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According to reports, Colonel Kolb, along with his family, was burned alive nearby during the Revolutionary War. According to local lore, those who visit Colonel Kolb’s tomb at night will hear the sound of someone walking in the woods and may suddenly find the apparition of a man right next to them. Inscribed on the tomb of Colonel Kolb is this message:

BORN CA. 1750

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Co Rd 167
Bennettsville, SC
United States

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34.5369371737583, -79.8272632957378
Marlboro County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Society Hill, SC (2.2 mi.)
Bennettsville, SC (9.8 mi.)
Blenheim, SC (10.1 mi.)
Cheraw, SC (11.6 mi.)
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  1. Southern Spirit Society  |  

    My team and I visited Col. Kolb’s tomb last weekend. We did several EVP sessions and several Ovalius 3-style readings. We captured a couple of relevant words including “commanded” and “troops” on the Ovalius but no actual EVPs. The woods surrounding the tomb are a little creepy. One of our members found shell casings from a fired weapon and we received the word “brass” not long after that. As far as apparitions or anything we didn’t see the like. However, we did capture the word “shot” which leads us to believe the real legend that Col. Kolb was shot and his family spared instead of the legend that him and his family perished in the house fire on his land. As far as hauntings, this wasn’t as haunted as we believed but it’s a really cool place to visit for a historical perspective.

    • The story actually is that Kolb was buried alive while his family was burned to death. My brother and I was out there today because we hunt the surrounding property. As we were walking through the woods, my brother asked “who is that?” I didn’t see anyone. He said he saw a man stand up from leaning up against a tree and watched him walk towards one of the corn fields and he disappeared. I use to have my own paranormal team in Rockingham, NC so your story really caught my attention. Would love to see pictures of the brass you found. Did it look old or fairly new in style? There are many hunters on this road so just be careful if you guys ever decide to visit again. The side you are on doesn’t belong to us. We are near the dead end of the long road you turn on from the highway on the right side. A good distance away from the tomb itself.

      • Many stories online state that his son died young and the two daughters lived up to about 1822. It also states that he was shot while surrendering. As he stepped on his porch, he was shot and killed and the house was burned to the ground. The story we were told was the one stated above.

  2. This happened couple of months ago…..Was at the Big Brown House before you get to his grave…..Son was looking around and I was waiting in car…..catch a glance of this man shoulders up with a long blue shirt on with buttons down shirt with a big round hat on…..I didn’t get scared… a sweetness.

  3. Do not forget to take pictures while you’re out there sometimes he will show himself in photographs. caught him on camera a few years back and haven’t been back since. As many of you know it’s very dark out there at night time so take your pictures with the flash on. In my photograph that I had he was dressed almost like a soldier. I had no idea until I checked the pictures at the gas station.

  4. I think he may just want the truth known of what happened really. Been out there myself investigating with friends and it’s not that he is scary it’s the way it look there at night. He seems eager to talk on ovulas but never on a evp

  5. Unfortunately I could only go during the day. I got out of my car and was instantly attacked by masses of mosquitos. Can’t say I felt any type of vibe, but def worth seeing.

  6. A group of friends and I used to go out there quite often back in 2006-2008. It was definitely creep. On one visit, near the tomb, a whole area of grass about 6’ x6’ lay down to one side with no wind blowing whatsoever. We’ve seen other things too. The one thing that I remember the most though is the last night we ever went out there, someone had tied a puppy to the fence around the tomb. No water or anything and it looked very skinny like it’d been there a while. We took the puppy to the police station down the road and they said we have a good bit of nerve going out there that late at night. A few days before a man was shot in the head and it damaged the tomb. That explains why we noticed a new tombstone and fence around it.

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