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Montrose Cemetery, aka Lowthers Hill Cemetery, is very old and spooky, according to witnesses who describe feelings of fear and nausea on the grounds. The cemetery was so old and run down that a mass marker was placed outside naming the known burials inside. Some say a murderer brought children here to kill them in the 1950s or 1960s, and their ghosts are heard screaming and crying. Others say apparitions and cold spots abound, and sunken graves are plentiful. Some reports say this is a party hangout for teens and vandals.

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Off Cashua Ferry Rd
Darlington County, SC
United States

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34.35309096829581, -79.73790720105171
Darlington County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Quinby, SC (8.1 mi.)
Darlington, SC (8.7 mi.)
Florence, SC (11.0 mi.)
Blenheim, SC (11.9 mi.)
Society Hill, SC (12.8 mi.)
Sellers, SC (15.9 mi.)
Latta, SC (17.5 mi.)
Bennettsville, SC (18.5 mi.)
Timmonsville, SC (19.0 mi.)
Clio, SC (19.1 mi.)


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  1. I’ve been here before and I must say this is the most haunted played I have visited. I got an EVP from a little boy named Joseph telling me he didn’t want to talk to me. I have pictures of massive orbs, the site is colder than the outside area, I also saw a large shadow figure rush towards me.

  2. I have been to this cemetery twice. The first time .The first time there was a car blocking the road, so we sat at the hwy . A car pulled behind us so we left. Came back by and they looked like about 15 or 20 teenage boys standing by the road. We went back last sat. and took some pics. Yea u can tell its active. I want to go back


    I am the founder and lead investigator for DSCP my team has been to to this cemetery many times been there during the day and at night we have caught alot of evidence during both day and night so for those of you who think the only time to ghost hunt during the night your wrong makes no difference at this place now i will say though when the sun goes down this place becomes a paranormal playground if your afraid of the dark dont come here because it turns pitch black we all have heard many stories about this place such as the black man that had killed woman and small children dumped there bodies here still doing research on that but i do wish to tell what myself and my team has experienced here at Montrose all start by telling you the equipment we use when investigating here k2 meter tri field meter laser grids digatal voice recorders video recorders cameras both digatal and 35 mil film ghost box itc thermo meters these are some of the things we use here like i said we been to this location many times never been disapointed Montrose is such a dense place nothing arond but woods so when using emf such as k 2 meters trifeld meters these things shouldnt pick up anything in this area i can confirm that my team has made contact with a young child named Joesgh both times we were either at the large marker stone with all the names on it or on top of a little hill mound when using the k 2 and voice recorder it always seems to interact with this child spirit seems to be a postive spirit now with that said we have came in contact with a very negative dark spirit there it seems to be controlling other spirits there on one investigation myself and partner co founder of the group decieed to go alone there one night when we entered the cemetery our car radio stoped playing so that was odd its was a very cold night very dark when we got out of car we could sensed something was watching us we both looked at one another and said this is going to be a interesting night and boy were we right first thing we did was head to the little hill where we started using k2 and voice recorder we seemed to be commuacating wuth the little boy spirit all of a sudden we could here comething in the woods growling sounded like it was coming towards us so we decided to head back to large marker stone where car was as we walked a little faster whatever it was seemed to be following us when we got to marker stone we tried to make sense of what just happen we decided to do some evps while asking questions all of a sudden we here something behind us charging at us keep in mind our voice recorder was still recording next this ya know me and my partner were slammed up against the large marker stone and we couldnt free ourselves then i felt a burning sensation on my back like it was on fire then right after that we both were released we looked at eachother in shock and said what just happen then i asked my partner to check my back then his eyes got real big and said dude you have big time scratches on your back so i told him grab camera take pics then i was like hey the voice recorder is still playing not only did we get the pics of the scratches we also got audio too everything that happen on large marker was caught on voice recorder i will say for the people that go up there to party or just wanna be currious whats there be careful there i have alot of evidense and alot more experiences there if anyone is interested you can email me at
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    • Hi!

      Me & my friend are from Florence, South Carolina.
      We were looking up haunted places in/near our area. We came across Montrose Cemetery & my friend said she had gone there before. Before we even read any comments regarding this place she mentioned how dark figures surrounded her vehicle there & how her boyfriend became possessed like. Said he would not respond to her & that when she touched him he told her to leave her alone. He wouldn’t blink or move. When they left he didn’t remember anything. She said she had seen figures by the woods etc.

      We read your comment regarding this place and were curious to see your evidence/pictures.

      I tried to email you but it would not go through…

  4. I am very interested in visiting this place. The kids that go out there to party/hang out, are they nice or are they looking for trouble? Just want to make sure. Is this a private property? I have read other stories about this site and I am visiting and would like to go out there. Is there a better time to do this? Do you have any pictures that you have taken as the Montrose investigator?

  5. I was here last night. (07/04/2015) around 1am. My husband and I experienced things I can’t explain. While walking through the graveyard towards the back, we both got a very uneasy feeling. We then left… But not before I heard someone/thing running towards us following us out. We turned right and as we passed, we both saw a figure standing on the dirt road watching us.

    My husband and I are both sceptical, so today.. On the 4th of July, we bought some American flags out to pay our respects. We walked and felt a small uneasy feeling. Nothing to bad. We took pictures, and I am sure its matrixing, but I believe (maybe) a man (or black outlined figure) to be standing in the woods in one picture… And the next appers to be walking. It’s a beautiful place. It’s sad so many people don’t respect it more. When I have more time, I’d like to clean it up. Thank you for your website. It’s amazing.

    • They say to take 2 pics of one spot. So when you check them, you can tell if it’s a shadow figure because it won’t be in the 2nd pic.

  6. As my wife & I drove up the dirt road to the cemetery, an eerie feeling came upon us, we didn’t know if was the excitement or something else. We parked our car about 20 feet from the main headstone & noticed it had graffiti on it. To our dismay, we looked about to find broken beer bottles, soda cans, chip bags strewn through out this site. Someone actually had mad a fire on top or next to one of the vandalized headstones. There were only 4 headstones intact & the rest had been over the years, destroyed. We walked slowly over the area & the eerie feeling vanished. I am sorry to say that during our visit, we were overcome by sadness. An actual tear rolled down my face as I could not get over this place of rest. We drove over to the “SLAVE CEMETERY” about 5 mile away & were feeling tugs at out clothes. We will save this story for a later date as we will return here with a few friends to clean this area…

  7. Two friends and myself visited this place on November 11th, 2014. It was my second time there. The first time was with just one of those friends and was pretty ridiculous. Really wish both of our phones had not died the first time. Anyways, the second time, we all 3 had full battery charge on our phones and they did not get drained…however, my phone actually picked up two shocking EVPs. On the first recording, we three were in the car and were asking random questions trying to get a response and using my phone to record the experience. After enhancing the audio using GarageBand, you can clearly hear a voice say, “Killed them.” directly in response to my friend asking, “What’d you do to them?”. The second phenomenon was captured with my phone sitting on the main tombstone recording while we were back in the car. My other buddies phone was on the roof of my car also recording. His phone recorded over 33 minutes of audio and mine recorded only 24 minutes. We started recording at the dame time. On this recording, you can hear the same creepy voice say, “Son of a bitch.” I actually cannot wait to go back out here and with Much more equipment!

  8. Montrose is the most huanted place in sc. I have seen orbs, both white and red, one of the orbs actually floated beside us around the whole circle and then vanished. My brother was related to the montrose’s. My homegirl got possesed out there. I didnt believe in possesion untill that happened. We went out there bout 6 deep. With a quiji board. Now idk about u but i think quiji boards r bullshit,or i did untill… the quiji board said it was a 8 year old named chris, and he said run his mom is comming to possese, and said run 2 more times and then said bye. So we put it up and ran back to thw car…. but we were missing one of us…. so we looked up and she was standing in the middle of the graveyard, 3 of the guys went over there and tried to get her but she would not move. Me and my homeboy were standing back aways. We took a picture of her the picture there was a huge orb right infront of her face, and in the orb u could clearly see her face, i looked up from the picture when she flew 10 feet back and fell on the ground screaming and kicking, one of the guys grabbed a bible out the car and went to her and started reading. Then she looked straight at him and said something in a completely different lanquage with a deep dominic voice (she only knew english)then she started laufghing histerically. Her bf went to grab her. As soon as he did he ran t o the car and got in and was allmost crying when i went to get him. He was tearing up rocking back and forth when i asked him what was wrong he quoted “thats not my gf shes not there, she looked at me and it wasnt her” anyway we grabbed her and had to hold her down in the backseat. She bit my arm so i let go, she elbowed the dude beside me and then she was trying to open the door (it was locked) she started punching the window trying to break it so we ggrabbed her and pinned her bac down, as soon as we pulled on the main road she started pukeing everywhere and foaming at the mouth (she was not on drugs ethier) then she was fine. I thought she was fakeing it all at first. But if u would of been there…. theres no fakeing what i saw that night. Me and my homeboy swore to never go back.

  9. I want to go there tonight. I dont believe in ghosts or anything……….but I am open to the experience. I am 42 years of age and never had a paranormal experience. There is always a first time. Let you know how it goes…………….Marcus in Florence,SC 2-26-16

  10. Yeah me and my buddy went their back in 1997 very cold dark feeling voices shadow figures but the really chilling thing is when we were leaving me and my buddy seen what seemed to be a shadow figure crashing after the truck at speeds well over 35 mph. Very crazy esc when others claim the same things

  11. I agree. It’s really haunted. A group of friends and I arrived at 3a.m. as soon as we parked the car around near the grave site near the woods that is near the hill located at the back of the grave site we put car into park and out of no where there we all saw black shadows that came right up to the car and seemed like it was circling around the car. I wasnt a believer myself until i witnessed it with my own to eyes. Very freaky……

  12. My son and his friend and myself went to this cemetery last night, 4/22/2020, around 10 pm. The dirt road was definitely creepy as hell, and the cemetery at first didn’t seem that scary. We were there about and hour or so. For the first little while we didn’t see anything or hear anything other than maybe what sounded like a footstep on some twigs in the woods. I took many pictures and no orbs were seen on them.We start to get a little skeptical so we bring out our basic tape recorder, stand near one of the graves and start asking questions. At the end of the first recording you can definitely hear a whisper saying “Get Out”, on another recording near a different grave you can hear a distinct whisper that says “F*** You” (no joke), and the last one done we did inside my van and when my son asked if the spirit was behind him, faintly you can hear a “Yes.” Needless to say, we were no longer skeptical and definitely a little bit scared lol. Standing outside the drivers door of my van, my EVP vibrated and on the screen it said “Entity Present” and when we played it back, right after that there was something picked up, but I am going to listen to it again and see if I can figure out what it is. Definitely a must check out location! We want to come back during the day and see what else might happen.

  13. We saw lots of creepy things here years ago. Caught a traveling orb on camera near Joseph’s grave. One night we were met by about 20 cops lol didn’t go back after that

    • It was during the thanksgiving holidays several years ago, maybe 7 or 8 years ago, when me, my son, uncle, brother, brother in law and visions went out to Montrose. It was around 10 or 11 pm. It was pitch black dark out, but in the middle of the cemetery a clear open space. We all stood on one side of the big marker in the middle of the cemetery. My uncle (seen on the right) was the only one of us that stood on the other side of the marker. We all stood behind it and my son stood behind me and recorded just to see if we’d pick up anything. So that’s the back of my head in the pic. When we first got home we noticed two bright specks in the image in the wood line, as if they were tiny lights. My son made the image larger to focus in on the pic and to our eery surprise this image was standing beside my uncle . As I said before, he was the only one standing on the other side of the marker next to the tree line. Everyone else was behind me. None of us could believe what we saw when we zoomed in on the little lights. This is the blow up pic.

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