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Shadowy figures can be seen. Lights in the woods sounds of a heart beat can be heard.

(Submitted by Brian)

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Geographic Information

Chair Factory Road
Whiteville, NC
United States

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34.173394978517415, -78.70365035560098
Columbus County, North Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Brunswick, NC (7.8 mi.)
Tabor City, NC (10.0 mi.)
Whiteville, NC (11.4 mi.)
Hallsboro, NC (11.9 mi.)
Chadbourn, NC (12.5 mi.)
Loris, SC (13.4 mi.)
Lake Waccamaw, NC (15.4 mi.)
Cerro Gordo, NC (16.4 mi.)
Evergreen, NC (19.8 mi.)
Bolton, NC (20.0 mi.)


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  1. Kayla Whiteside  |  

    There is a story of heartbeat bridge in Whiteville/nakina. The story is a girl was killed in a cab on this bridge and her heart was thrown over the bridge by the murderer. If you go to the bridge and turn you car off at night you can hear the heartbeat in your ears so loud that you can definitely tell it is not your own heartbeat.

  2. Jessica Sellers  |  

    My granddaddy lived on Chair factory road his whole life. He lived to be 97 years old and not once did he ever say he heard a heartbeat. I used to play on this bridge a lot when I was younger. The lights at night are most likely hunters spot lighting for deer. Every Halloween my church has a hayride and they used to take us to Heartbeat Bridge. When we got there they would cut off the truck and turn off the lights. All of kids sitting in the back of this big truck at midnight were scared to death. It was so quiet and dark. Once my youth leaders thought we were paranoid enough they would beat on the side of the truck and scare us even more. I am 19 and I still help my church with the hayride. 19 years I have been to that bridge at midnight and sat in the dead quiet and I didn’t hear any kind of heartbeat.

  3. My Grandmother is the reason behind the saying …She and my grandfather we drinking one night and they got into a argument and she walked from where they lived at the time down to the bridge .My grandfather had bought my grandmother a long green trench coat and. She was wearing it .He came driving up as she was sitting there and they began to argue and for some reason the coat got dated to be thrown and my grandmother didn’t take to dares so she threw it over and they eventually left ..There was talk after that ,a woman was murdered there but couldn’t find a body all because of that it was a females green trench coat found thrown over the bridge into the water…I still get to hear the story to this day and she is 82yrs …

  4. Hello, so. We’re just normal people I brought my 10 yr old with me. We were looking trying to find haunted houses until we decided we should try something really REAL stuff. We went there and it just gave us a spooky vibe, we heard noises like a heartbeat, we were spooked at first because we seen something weird in the waters like a shiny white thing we didn’t know at first until turned on the car lights and we seen like a coat of some sort, freaked out way too much we just decided to leave the area immediately. Looking back at the woods but we clearly see white strange lights coming from the woods from the dark area covered with trees, my ten year old was shaking. Totally not going back there it was one of the most scariest thing ever we thought it was just a little joke. Until we seen this crazy crap going on. Don’t think we will be doing this stuff again, We don’t recommend you go there unless your truly prepared. We shouldn’t have stumbled into this situation anyways.

  5. I went with someone else and we definitely got strong vibes from the place. We didn’t experience any paranormal activity otherwise, but it may just be worth another trip to the area. I would love to hear about any other hauntings in the area as well! If anyone wants to team up, feel free to send me an email at nekoashido@tutanota.com or a message on Wickr Me – terrybogard71

  6. I grew up less than 3 miles from Heart Beat Bridge, and my family have lived at the end of that road 3 generations. The story told is, a girl was leaving the prom and called a taxi cab to take her home. She and her boyfriend were arguing, “she told him she was pregnant” ,so she took a taxi cab home. On her way home the cab driver killed her and cut her heart out, throwing it over the bridge and into the water. You’re supposed to park your vehicle on the bridge and cut everything off. Get out of your car and stand on the bridge listening quietly. You will hear a heart beating and a baby cry. I grew up going to Heart Beat Bridge on many nights, just sitting on the bridge. I have encountered more unexplainable things on the “OldTram Road”
    (Another legendary place with unexplainable lights that chase you) Old Tram Road also intersects with Chair Factory Road, the road that Heart Beat Bridge rest on. My belief is that you have to experience things for yourself to SEE and FEEL the atmosphere. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  7. It has been several years ago since my buddies and I went to the bridge to check it out for ourselves. We stopped in the middle of the bridge for a moment. I had not cut the car off yet, when for no reason the car just cut off on it’s own. My buddies asked me why did I turn it off and I said, I didn’t. They said, start it up and let’s get out of here. It cranked back up and we left. We didn’t stay long enough to see if we could hear anything. There was nothing wrong with my car, it was fine. So there was no reason for it to cut off like it did. That was when I was 19. I’m 70 now and haven’t been back.

  8. Today is Tuesday, November 23, 2021. My friends and I(total of 5) went to heart beat bridge at night. We stopped on the first one and turned the car off. Then turned it back one and drove to the 2nd bridge and turned the car off. Two of my friends got out and walked on the bridge. Me and my sister(in the car) saw something behind them in the woods and begged them to come back into the vehicle. We then went on and turned around and went back to the 2nd one. We turned the vehicle off and got silent. We then heard what sounded like talking in the distance but soon realized it was the heart beat. We turned the car back on and went to take off and saw a face of a weird creature in the window. I do not know what it was but we left and did not look back.

  9. I went in the daytime first to scope out the area. The road is soft dirt, sand and gravel. Very dusty. I have AWD but still wouldn’t go after a rain. There are houses and a big farm on the road, but nothing close to the two bridges. This is just bottom, swamp land. Maybe good for frog gigging but nothing else. The bridges are probably only one hundred yards apart. Both are concrete and covered with graffiti. I walked across the edge of both bridges in each direction, barefoot and skyclad. There is one place where the swamp was dry and people have walked. I had to be careful as there was a lot of broken glass bottles and trash dumped there. 4 trucks came by and I heard them in time to put my shorts on. I plan to go back at night sometime. I would highly suggest looking at it in daylight first because if you park at night you need to be aware of where you can pull over so you don’t end up getting stuck. Where I stepped off of the road, my foot sunk about 3 inches.

  10. Christine villiers  |  

    In my teenage years I use to cruise whiteville on a regular basis. We use to go to old tram rd to street race and heartbeat bridge to drink. One night we went to drink we parked on the bridge like we always did and turned everything off I got out and set a full bottle of vodka on a plastic bag on the hood of the car . A few minutes later the bag was somehow snatched from under the bottle by an unknown force because nobody was near it and no wind was blowing and the bottle didn’t move. Everybody there saw it happen. We panicked and left in a hurry because there was no logical explanation. That was the last time I ever went there

  11. Columbus Kid at Heart  |  

    3-2-24 I grew up not far from heartbeat bridge. I am 55 now and still live near it. When I was in my teens many nights after cruising town I’d go by and sit on the hood of my car listening to the soothing sound of the swamp. I found it relaxing. However, last year a girl was allegedly murdered and her body placed in the water. Police arrested a man and he’s awaiting trial. I have been back since all this happened it’s just not the same. Kind of dreary now. It’s sad that someone took that girl’s life and discarded her in the swamp like all the trash that has been dumped there in the past. If the man they have in custody did it… whatever was done to her should be done to him. Except he shouldn’t be left in the water because he is going to be begging for water where he’s headed.

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