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During “active hours” in city hall, there is not much activity that is reported. But at night, shift workers inside the building, which is secured, have experienced multiple occasions of paranormal activity. The various types of accounts have been listed below and further investigation is on going by staff working night shifts at the location.

1) “The Ghost of City Hall”

On occasion from video footage inside the city’s camera system, a gray blurry figure or blob like spirit can be seen just outside the building on the E Commerce St side entrance. The spirit seems to come from a corner section of the building and walks / floats across the lower portion of the parking lot eventually disappearing before going off screen. A photo of this spirit has been attached from a video taken of it, you can see it in front of the drain. This photo does not do it justice as you would need to see the video to have a better understanding of this entity.

2) “The Spirit in the Elevator”

During overnight hours, the two elevators inside city hall are locked to the lower first floor and are not suppose to function between floors until unlocked by a city maintenance technician. However accounts of the elevators going between floors and randomly opening and closing as if someone was riding on them occurres almost on a nightly basis. No actual spirit or entity has been seen however on or around the elevators.

3) “The Tall Top Hat Man”

One of the more frightening and most prevalent entities in city hall is a figure of a tall dark shadowy man wearing a top hat. He is known and has been seen wandering the halls at night of city hall mostly on the second and third floors. He has however on occasion been spotted on the first floor as well. He usually will appear and watch people inside the building at night, sometimes following them and when you approach him however or try to make contact, he tends to walk into a room that will only have one entrance. When you enter the room to find him there is no one there. Reports of this man have been made to officers as well which have spotted him inside the building as a “trespasser” after hours, on the account of the one time contact was made officers followed the spirit into an enclosed concreted mail room where again he vanished with no physical way of escape.

(Submitted by Tyler H.)

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211 S. Hamilton St
High Point, NC
United States

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35.9550866, -80.0020821
Guilford County, North Carolina
Nearest Towns:
High Point, NC (0.2 mi.)
Archdale, NC (3.3 mi.)
Trinity, NC (4.2 mi.)
Jamestown, NC (4.6 mi.)
Thomasville, NC (6.7 mi.)
Wallburg, NC (8.6 mi.)
Kernersville, NC (12.1 mi.)
Midway, NC (12.1 mi.)
Pleasant Garden, NC (13.4 mi.)
Greensboro, NC (14.3 mi.)


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  1. I am from High Point and “yes”, I have heard accounts of this type of paranormal activity in our City Hall building. Very scary stuff, but I don’t believe the “Top-Hat ghost” is connected to the building, as it is a newer construction. I would have to do a bit of researching and remembering to find out what building was there prior. Honestly, I don’t remember…But it possibly could have also been the old courthouse etc. I think the building is absolutely haunted though. Too many occurrences that are documented by credible people for it not to be. I wish one of the more respected shows, that research this type of haunting, would report on this. I, for one, would love it!

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