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At Coker College, a private liberal arts school founded in 1908, a ghostly girl is said to roam in a dorm building. The ghost also is said to cause strange sounds, turn off radios and make alarm clocks ring in the middle of the night. According to campus legend, she hanged herself in an elevator shaft that has since been transformed into a stairwell.

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300 E College Ave
Hartsville, SC 29550
United States

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34.3765879, -80.07049139999998
Darlington County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Hartsville, SC (0.2 mi.)
North Hartsville, SC (1.2 mi.)
Lydia, SC (6.5 mi.)
Darlington, SC (12.3 mi.)
McBee, SC (12.3 mi.)
Patrick, SC (13.8 mi.)
Lamar, SC (14.4 mi.)
Bishopville, SC (14.9 mi.)
Society Hill, SC (15.7 mi.)
Bethune, SC (16.1 mi.)

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  1. Hello! I am writing to you about the ghost lady of Coker College of Hartsville, South Carolina. I have first had experience with her while I attended Coker College back in 2004. Her name is Madeline Savage. I can’t remember off the top of my head what years she attended Coker, but I actually went and researched her and found her in a few yearbooks. She was present in her yearbooks up until her senior year. The story goes that she became pregnant by a male professor at the school who told her he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby once she told him, so she decided to hang herself in the stairwell.

    Now I was fortunate enough to be housed in Memorial Hall, the dorm which Madeleine lived and hung herself. My room was on the second floor in the “T” area at the front of the building. All night long we would hear noises of what sounded like a piece of furniture being slammed against the wall that was so loud it would wake us. At first we thought it was the guys in the room above us messing around but we would go up to complain to them and they would be in a dead sleep (and angry that we woke them). It would happen multiple times throughout the night and multiple times a week. I got so aggravated with the noises and disturbance that I went to the Vice President of the school and asked him to do something about the noises, but he looked at me funny and asked me what dorm and floor I lived in and I told him, then he smiled and asked me if I had ever heard of Madeleine. By then I had heard of her, but I wanted a realistic explanation before I jumped to the paranormal. My roommate used to play her radio all the time, but frequently the radio would randomly stop playing or make crazy noises. The room would become extremely cold in an instant out of nowhere, then go away and warm up again after a few minutes. There were also other students in the “T” area of the second floor that would come to us to tell us how things on their walls would randomly fall off or drop to the floor or they would hear noises, too, but the majority of the reported activity happened in our room, which, if I’m remembering correctly, was room 216. Madeleine was such a frequent visitor, we welcomed her with open arms and even added her name to our door. People would come to our room to hope to hear the things we did, but usually that didn’t happen. It seemed to only happen with just me and/or my roommate there. The best evidence we ever had of Madeleine was in a picture I took of my desk area for memories sake. My desk was beside the window. When I uploaded the picture to my computer, I noticed a hazy white human shape from the waist up in the window and was floored. Remember that I lived on the second floor so there was no way there could be anyone standing outside my window and accidentally be in my picture. You could see the flow of hair that made it obviously a lady. I showed my roommate and she was freaked out, as was I at first. We told others about it and so many people wanted to come and see the picture. Even the critics couldn’t understand what would cause the hazy white human form. I wish I still had that picture, but when the laptop that I had it on crashed, I lost it forever.

    Anyway, Madeleine is real and should be treated with respect. She is a sad soul that is stuck in spirit form because of her sadness and tragic death. Don’t go trying to conjuring her up (especially with a Ouija board, those things are extremely dangerous, never ever ever use them!). Let her exist in peace and live with her in harmony. If anything, someone show some sympathy and understanding for her and tell her it’s okay to let go and go to the other side. She deserves to be at peace.

    • STOP I lived in your room by myself in 2020. I would come into my room and EVERYTHING would be fallen over. I don’t know if she just didn’t like me or what. I know most of the people on my hall had experienced something from her. Not to mention the strange sounds of people walking in the community bathroom at night when no one else is out and about.

  2. Memorial Hall has never had an elevator in its entire history. Also, Ciara Lee, (4 years later, I know) Madeline was only at Coker from 20-21 for her Sophmore year, how did she appear in “a few” yearbooks? Coker themselves can confirm all of this, they actually keep a record of this story and will gladly present all the collected research for anyone to examine.

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