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Constructed in 1905 to tame the whirlpools along the Tennessee River, legend has it that the dam was cursed by Native Americans. Some say if visitors get too close, they’ll be sucked in. Witnesses have seen eerie black figures and heard chanting, and some have seen apparitions of drowning Native Americans. The dam has been featured on TV’s Ghost Adventures.

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1265 Hales Bar Rd.
Guild, Tennessee, 37340
United States

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35.046515142103814, -85.5377236338989
Marion County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Jasper, TN (5.4 mi.)
New Hope, TN (7.4 mi.)
Kimball, TN (7.6 mi.)
South Pittsburg, TN (9.7 mi.)
Powells Crossroads, TN (10.3 mi.)
Whitwell, TN (10.8 mi.)
Lookout Mountain, GA (11.2 mi.)
Lookout Mountain, TN (11.3 mi.)
Bridgeport, AL (12.1 mi.)
Signal Mountain, TN (12.2 mi.)

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  1. It was featured on Ghost Adventures by Buddy West Sr. A man that cheated on his wife karen for a homewrecker named Jessica Crabtree that worked there. He has also went awol 3 times from the Army his uniform he wore was an utter disgrace to our nation and the show! He also up and abandoned 4 kids he barely even pays child support and NEVER SEES NOR TALKS TO HIS KIDS! REALLY ARE WE GOING TO BELIEVE A MAN THAT WAS FIRED FROM THERE?!

    • Seeing as how I have been there and used to lead tours I can back up the credibility of the location 100%. You obviously have some personal vendetta against Buddy and that is your issue. Bashing the man on a public forum is just juvenile and your points are only personal and have nothing to do with the location. The fact you remain anonymous just proves my point.

  2. My friend has a house by the dam. When I sleep over at her house, especially during a full moon we feel much stronger than usual and once I’ve dreamed of a young girl in a pink dress in the dam. Legend has it that this young girl was killed in the building of the dam and her remains lie IN the dam. When my friend toured it once, she saw a crow that kept following the group and she often hears Indian war calls.

  3. Took the ghost tour here and by far, the most active area was the room with the whirl pool. Feelings of nausea, supposedly from an apparition that was poisoned after cheating on his spouse and the sensation of being pushed from behind towards the railing of the upper level. A locker door also slammed before any of us entered the area. Underneath where children used to use a tunnel to cross over to go to school, we got some mild readings on our equipment. It was a fun evening and I recommend it if you enjoy this sort of thing. There really is a weird feeling in the whirlpool room that is not to be missed.

  4. My husband and I took a tour, I believe in 2013? It was a full moon on Halloween. There were not supposed to be any children under the age of 16 and although I love children, I was not happy. They did make the tour a much less fun adventure.
    When we entered we were all given some sort of apparatus like they use on the series. I was given the EMF meter. A boy of about 10 asked me about 20 times if we could trade as I was the only one that had any activity on my equipment. The children were also allowed to walk up to the supervisors office above the vortex and were specifically told not to go near the railing as it was rusty and leaning. They were grabbing it and trying to pry it loose; that ended my experience at the whirlpool. The only ghosts I saw were those boys as they were being sucked down. LoL
    Aside from that, the tour was great! It was not filled with lots of noises or so forth but, there is definitely something dark in there. I am a horror writer but, have still not been convinced of ghosts even though I have had more than a few experiences. I was not disappointed at all though and if I get the chance, will go again!

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