Haunted Places in Cameron County, Pennsylvania

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    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Cameron County, Pennsylvania.

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    The Old Jail Museum

    Smethport, Pennsylvania

    28.7 miles from Cameron County, PA

    Ralph Crossmire, executed for murdering his mother, haunts his former cell. People who occupied it after his death would report seeing him. Now, as a museum, guests and employees report that Crossmire is more of a prankster than a threat. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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    Clearfield, Pennsylvania

    29 miles from Cameron County, PA

    I was an opening GM before when it had lost its flag from a Ramada. I was in the back of the back closet and there were just 2 people in the building the front desk person and I was getting food for the downtown pantry and trying to organize ...

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    Beech Creek Furst Corner

    Beech Creek, Pennsylvania

    40.5 miles from Cameron County, PA

    It's not only your eyes and ears that may detect haunted happenings here, but your nose may get in on the action too. Folks say at this restaurant you can smell ghostly cigar smoke from its old days. So the story goes, former owner Mr. Furst died in a fire ...

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    St. Bonaventure University

    Olean, New York

    46.3 miles from Cameron County, PA

    St. Bonaventure University has more than its share of campus ghosts. Francis Hall, once called Christ the King Seminary, is said to be haunted by the spirits of deceased monks. Devereux Hall is famous for stories of its Black Mass. Legend has it that in the 1960s, the students gathered ...

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    Penn State University

    State College, Pennsylvania

    47.6 miles from Cameron County, PA

    Several buildings at Penn State University are allegedly haunted, including Pattee Library, said to be visited by the spirit of Betsy Aardsma, stabbed to death in the stacks in 1969. Schwab Auditorium is haunted by a former university president (who, incidentally, also haunts the Botany department building) as well as ...

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    Bucktail Hotel

    Marienville, Pennsylvania

    47.7 miles from Cameron County, PA

    Guests staying at this 1937 hotel have reported a spook haunting the upstairs rooms. The entity is believed to be a poltergeist, as it has been known to move objects around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery

    Frewsburg, New York

    58.2 miles from Cameron County, PA

    Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery has gravesites that date back to the 1800s and a tragic story to boot. Legend has it that long ago, a mentally handicapped girl, age 7, was stoned to death here by a gang of townsfolk. The reason for the witch hunt is unknown. Her body is ...

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    Alfred University

    Alfred, New York

    60.3 miles from Cameron County, PA

    Alfred University is rumored to be haunted by several ghosts. Among them are a Civil War soldier who walks the hallways of The Brick, which was once used as a Civil War infirmary. Other ghosts rumored to linger here are a little boy who appears on the second floor of ...

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    The Devil's Elbow

    Dysart, Pennsylvania

    62.2 miles from Cameron County, PA

    The Devil's Elbow is a dangerous curve along Wopsy Road that has a story about a ghostly white lady. Legend has it that she was a new bride on her honeymoon at the Wopsononock Hotel, which burned down long ago. As their carriage rounded the Devil's Elbow, there was an ...

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    Mishler Theatre

    Altoona, Pennsylvania

    64.4 miles from Cameron County, PA

    This 1906 theater building, still in operation today, is said to be home to three ghosts: Mr. Isaac Mishler, a howling dog, and a female spirit who plays pranks in the restroom.

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    Railroaders Memorial Museum

    Altoona, Pennsylvania

    64.6 miles from Cameron County, PA

    The Railroaders Museum is said to be haunted by a spirit named Frank, who has been seen all over the museum. Other apparitions have been noted as well, and employees have opened to find all the gift shop items removed from the shelves and set on the floor, and Big ...

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    Green Gables Hotel and Restaurant

    Lewistown, Pennsylvania

    67.7 miles from Cameron County, PA

    Ghosts here include a woman who haunts the kitchen (especially the walk-in cooler). She is said to whisper "Turn off the lights" and move objects in the kitchen. Often seen on the second floor is the ghost of an African-American man who wears 1800s clothing. He is usually near the ...

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    Lucille Ball Little Theatre

    Jamestown, New York

    70.2 miles from Cameron County, PA

    According to rumors, the historic Lucille Ball Little Theatre has been the setting for many reports of ghostly apparitions and other paranormal phenomena.

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    Hollenbeck Cemetery

    Jamestown, New York

    72.5 miles from Cameron County, PA

    Tiny Hollenbeck Cemetery, with about 25 graves, hasn't been used since before the turn of the century. But legends abound about the place; folks have witnessed a headless horseman, a woman in white, ghostly babies crying, screams for help, knocking sounds, orbs, and tombstones that are said to have disappeared. ...

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    Academia Girl’s School

    Port Royal, Pennsylvania

    74.9 miles from Cameron County, PA

    Academia Girl’s School is the ruins of an 1800s building destroyed by fire. Many legends surround the place, including that a gardener set the fire to cover his tracks after raping and killing many students. Another says the girls at the school all died of a mysterious illness. The ghosts ...

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    Western House

    Springville, New York

    77.9 miles from Cameron County, PA

    Western House, which reports say is currently unoccupied, was a hotel and saloon turned into apartments and a restaurant. A ghost called Christine is said to reside here. Folks in the know claim she is the daughter of a former owner.

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    J.N. Adam Hospital

    Perrysburg, New York

    81 miles from Cameron County, PA

    J.N. Adam Mermorial Hospital was built as a tuberculosis hospital in 1909 and was used for that purpose until 1960, when it became a developmental disability center. It was abandoned in 1995, and is rumored to be haunted. The Friends of J. N. Adam Historic Landmark and Forest is a ...

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    Garrett Memorial Chapel

    Keuka Park, New York

    92.2 miles from Cameron County, PA

    The sixth-century Norman Gothic-style Garrett Memorial Chapel, aka Little Chapel on the Mount, was constructed by Evelyn and Paul Garrett in memory of their son Charles, who died of tuberculosis in 1929. It is allegedly haunted by at least three ghosts: A priest, a boy, and a woman. Witnesses describe ...