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J.N. Adam Mermorial Hospital was built as a tuberculosis hospital in 1909 and was used for that purpose until 1960, when it became a developmental disability center. It was abandoned in 1995, and is rumored to be haunted. The Friends of J. N. Adam Historic Landmark and Forest is a group who is interested in trying to save the historic spot.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Fairview Dr
    Perrysburg, NY
    United States

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    42.44904941778378, -79.00081408006372
    Cattaraugus County, New York
    Nearest Towns:
    Perrysburg, NY (0.5 mi.)
    Gowanda, NY (3.5 mi.)
    South Dayton, NY (6.5 mi.)
    Forestville, NY (9.1 mi.)
    Sunset Bay, NY (10.4 mi.)
    North Collins, NY (10.6 mi.)
    Cattaraugus, NY (10.7 mi.)
    Silver Creek, NY (10.7 mi.)
    Farnham, NY (11.1 mi.)
    Cherry Creek, NY (11.8 mi.)

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    1. Sheriff’s patroll this complex constantly. Even if you are just walking near the fence they will stop you. They are very friendly but do warn you they will arrest you if you climb or enter the fenced in area.

    2. I’m from around there and people are constantly getting in trouble for trespassing. There are troopers and sherriffs either sitting or patrolling especially on the weekends,at night, and around Halloween time. They even have their own patrol for the grounds because of it and those cars aren’t marked. Been inside once and we were extremely careful. There’s fencing around the entire grounds and you never want to go in the front by the road. There are snowmobile trails around the back and that’s less conspicuous. But you’ll have to either bring something to cut the fence or hope someone else did it for you but they fix the fence often as you would imagine. We did hear some noises when we were there coming from the top floor of one of the dormitories,when we went up to check it out,we couldn’t get to that room because the door wouldn’t budge. Crazy stuff and I’ve heard some crazy stories but you have to be smart if you don’t want to get charged with trespassing.

    3. I’ve been in this place a number of times, prior to hearing about the patrols and arrests. I’ve always parked opposite the main gate across Dayton Road, where there are a number of abandoned homes along Inwood Ave. My car is always in plain sight.

      One time I arrived and parked near two other cars. The main gait was unlocked and open. I could hear individuals screaming and breaking windows in the hospital, and I waited until a group of rowdy teenagers came out and drove off, at which point I simply walked right onto the complex through the gate. On every other occasion, there were holes cut in the fence to enter. Up until the last time I visited, I’ve never had a problem entering and exploring–but there have always been others on the property, and I’m never quite sure about the source of the noises I hear.

      I haven’t returned since my last visit, late 2016 or early 2017, when I noticed the fence had been repaired at every breach. It was clear that the property was being monitored, and I’m not one to force my way into buildings so I simply left, and I haven’t yet returned.

    4. I was there a few times. You have to park a good distance away in a development area. Its not hard to get in if you walk through the woods, but avoid using the road. It’s a great place to explore.

    5. We visited this place late at night, around 1am. We didn’t go in but we parked our car putside the fence and listened. We could hear loud banging from the inside and what sounded like a child screeching. This went on for an hour.

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