Haunted Places in Hoke County, North Carolina

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Hoke County, North Carolina. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of North Carolina.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Hoke County, North Carolina.

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    Radisson Prince Charles Hotel

    Fayetteville, North Carolina

    20.2 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Reports say that this hotel may be closed for business, but the building is said to be haunted by the ghost of Charlotte, a young woman who committed suicide here in the early 1900s. It seems that Charlotte was distraught after finding her new husband in bed with a bridesmaid ...

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    Sandford House

    Fayetteville, North Carolina

    20.4 miles from Hoke County, NC

    This house boasts a haunted stairway where the ghost of a young woman is often seen. Reports of sightings date back for over a hundred years and continue to this day. People claim to see a young woman descending or ascending the stairs, who then vanishes.

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    Devil's Tramping Ground

    Bennett, North Carolina

    41.7 miles from Hoke County, NC

    According to local lore, this area near Bennett is a 40-foot circle in the middle of a forest in which nothing will grow. Legend has maintained, for over a century, that it is the site where the devil himself rises to the surface to wreak havoc on mankind. Reports say ...

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    Bingham's Light

    Latta, South Carolina

    44.8 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Binghams's Light is believed to be the lantern of the ghost of a man named Bingham who was killed by a train. Some say he appears as a warning or that the ghost is searching for his lost children.

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    Colonel Kolb's Tomb

    Bennettsville, South Carolina

    47.2 miles from Hoke County, NC

    According to reports, Colonel Kolb, along with his family, was burned alive nearby during the Revolutionary War. According to local lore, those who visit Colonel Kolb's tomb at night will hear the sound of someone walking in the woods and may suddenly find the apparition of a man right next ...

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    Montrose Cemetery - Lowthers Hill Cemetery

    Darlington, South Carolina

    54 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Montrose Cemetery, aka Lowthers Hill Cemetery, is very old and spooky, according to witnesses who describe feelings of fear and nausea on the grounds. The cemetery was so old and run down that a mass marker was placed outside naming the known burials inside. Some say a murderer brought children ...

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    Bentonville Battlefield

    Four Oaks, North Carolina

    55.2 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Phantom gunfire and shouts have been heard on the battlefield at night, and the ghost of a girl who died of tuberculosis is believed to haunt an upstairs room in the plantation house.

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    Albemarle Opera House

    Albemarle, North Carolina

    59 miles from Hoke County, NC

    The early-1900s opera house is rumored to be haunted by ghosts whose footsteps are heard around the theater. Shadow figures also have been seen, and a band has been playing ragtime and other music every fall for more than 80 years.

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    North Carolina State University

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    61.5 miles from Hoke County, NC

    The ghostly campus legends at North Carolina State University include a haunting by a student who threw herself off the roof of the D.H. Hill Library in the 1980s (her silhouette is occasionally spotted on the roof) and a construction worker who haunts the Bell Tower.

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    Prospect Church

    Patrick, South Carolina

    62.1 miles from Hoke County, NC

    According to local legend, on moonlit nights at Prospect Church, those who park in the last parking space on the right side of the church and peer at the last window on the second story will see a ghost who moves the curtains violently as if in a struggle inside.

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    Carolina Inn

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    62.5 miles from Hoke County, NC

    As many as 20 ghosts are said to haunt this 1924 hotel building. The most well-known is that of Dr. William Jacocks, a frequent guest who made the hotel his home after he retired -- and still resides here, folks say. He lived in Room 256, and he makes himself ...

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    Gimghoul Castle - Dromgoole's Castle

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    62.8 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Ghimghoul Castle near the University of North Carolina campus is a ruin with many legends attached. One says that 18-year-old Peter Dromgoole was buried here in 1833 after he lost a duel for the hand of his beloved Miss Fanny. Another tale says that Fanny loved Peter and didn't know ...

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    Horace Williams House

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    63.1 miles from Hoke County, NC

    The 1840s Horace Williams House was the home of University of North Carolina's Philosophy Department chairman and taught future renowned author Thomas Wolfe. Williams is said to haunt his former home, moving objects around, rocking a rocking chair and flushing toilets.

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    Mordecai House

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    63.5 miles from Hoke County, NC

    The oldest part of Mordecai House, part of a public park, dates to around 1785 and was constructed by Joel Lane for his son Henry. The name of the house changed when Moses Mordecai married Margaret Lane in 1817. It is said to be haunted by family member Mary Willis ...

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    Old Tram Road Light

    Whiteville, North Carolina

    63.9 miles from Hoke County, NC

    A light comes out of the swamp and chases you as you drive down Old Tram Road. (Submitted by Brian)

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    Coker College

    Hartsville, South Carolina

    64.8 miles from Hoke County, NC

    At Coker College, a private liberal arts school founded in 1908, a ghostly girl is said to roam in a dorm building. The ghost also is said to cause strange sounds, turn off radios and make alarm clocks ring in the middle of the night. According to campus legend, she ...

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    Heartbeat Bridge

    Nakina, North Carolina

    65.7 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Shadowy figures can be seen. Lights in the woods sounds of a heart beat can be heard. (Submitted by Brian)

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    Graves near Lincoln Village

    Hartsville, South Carolina

    65.8 miles from Hoke County, NC

    According to local tales, an overgrown and haunted graveyard stands adjacent to the abandoned Lincoln Village apartment complex, in the wooded area at the northwest corner of the complex. Caution: The graves are sunken and the ground is soft; graves here may be deep.

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    Tans Bay Baptist Church

    Effingham, South Carolina

    69.7 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Tans Bay Baptist Church is thought to be haunted by the ghost of a baby who died here before the building housed a church. It's said that the baby accidentally fell on its head and died instantly, and now floating lights and the sound of a baby crying can be ...

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    Sansbury Cemetery

    Timmonsville, South Carolina

    72 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Different from the Sansbury Hill Cemetery, also in Timmonsville, the Sansbury Cemetery is an eerie place where unexplained noises, including a baby crying, have been reported. Folks also have reported feelings of despair and fear here, but giving the surroundings, this is may not be unusual!

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    Elon University

    Elon, North Carolina

    76.4 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Elon University is said to be haunted by Mary, who resides in the West Dormitory and is known for talking to students while they're sleeping. Mary also is blamed for swinging light fixtures, footsteps, electrical anomalies, apparitions, and shattering mirrors. According to campus legend, Mary died in the Jan. 18, ...

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    High Point City Hall

    High Point, North Carolina

    77.8 miles from Hoke County, NC

    During "active hours" in city hall, there is not much activity that is reported. But at night, shift workers inside the building, which is secured, have experienced multiple occasions of paranormal activity. The various types of accounts have been listed below and further investigation is on going by ...

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    Lydia's Bridge

    Jamestown, North Carolina

    78 miles from Hoke County, NC

    This bridge outside of Greensboro is said to be haunted by a phantom hitchhiker. Lydia was headed home from a dance in the early 1920s, and as her story goes, her date lost control of the car. He was kileld instantly, but she, badly injured, died on the roadside while ...

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    Carolina Theatre

    Greensboro, North Carolina

    79.1 miles from Hoke County, NC

    In 1981 a fire broke out in the Carolina Theatre while it was closed and killed a woman. As the woman was not supposed to have been there at the time, it is believed she deliberately set the fire that killed her. People now claim that her ghost ...

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    Guilford College

    Greensboro, North Carolina

    83.1 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Guilford College is said to have haunts in its 1961 Dana Auditorium. The building is said to stand on the site of a makeshift Civil War hospital where many soldiers died. The oldest ghost in residence is Lucas, a soldier who tends to appear at 2 a.m. in the Moon ...

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    Salem Black River Church

    Mayesville, South Carolina

    91.6 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Salem Black River Church, built in 1846, is believed to be haunted by a ghostly Southern Belle and a sad little boy. Cold spots have been noted by visitors as well.

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    Patterson-Noble-Baker House

    Louisburg, North Carolina

    91.7 miles from Hoke County, NC

    The circa-1820 Patterson-Noble-Baker House was a plantation home originally, but now serves as a private home. Reports say it is a hot spot for paranormal activity, and ghost hunters have recorded EVPs inside.

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    Louisburg College

    Louisburg, North Carolina

    91.8 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Louisburg College, founded in 1787, is a private Methodist institution with many suspected ghosts. Its Main Building, used as a hospital during the Civil War, is haunted by a little boy with no face. Voices and sounds abound here, and other ghosts are suspected to call the building home. In ...

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    Salem College

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    93 miles from Hoke County, NC

    Salem College began in 1772 as a primary school, then a high school and now a college. It is the oldest women's college in the Southern U.S., and it has the abundance of haunts fitting to such an old institution. For example, the Clewell Dorm is haunted by a little ...

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    Brookstown Inn

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    93.3 miles from Hoke County, NC

    It is said that for the past two or three decades, guests in many of the rooms here have been awakened by the sound of a female voice calling their name repeatedly or saying "Mercy!" over and over again.