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Phantom gunfire and shouts have been heard on the battlefield at night, and the ghost of a girl who died of tuberculosis is believed to haunt an upstairs room in the plantation house.

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5466 Harper House Rd
Four Oaks, NC 27524
United States

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35.305978, -78.324905
Johnston County, North Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Newton Grove, NC (4.5 mi.)
Vann Crossroads, NC (9.9 mi.)
Four Oaks, NC (11.2 mi.)
Spiveys Corner, NC (11.9 mi.)
Plain View, NC (13.6 mi.)
Benson, NC (13.7 mi.)
Keener, NC (13.7 mi.)
Smithfield, NC (14.0 mi.)
Princeton, NC (14.4 mi.)
Pine Level, NC (15.0 mi.)

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Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. At Bentonville, paranormal investigations are looked down upon. If you are caught doing any “ghost hunting”(even in the daytime hours) you will be told to get off the property. If you go at night you will be trespassed and can go to jail. Just a warning to any paranormal teams thinking about going there and investigating out in the open.

    • Hi,
      I think, honestly, the reason it isn’t allowed, is fear of vandalism etc. during night time hours. Kind of a “just avoid the attention” type thing more than it being looked down on. Keep in mind, too……it’s govt property so the staff don’t make the rules…..someone in Raleigh does!

  2. I have been to the Bentonville Battlefield about 3 times in my life.I live in Four Oaks and have all my life.The Harper house and Battle ground is a long way from me.I went there one time as a baby with my parents,I don’t remember that.The second time I was grown and married and went with my kids and husband and brother.And went another time some years later.Each time I went there I walked through the house and museum.I never actually went into the battle field.As I stood in the hall of the house listening to the tour guide telling about how the Doctor amputated the Soldiers arms and legs and threw them out the window,I was feeling the presents of the soldiers every where.In my head some how i was seeing men in uniforms standing around and looking at the people and the tour guide and at me!It did not scare me though I have always loved Ghost people.i walked all through the house and when I got up the stairs i could feel the presents of a little child but that was only lightly felt.As i went into the other bed room I felt Children so strong i knew that I should be seeing them but didn’t.We then went out side and walked down the side walk and to the pick nick tables to eat and as I sat there I felt the strong presents of men that I could not see and they were all around and were looking at me.I felt as though these Soldier wanted to talk to me.

  3. Hey I live 5 minutes away from the battle grounds and I’ve experienced many thing by the general Johnston statue like gunshot then fence cracked a showdown figure turning a light on in the house beside it (which does not have power ran to it) and then stared at us and sounds of horses galloping very intense but charming place

  4. We have witnessed 2 crazy experiences we rode out there in 2002 and saw a young girl standing in the top right hand window in a old looking button dress holding a look like straw made baby doll another time was the bottom right window the curtains were going crazy moving we thought may be there was a a.c. vent blowing so we took a tour the next day at that time there was no heating air vents installed

  5. This place is haunted and some of the spirits seem to be agitated. I’m sure because they get a lot of visitors and no one can hear them typically. I’ve caught several orbs at this place on film and also EVPs in the daytime. I suggest being respectful. I’ve heard female and male voices and unexplained noises.

  6. I visited 4 yrs back. When I went into the house there was a little girl standing on the top left side of the stairs. She was wearing a beige dress with an off white breast apron…Long hair and light brownish blonde hair. Then she faded….I didnt go any further to upset her….When I asked in the museum I was told there wasn’t a small girl that ever lived there…..

  7. That’s not true their was a family that lived there with kids an were forced to live upstairs so they could use the home for a hospital. The girl died of tb! Don’t know why they lied it was told that way all my life I’m 53

  8. Jeremiah Barfield  |  

    We are a small paranormal investigative group who would like to investigate this location. Who would we contact in order to obtain permission?

  9. Me and my Grandma went whne I was about 10 and when we did the first thing I saw when I walked in was a little girl in a blue dress with blonde-ish hair. So I asked our guide “are there any other kids?” And she replied “No other kids just you, why?” I explain what I saw and the guide looks at me dumbfounded. She explained the little girl but she said her dress was a beige color dress. So you know me being 10 I was kinda freaked out kinda excited. So I turn to go upstairs and there’s a man about 5’7 and he was in an old 1800’s military outfit. That’s when I got more freaked out. So I ask my grandma can we step out she said yes and we did. I told her what I saw and out of nowhere we hear a loud bang…like a gunshot. And we all turn to our left where we heard it nothing there. So we turn to our right. Nothing there. So my grandma told our guide we were gonna leave early and that’s what we did. Haven’t been back since. Oh and there are old bloodstains that won’t come out of the floorboards everytime they replace them the stains reappear. Hope this helps!

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