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According to local lore, this area near Bennett is a 40-foot circle in the middle of a forest in which nothing will grow. Legend has maintained, for over a century, that it is the site where the devil himself rises to the surface to wreak havoc on mankind. Reports say that a geological survey team investigated the area and could find no reason why nothing will grow here.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Devil's Tramping Ground Rd
    Near Harper's Crossing, NC
    United States

    Get Directions »
    35.58480661286156, -79.48665298902438
    Chatham County, North Carolina
    Nearest Towns:
    Bennett, NC (3.5 mi.)
    Goldston, NC (8.9 mi.)
    Siler City, NC (9.7 mi.)
    Gulf, NC (11.6 mi.)
    Robbins, NC (11.8 mi.)
    Ramseur, NC (13.9 mi.)
    Farmville, NC (15.0 mi.)
    Staley, NC (15.0 mi.)
    Franklinville, NC (15.9 mi.)
    Seagrove, NC (16.4 mi.)


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    1. I had a friend in High School who went to this place and he had heard that if you sleep inside the circle that sometime during the night something will move you out of the circle.He and his girlfriend at the time took sleeping bags and went to sleep inside the circle. The next morning they were both outside the circle with all of there belongings intact. My friend was a very light sleeper but neither one of them felt anybody move them out ….

    2. I visited the ground 10-18-14 around 7pm I wanted to see for myself so I contacted the owners to let them know wat I was doing I put a full case of beer in the circle then went back to motel got up at 5am 10-19-14 drove down there and seen my case of beer was not opened but it was about 30-40 yards away from the circle. I drive 18wheeler for a living but in spare time/off time I find haunted places and check them out and this place still has me stumped. I’ve been doing some digging and so far all I got is it used to be a native ground at some point in time. I’m still eager to find out y things get taken out of the circle.

      • I would love to chat with you more. I love getting out and exploring but it can be scary doing it alone. I would love to visit this site. hope to hear from you I know this post is a year old. thanks

    3. THIS PLACE IS REAL.TRUE. CREEPY!.me and my buddy stayed the night, stayed awake til the witching hour 3AM and you could feel the darkness get heavier and we could feel eyes on us all around us.we managed to drift off to sleep eventually . we both were fell asleep within the circle, he was on the outer rim and me in the center.we were both skeptics of the story. but sure enough we both woke up out side the circle in the trees…left me speechless and a feeling came over me where I just wanted to be far away fro the circle..had both of us shaken to say the least.

    4. Has any one stayed up or put a standing cam to document the happenings im not a skeptic but would like to see more fact and less legend. Hearing is one thing but seeing if a battery drain would be nice so that at least someone tried

      • Yes my day night camera caught weird noise but we were not on the playback. Voices jumbled. You almost can’t stay up but when I was there. It’s like a switch is flipped and Wala. Instant transmission… Now Henderson nc is on my list. Coble like buildings in the woods emit lights and sounds that give me chills. I am NOT easily startled

    5. While on a late night excursion with several friends. The 7 of us decided to go to the devil’s tramping ground. Being from the area I have been there several times in the past but only during the day. There are people who paint hieroglyphics there on the trees and road almost on a daily basis. As if they are trying to keep the demons at bay. Before we walked into the woods where the tramping ground is I replaced the batteries in my flashlight with brand new ones i had bought earlier that night. When we get into the circle my flashlight immediately stopped working. yet, would start working again the second i stepped out of it. While we were in the circle we kept hearing noises all around us like two people were having sex. We searched all the trails and woods around us. No one else was there. We believe we were hearing these noises because 2 of the people with us had just went on their first date that night and the demon was playing with everyone’s minds. Before we left the area we dragged a old washing machine into the circle. This washing machine took 2 of us just to drag. We kept hearing growling noises and felt like something was following us around. When we get to the road where the cross is we heard a very large growl like something was angry and we heard a loud crash. We then went back into the woods and shined my light into the circle. The washing machine was gone! It was wrapped around a tree about 30 feet from the outside of the circle. This place is very real! I have several friends who are law enforcement in the area and law enforcement will not go into those woods. They get calls out there all the time!

    6. i went here once a few years back with my family and we found a beagle puppy that we kept and named diablo. nothing really spooky happened to us tho, and the dog doesnt seem like satan

    7. My wife and I went there and the only thing we got was a new black cat. It followed us around the circle and greeted us when we walked up to it. When we left the kitten ran down the path and jumped in the cat with us. You can’t miss the spot because someone painted a cross on the road so you no your there. Cat name Salem satin rue.

    8. I live very close to here and have been to the Devil’s Tramping Grounds many times in the past growing up. They were all during the day or close to sunset. What they don’t mention here is that there are trails cut into the ground leading out into the woods opposite of the entry. Their design mimics a pitchfork. Some greenery are on these trails and on the circle last time I went (which was about 3 years ago) because Satan doesn’t need to pace all of the time. But the very middle is always bare with nothing around it, because that’s where he supposedly sits.

    9. A bunch of heresay and legend. My friend and I who are both active duty military have been here three times, paranormal research is a side hobby for us (YouTube channel upon request) and have not even once had a single experience here. We have camped the night here three times and the only scary thing that happens is the cars that slow down to see what youre doing. No orbs, no mysterious fires, no abnormal noises, no moving objects, we even used an emf pump and got nothing, phones were at normal battery charge as well before and after the investigations. Maybe some people have had experiences, unfortunately for us we have given up on this location (dont want to waste time when you are trying to get decent hits for monthly vids, we have lives too you know) If you are thinking about coming from out of state to do an investigation here, my advice is to try a different location such as the old burying grounds of Beauford, or the Hammock house of Beauford. We have gotten good hits with evp and with the spirit box there (we dont have the evps from burying grounds any more but are trying to get permission to investigate there again, recent vandalism has made this quite difficult) That being said, I hope this review helps and happy hunting.

    10. I grew up in Seagrove North Carolina and went to church for years in Bennett. My family and I had a couple friends that lived in Bennett and they lived right beside bear creek. We would often ride fourwheelers or walk and hangout near the creek. Have never heard of the Devils Tramping Ground. Reading all these comments makes me want to visit next time I make a trip to visit family. After reading all these comments and looking at photos on google images, I feel the place is very eerie. Kinda scared me. Creepy…

    11. I live in Sanford and went to this place several years ago at night for about 3 hours. We experienced no paranormal activity during our visit, although I believe strongly in the paranormal……..nothing on this particular night out of the ordinary.

    12. Went there with my brother a while ago. We stayed for about an hour. My brother trying to be all macho starts trying to antagonize what ever might be there. I stayed quite and had a cross in my pocket cause you never know. Nothing really happened until we were leaving, and I turned my back. But when I started walking away I felt such a since of danger, and fear. I felt like there were eyes on me the whole time till I got back to my car. Shortly after that my brother started being harassed by something. He would hear pig,and other animal noises, hear someone laughing, and eventually started getting scratched in threes. At first I didn’t believe it, but when I saw those scratches and how scared he was(literally crying ) I began to believe.

    13. True story about this place. About three years ago I went there to take some pictures. Took many of the trail and the circle. Didn’t get any creepy feelings but did jump a little bit when a bird flew out of a bush. If the Devil does go there he sure does drink a lot the place was littered with empty beer cans and liquor bottles. Two months later I check into this Super 8 motel in South Boston, VA check into my room and to my surprise the large black and white mural above my bed was the trail to the tramping ground. Took a picture of it and went to the front desk showed the manager the picture and asked if he knew the story about this place which he did not know. When I told he was all apologetic and offered me another room which I declined. Hope he didn’t take it down.

    14. Technically it’s in bear creek not Bennett. And it’s now been gated with no trespassing signs. Grew up near there within a 10 min drive. I’ve camped out there several times the place is very eerie feeling. But can’t say if it’s haunted or not just felt very different at times.

    15. Whilst on a road trip, we decided to swing by there early 2018. It was after 9om, and using flashlights, we made our way to the circle, and mostly saw trash surrounding it. As a practicing Wiccan, I anticipated I would feel something there, but I was truly taken aback at the eerily evil sensation that flooded my senses. After 15 minutes, we left, and I have no desire to return!

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    17. I went there spring of 2021. While at the tramping ground I encountered several spirits, one of which possessed the woman that was there with me. 100% Scary as all get out!!! I went back in August 2021…it now has a No Trespassing Sign Up!

    18. I have been here alone. When I have arrived I felt a touch behind me I turned around and there was nothing behind me, As I was walking i heard footsteps behind me too. I do not recommend coming very traumitizing!

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