost sighting.I lived in those apartment less than a year,and can hear heavy foot-steps walking when I turn the light off,and again before day light in the morning.the next night when I went to bed when I turn the light off,it happen again,and I got out of the bed and talk to that spirit as if it was visible,and that was thye last time I heard heavy foot steps.i could fill something crawling under my pillow and when I awake it is the smell of a deep foul odor in the room,and it last for hours,and then clear up and the smell is gone,and when I go outside to ride my motorcycle,and take the cover off the bike and I could smell that same bad ordor and it sent have negative enery as if it is something evil presence.i could hear the sound of a child running back and forth in the apartment above me,and sometime it last about ten minutes and all sudden you hear a noise as if the heavy noise of a person jumping above me on the couch and it feel like the ceiling shake as if it is a heavy object stop running and jump above.i first though that it was a child but when it stop running it jump above my ceiling as if the object weight about was supernatural weight that jump above could feel the vibration of the ceiling.i was afraid to invite people to visit me because they would get scared and wouldn’t come back.i was having financial money blockage,the evil power was trying to keep me from going to church.i was pressing hard dialing to think positive ,and did much praying to sustain me!i seen a orange/red color above my closet door early in the morning,and it disappeared and move along the top of the wall,and it lasted for 35 minuted and disappeared. there were a lot of evil presence in that apartment.i experience a lot of mis-fortune e time I was there.when I moved in,a lady say that the apartment been empty for a long time.when it was very warm outside,the apartment was very cold inside even when you open the window and let warm air inside.sometime I go out-side and sit in my truck and soak in that heat from the sun,because it stayed so cold in the apartment.too much negative energy was around that was the second time I stayed there. the first time I stay in a different apartment in the same complex,and heard some noise as if something is moving beneath me,and it awaken me,and I save a man standing at my foot above me that look like cornell west in a black suit.and I just starred at the man and within 25 second it disappeard.bad placed for any family to live.

  2. I went out to the Lumpkin County Courthouse last night with my EVP application (using pink noise, then transitioning over to white noise). I was on the bench in front of the facility asking about the individual who has been storied to roam the place at night. A few seconds after I asked “who are you,” I received an EVP from a female that seemed to have stated “afraid.” Among the other 3 EVPs I received around midnight, that was the most distinctive because it was the only female EVP of the evening for me. Amazingly, I caught no EVPs around the Fred Jones building. But without a doubt, Dahlonega is haunted.

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