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The current owners of the Moody Brick claim that the old plantation is definitely not haunted. However, that doesn’t stop the tales from being told and retold. In the absence of documented fact, people are free to claim their own version of history and never is that more evident than at the Moody Brick. A former slave plantation, the Moody Brick House is ripe for invented history and often, folklore being more interesting than fact anyway, the lore becomes legend and legend becomes truth. It should be noted however that there is not a single shred of evidence to support the stories that surround the Moody Brick, it is all just tales handed down from generation to generation. The most popular of stories involves the treatment of slaves on the plantation. Locals claim that the owners of the Moody Brick (owner’s names unspecified) were particularly cruel to their slaves and punished them far beyond what was considered acceptable treatment, even for the South. The lore claims that sometime in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, the freed slaves took revenge on their former masters and slaughtered them all in their beds. They then ran into the countryside where they were hunted down by members of the KKK, brought back and hanged in front of the Moody Brick. This story however contradicts another popular story that surrounds the Moody Brick, which is that during the Civil War, it was used as a hospital with injured and dying soldiers littering the rooms and hallways and also that it was burned out by the Union soldiers on their march through Alabama. As it is doubtful that the former plantation owners would have still been living in a burned out home occupied by the Union following the Civil War, it is hard to reconcile both versions of events, which locals equally claim to be true. The Moody family took possession of the property more than a decade after the Civil War. The house that stands today was built after a fire completely destroyed the property in 1888. There are dozens of tragic stories that surround the Moody Brick house, all of them as apocryphal as the ghost stories. None of the ghost stories have any central cohesion, none seem to repeat and all are a mishmash and retelling of lore, as opposed to any specific piece of evidence. Is the Moody Brick really haunted? Who knows, but with a history this rich and imaginative, it doesn’t really need to be.

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Near 379-399 County Road 64
Fackler, AL 35746
United States

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34.79948209449284, -86.0154991147283
Jackson County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Hollywood, AL (5.7 mi.)
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  1. My father and I visited moody brick as a child, maybe 8 or 10 yrs of age. I still today have a feeling of dread come upon me as I remember that place. I recall the same feeling overwhelming me as a child. This place is haunted for sure! If the current owners don’t think so then they just aren’t tuned in to it. I’m sorry folks but your home is Haunted.

    • It was 1992 my wife and I wnt to visit our friends who happen to live next to the moody brick mansion. Thier single wide trailor was about 50 yards from the mansion. We would go thier on our days off from work to visit them. The mansion definitely has a dark dark history. As my wife and freinds and i went thru the old place several times. Thier was beautiful murals painted on the ceiling , and my friends job thier was to try to restore the old mansion in trade for free rent. My friends name is not mentioned because of family discretion. You see the basement or cellar is defintaly haunted. Thier were shackles on the walls with what appeared to be finger scratches next to them. My freind would spend alot of time down thier listening to his little radio. One night we spent the night with them and my freind wanted me and him to go to the basement to listen to the baseball game. I felt uncomfortable about it, but my friend told me they wanted me to stay. I said who as my wife was in the trailor with his wife. Dark stains were on part of the walls. Later my friend was reported to have commited suicide in that basement. That is where they found his body. I remember it could be 90 out side and you would want a jacket down thier in basement. I blame the unclean spirits in that place for my friends death. They should have bulldozed that place flat after that!!!!

  2. Pauline Fletcher  |  

    I can remember going there as a kid, but this one particular time, I was 13. We came around to the side of the house, in our car, I seen a little girl in a grey dress with lace around the neck of the dress, her hair was up in a bun. I can remember very clearly how I felt, I felt sadness, so much sadness, anger and the feeling if being lost. I had my first panicked attack that evening. I told my aunt to please drive. I couldnt take my eyes off of the little girl. I was so traumatized by the experience that I went to my preacher, who said that she felt comfortable to communicate with me. I was so scared and didnt understand. That was back in 1993 and have not been back. I have had other experiences at other places, I truly. Believe I am an Empath and that is why I can feel what they are feeling so strongly. Moody Brick is haunted and NO ONE can tell me different.

  3. My mom’s great aunt didn’t own the home–but they lived there for some time. My mom remembers at night hearing things walk up & down the stairs–even though everyone was in bed. She remembers going into the basement area & seeing the part of the chains that held former slaves (the part that goes around the wrists that were anchored in the wall). She also remembers the dread & feeling of sadness/sorrow in the home. Let’s just say her great aunt didn’t stay a resident at the Moody Brick long!

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