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Salem Black River Church, built in 1846, is believed to be haunted by a ghostly Southern Belle and a sad little boy. Cold spots have been noted by visitors as well.

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Geographic Information

Salem Black River Church
Shiloh, SC
United States

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33.9326731, -80.16087920000001
Sumter County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Mayesville, SC (4.7 mi.)
Shiloh, SC (6.9 mi.)
East Sumter, SC (7.8 mi.)
Turbeville, SC (8.7 mi.)
Oswego, SC (8.9 mi.)
Mulberry, SC (9.9 mi.)
Lynchburg, SC (10.2 mi.)
Sumter, SC (10.4 mi.)
South Sumter, SC (10.8 mi.)
Lakewood, SC (12.4 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. While walking through the graveyard at the back of it there was a old musky perfume smell. Didn’t think nothing about it until I read up more. Didn’t see anything or have any weird feeling but the smell was very strong.

  2. My preteen son and I were taking pictures of the cemetery and saw a jet black looking dog with pointy ears and red eyes. We left very quickly and did not understand what it was.

  3. Another poster was correct about getting arrested if you go at night. They installed cameras about 10 years ago because of property damage. You can still go during the day, but please be careful and respectful of the property. The church members tend to be very welcoming if you go when they are at the church during the day. I’ve gotten a guided tour on one occasion and it’s a beautiful church. Definitely haunted. Every person I’ve taken has gotten nausea or seen one of the spirits. Weird cold spots, especially behind the graveyard, where there is a patch of dirt that nothing will grow on.

  4. Just came back from a visit to this beautiful, historic, well kept site.
    The cemetery is amazing. Full of history and old well maintained stones. Flowering trees are all thru the cemetery. Truly serene.
    Very recently four vandals spray painted satanic symbols all over this 200 year old site and adjacent buildings. They were all caught, charged and jailed. And because they were airmen from the local base, thing do not look to good for them. The sheriff arrived during our visit, and a second sheriff arrived an hour later.
    It is a beautiful site that has been well maintained for hundreds of years! So please be considerate and respectful of you do visit.
    As far as haunted…not so much.

  5. Me and my friends went just a couple days ago. As the temperature was cold enough, we could not tell if we felt cold spots, but while filming with my video camera, I picked up whispers that was not me, or any of my friends.

  6. Yes, it probably is haunted – I doubt the spirits of my ancestors appreciate trespassers on their burial ground. If you go with respect, they’ll probably leave you alone. Thank you to everyone who appreciates that.

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