Haunted Places in Bledsoe County, Tennessee

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Bledsoe County, Tennessee. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Tennessee.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Bledsoe County, Tennessee.

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    Falcon Rest Mansion and Gardens

    McMinnville, Tennessee

    32.4 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    At this bed-and-breakfast and spot for historic tours, folks have witnessed footsteps and whistling on the stairs, objects that have been moved, phantom cigar smoke, electronic oddities, and a mirror that fell off the wall for no apparent reason. Legend has it that one ghost here is Clay Faulkner, original ...

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    Keith Mansion Bed and Breakfast

    Athens, Tennessee

    35.6 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    At this inn, built in 1858, you may come across the ghost of a Civil War soldier. The inn was taken over by the troops during the war, and it is believed that this soldier died on the premises. Voices have been reported, as well as objects that move on ...

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    Samuel Cleage House - Clegg House

    Athens, Tennessee

    35.9 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    The Samuel Cleage House dates back to around 1826. Local residents know it colloquially as "The Clegg House." Locals gave accounts of noises and voices that have caused the inability to hold tennants in the past. Now, the building is gutted and going thru possible restoration. Summary of events: Plenty ...

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    Super 8 Chattanooga Ooltewah

    Ooltewah, Tennessee

    36 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Witnesses reported experiencing a feeling of terror when they saw the ghost of a 20-something woman sitting at the edge of the bed. She appears to be in the process of undressing, leading speculators to believe she was a prostitute who was murdered while on the job.

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    Greenwood Cemetery

    Chattanooga, Tennessee

    37.1 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Greenwood Cemetery is said to be haunted by the wife who lived in a large house across the lake. She became wheelchair-bound after an illness, and her husband began to have an affair. To get rid of his wife, he pushed her wheelchair into the lake. She is said to ...

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    Pinhook Plantation House

    Calhoun, Tennessee

    38.1 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Many ghosts have been reported here, including the Lady in the Gray Gown, a ghost who has been known to open the front door and walk up the stairway. There is also a monk who once held a meeting with several other ghosts in the Gathering Room. Reports say another ...

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    Sheraton Road House Hotel

    Chattanooga, Tennessee

    38.5 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Room 311 is alleged to be haunted by the ghost of Annalisa Netherly. Although not much is known about her, her legend claims she was living in the hotel and was killed when her husband caught her in a tryst with another man.

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    Hales Bar Marina and Dam

    Guild, Tennessee

    42.4 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Constructed in 1905 to tame the whirlpools along the Tennessee River, legend has it that the dam was cursed by Native Americans. Some say if visitors get too close, they'll be sucked in. Witnesses have seen eerie black figures and heard chanting, and some have seen apparitions of drowning Native ...

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    Chickamauga Battlefield

    Chickamauga, Georgia

    46.7 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Apparitions of soldiers are said to be spotted here just about any evening. Sounds of gunshots and screams have been captured here, and flickering lantern lights have been seen as well. Some visitors reported hearing cries for help and feeling cold spots during the summer months. An apparition called Old ...

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    Whitman-Anderson House

    Ringgold, Georgia

    47.2 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    This 1918 residence is haunted by a soldier named Captain, who has been known to knock on the front door and materialise by the bedsides of resident's of the house, as if to wake them up in the morning. Legend has it that he is waiting for a letter ...

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    Old South Pittsburg Hospital

    South Pittsburg, Tennessee

    50.1 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    The Old South Pittsburg Hospital was built in 1959 and is located on the foothill of South Pittsburg Mountain, in South Pittsburg, TN. The hospital was built on a solid Limestone rock, as its foundation and a natural spring running directly under the hospital and into the most Northwest part ...

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    Gordon Lee House

    Chickamauga, Georgia

    50.4 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    The 1840's antebellum mansion is said to be haunted by a man in a civil war uniform, along with the ghost of a German Shepard that belonged to a former owner. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Historic Tower House Inn

    Manchester, Tennessee

    50.4 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    The spirits that live here are said to be former owner John P. Adams, his wife May and his son, Marion. John's apparition has been seen in the parlor and Civil War museum area, and Marion is seen in the children's room upstairs. The hauntings have been mentioned in several ...

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    Chetoogeta Tunnel

    Tunnel Hill, Georgia

    53.2 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Begun in 1848 and completed two years later, the tunnel was used until 1928 when a new tunnel was built close by. The old tunnel was forgotten and became overgrown with kudzu vines until 1992, when preservationists lobbied to save it. It is now a park centerpiece, and a site ...

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    Wink Theater

    Dalton, Georgia

    58.6 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Wink Theater was built in 1941 by J.C.H. Wink, who in fact may be the ghost who is believed to haunt the building. Wink was buried on the premises when he passed away during the theater's construction. Witnesses have reported footsteps and strange banging noises.

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    1880 Newbury House

    Robbins, Tennessee

    59.8 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    It is said that at the Newbury House, ghostly occurrences are not unknown. It seems that especially single female guests are known to awaken in the night with the ghost of a man standing over their bed. The ghost is thought to be Charles Oldfield, and the Charles Oldfield Room ...

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    Kingstone Lisle Inn

    Robbins, Tennessee

    59.8 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Called the Snoring Ghost, the ghost in residence here is said to be Thomas Hughes, the town's founder. He originally built the place for his mother, but remains in spirit. He is known to pull blankets back on the bed and audibly snore. The inn can be accessed through tours.

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    Alexander Inn

    Oak Ridge, Tennessee

    61.7 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Although this 1943 inn is now closed and set to be turned into a senior living facility, it was rumored to be haunted. Folks said footsteps could be heard walking up the stairs and blood could be seen on the hotel walls. From the outside, an apparition has been seen ...

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    Moody Brick House

    Fackler, Alabama

    71.6 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    The current owners of the Moody Brick claim that the old plantation is definitely not haunted. However, that doesn't stop the tales from being told and retold. In the absence of documented fact, people are free to claim their own version of history and never is that more ...

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    Thomas House

    Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

    73.5 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Built in 1890, the place is said to be haunted by a little girl ghost. Her favorite room appears to be Room 37. The Thomas House was featured on the TV show "Paranormal State."

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    Desoto Falls

    Mentone, Alabama

    75.6 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    The ghost of an old woman and her dog is said to wander the area around Desoto Falls. Allegedly the ghost of the old woman was angered at not having a properly marked grave after thieves stole her burial money so she wandered the hills. The legend has it that ...

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    El Rayos Authentic Mexican

    Calhoun, Georgia

    77.3 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    The building that houses El Rayos Authentic Mexican Restaurant, formerly Place on Peidmont restaurant, was once a private home. Legend has it that it was inhabited by a woman and a little girl, who was run over by a car here. The woman lived here until her death of natural ...

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    Union Cemetery

    Woodville, Alabama

    89.1 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    It is alleged that you can hear the screams of soldiers who died in the Civil War at this cemetery.

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    Amicalola Falls Lodge

    Dawsonville, Georgia

    89.6 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    The Cherokee Indian braves used to pray on Amicalola Mountain, seeking visions that would guide them in their lives. Folks say the spirits they consulted still remain on the mountain, and sometimes visit the beautiful lodge as well. Reports say the spirits disapprove of negative energy, and in one incidence ...

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    United States Post Office

    Jellico, Tennessee

    91.3 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    The old post office building is haunted by several spirits. Disembodied footsteps and loud voices are heard when no one is around. Mail is thrown around the post office, and objects go missing, only to turn up in different places to where they were left. The apparition of a tall ...

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    Forrest Hills Resort and Conference Center

    Dahlonega, Georgia

    92.6 miles from Bledsoe County, TN

    Forrest Hills has quite the active property for ghosts. The property itself is rich in history with the Trail of Tears having gone through it along with a rich past of moonshiners and even a suicide by hanging. The majority of the ghosts here are quite friendly and even ...