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Binghams’s Light is believed to be the lantern of the ghost of a man named Bingham who was killed by a train. Some say he appears as a warning or that the ghost is searching for his lost children.

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Geographic Information

S Butler Rd
Latta, SC
United States

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34.417652662717266, -79.53773224362521
Dillon County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Latta, SC (8.2 mi.)
Blenheim, SC (9.2 mi.)
Dillon, SC (9.5 mi.)
Sellers, SC (10.0 mi.)
Clio, SC (11.2 mi.)
Tatum, SC (15.9 mi.)
Bennettsville, SC (16.1 mi.)
Rowland, NC (16.3 mi.)
Quinby, SC (16.8 mi.)
McColl, SC (17.4 mi.)


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  1. I’ve probably been here 20+ times. Most of my trips to Bingham’s light were when I was a teenager. The only time that I can say I saw a light that you couldn’t explain was once….. but definitely was unexplainable. This light we saw was at the back of the field near the sharp curve in the road. We saw a faint light moving along the tree line at the back of the field. I’m unsure if the timber is still there since it has been about 15-20 years since the last time I’ve been. Anyway, this light was moving along the tree line and would periodically dissappear for a few seconds and would reappear about 100-150 yards in another spot on the tree line. We watched this for about 45 minutes and it stopped. We hung around at the curve in the road for about 20 or 30 more minutes. Finally my cousin and I decide we were going to walk back there and check it out. We got all the way to the tree line and on the walk did not see it again. We followed the farm road we walked down into the woods and still saw nothing. We kept walking on down until we heard a group of people talking loud so we stopped. We called out to them from a distance and told them we were coming down toward where they were. They invited us over and we hung out with them for a while. They were from Hartsville and had entered the property from another access point on the back side of the property. While we were with them we saw the light probably a dozen more times only every time we saw it while standing there with them it was as tall as the trees and it was on the road that we had walked in on. This light would change colors. Back and forth from white to red and then red to white over and over again. It would start out small and round like a baseball and would swell up to the size of a beach ball. It would dissappeaer and reappear again over and over. The light would come close to us. As close as 50 yards and would change colors, swell up and shrink back down again. It never would get any closer but we watched this go on for about an hour. Everybody was ready to head back home so we all walked back to where the Hartsville crew parked their vehicles. When we got to their trucks which were parked about 150 yards away the light decided it was going to reappear where we had been standing talking to the Hartsville crowd. They gave us a ride back to our vehicle where we had left a couple of others in our group and decided to call it a night. Out of all the times that I have been there in my life this was the only time I can say that I feel confident that I saw Bingham’s light. I feel sure that no one could have been responsible for creating what we saw or would have even went to the extreme of trying to do something like that. As I stated earlier I have been 20+ times and have seen lights while there but this would be the one and only time I feel I could say that I actually saw it. This was back in 1992 or 93…… B

  2. I have been there with my wife and daughter.
    We sat in the car and saw this amazing light moving about for well over an hour.
    My wife and I have been there many times and have seen this light often.
    I would tell more but you probably wouldn’t believe it.
    Go there and see for yourself but if you don’t see it, go back another day because it is there.
    As the previous comment stated above,
    Don’t run or it will chase you.
    Believe it, because It Will !!!

  3. I have been there many times but one tine my friends & I went to the cross road you can’t drive into this place you have to park & walk about a mile into the woods to the cross road but as soon as we got there it was last in the evening getting dark when tjis bright light / orb appeared & it was so bright it lite up the path way on both sides was swamp & tree in front of us down the path was old track that ended at the swamp.we walked down the path to the end & then turned around & there was a shadow on the right side of the dirt road .something was standing there by a tree long black coat & old time hat. It look like it was a lantern that it was holding but when when we went to walk up the path it then was behind us…it was not swamp gas becaus a it was on the path & not in the swamp/ water

  4. I saw it back in 1990, 1991. I’ve been there like four times, we were from Lake City so we were just bored trying to find some action. We saw the light the very first time we went. I saw something down the path the goes in the swamp and it just like stops in the water, there used to be like an ally cut in the woods and it was in that alley. Yep pretty freaky but true. Those were awsome days, I would like to take my wife and kids there so they could see it as well. Great talking about it, im glad theres a bingums light army. Happy ghost hunting!!!

  5. Hello to everyone. I would really like to go along with anyone that will be searching for the light or on any Ghost hunting adventures in the carolinas. I am in Dillon, and I do not believe in such things as ghosts or the supernatural.

    • I went in college. I thought it was bunk. I figured people being drunk had a lot to do with the stories. They wanted to have something interesting to say. I have never been drunk or high. I saw it. I couldn’t believe it. It was for a few seconds at first so I was going to shrug it off but it came back. It came toward us, got bigger, changed colors just like everyone says. I am all about debunking and scientific method. I just don’t see any reasonable and natural explanation for the action and changing colors.

  6. Genetria T McGill  |  

    Hi my name is Genetria McGill and I live in Bingham, I’ve seen the light my whole life, since I was a little girl and so have friends and family members. I know there are skeptics out there, that you have to see it to believe. Yes some people do get lucky and see the light the first time and sometimes you don’t, but if you don’t, then don’t get discouraged come back another night or the next. there are no guarantee’s, but you also never know, that’s the big mystery, of not knowing.

  7. It’s real. Seen both red and white light. Towards the end my buddy saw in the sky line a shadowy figure in complete darkness zig zagging then heard a thump like his feet planted the ground. I then pointed my flashlight towards the ground and saw a Shadowy figure standing upright looking at me. Anxiety kicked in and told my buddy to let’s get the f out of there. While leaving frantically saw the Shadowy figure chasing us all the way until the end of the stop sign.

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