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A light comes out of the swamp and chases you as you drive down Old Tram Road.

(Submitted by Brian)

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Geographic Information

Old Tram Road
Whiteville, NC
United States

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34.2020629, -78.70638789999998
Columbus County, North Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Brunswick, NC (5.9 mi.)
Whiteville, NC (9.4 mi.)
Hallsboro, NC (10.3 mi.)
Tabor City, NC (10.4 mi.)
Chadbourn, NC (10.8 mi.)
Lake Waccamaw, NC (14.3 mi.)
Loris, SC (14.6 mi.)
Cerro Gordo, NC (15.1 mi.)
Evergreen, NC (18.1 mi.)
Bolton, NC (19.2 mi.)


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Comments (12)

  1. Ore night started as we turned down “Old Road” As we turned around a corner,light was getting closer and closer to the Truck as I went down the road.It was pretty scary, and to experience this and we enjoy going to explore new places and visit these places in North Carolina. Fort Fisher and down the bay’s to the beach are very active and great places to visit in the Carolinas.

    • i have went down this road for the fun of it because I hear a lot of ghost storys about this place and we seen a light far down the road and we were all wondering what it was and so it was getting really close to our car and it would get closer and closer and then all a sudden it dissapierd into thin air I have did many ghost adventures and they are really fun like heart beat bridge old tram road many things down there like the old racer and different thing but I need to get a job of paranormal exspierane

  2. I saw it when I was in High School. One night my friend and I was driving down the road. It came in behind us and then in front of us. This was about 1977. Scared the stuffings ou of us.

  3. Soo.. does one contact Whiteville Police to inquiure about private property, etc.. to see certain ‘ghost site’s ?.. or permission to tresspass? I’m new at this & a very curious person naturally.

  4. As the founder of a paranormal group in Ocean Isle, I would highly suggest contacting the owner of any private property before trespassing no matter what the situation is and for safety reasons, never go alone incase you were to get injured.

  5. This light has been seen since the 1950’s. Started after several people were killed when their car was struck by the train. Family was coming home from church. I have seen the light numerous times growing up and a couple of times as an adult. I have had it follow our truck. Also, the light has appeared in front of us and when we drove towards it, it appears about 80 yards behind us.

  6. It is REAL. IT IS HAUNTED. I was visiting some friends that live near Whiteville and they told me about this road, so we all decided to go. I was told the legend goes like this… Old Tram Road is a road that goes perfectly straight for a couple of miles.. Perfect for racing. A group of kids in high school were racing their muscle cars, in like the 1950s. They would turn off their engines, blink their lights 3 times (to signal they wanted to race) and proceed to honk their horn 3 times (Ready set go) turn on your engine and race. Well, one night of the kids racing lost control of his car and crashed into the woods, having one of the branches from the trees cut off his head. Since then, the legend says if you turn off your engine, blink your headlights 3 times and then honk 3 times and wait for his ghost to want to race. Well… We did this. And it HAPPENED. I swear on everything, headlights just literally appeared behind me out of nowhere. I did NOT see a car turn onto the road or anything. And it was coming up fast. I was soo scared, i turned on my car and hauled ass. And it just kept chasing me until the end of the road until i turned off and then the headlights vanished. GONE. I was sooo scared. It’s REAL and no I will NEVER go back again. The legends says if the headlights go through your car 3 times, you lose the race.. And you are suppose to wreck and everyone in the car dies. DO NOT LET THE LIGHT ENTER YOUR CAR 3 TIMES. YOU HAVE TO BEAT HIM.

    • I’ve lived In this area my whole life. In 2004 when I was pregnant with my son not that has nothing to do with this experience but it gives me a timeline to remember when it happened. Anyways, I turned off highway 905 onto tram rd about 8-9:00 pm on my way home . I’ve driven this road many many times . So, as I was driving probably almost half way down the road this light started coming towards me . Now we all know if you are driving down a long narrow rd the on coming car will look as if it has only one headlight then as it get closer you can see both headlights . At first that’s what I thought it was . Well no , boy i was wrong. This huge bright light kind of reminded me of a stage light from a movie set just literally came out of nowhere . I couldn’t see anything but that light. Enough for me to come to a complete stop in the middle of the road… in the dark… on a long road … by myself with not a car insight. Then it vanished . I was startled .. I had that deer and a headlight look. I drove 35 in a 55 lol because I could not get over what just happened . I knew I had to keep driving down the rest of the road and didn’t want to or I could of turned left onto chair factory road and ended up at heartbeat bridge and be apart of another ghost legend . Haha

  7. I’ve only experienced one time out of four or five times seeing something that was unexplainable. My cousin, sister, future wife and a few friends was bored one night and said ” WTH” let’s go to tram road. We get there and the way it was explained to us, was that we had to flicker the lights, beep the horn and some other b.s. 15 or 20 mins of nothing happening, all of a sudden, A single light appears from nowhere. We start the car and haul ass. The light was moving so fast, I thought it was just a motorcycle but as soon as the light seemed to dim off and we start to slow down, all of a sudden it’s brighter than ever and right back on our ass. I take a quick turn into someone’s dirt road and believe it or not, it’s gone, not there, disappeared. I’m very skeptical of things like this, unless I experience it for myself and that night I became a believer. Also, that same dirt road I turned on, leads you to a spot called heart-beat bridge. I have photos somewhere of orbs surrounding one of my friends on the bridge. Didn’t experience anything else on heartbeat bridge but I thought the orbs I’m the photo was a little creepy I’m it’s self

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