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Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery has gravesites that date back to the 1800s and a tragic story to boot. Legend has it that long ago, a mentally handicapped girl, age 7, was stoned to death here by a gang of townsfolk. The reason for the witch hunt is unknown. Her body is said to be buried here, and materializes as an apparition, orbs, or phantom moans. The ghosts of a lady in white and a boy also have been seen here, and are believed to protect the little girl.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Gurnsey Hollow Road
    Frewsburg, NY
    United States

    Get Directions »
    42.03094653502956, -79.0046753884235
    Cattaraugus County, New York
    Nearest Towns:
    Frewsburg, NY (8.0 mi.)
    Russell, PA (9.1 mi.)
    Randolph, NY (9.2 mi.)
    Kennedy, NY (10.1 mi.)
    East Randolph, NY (10.2 mi.)
    Falconer, NY (11.6 mi.)
    Jamestown, NY (12.7 mi.)
    North Warren, PA (13.2 mi.)
    Busti, NY (14.3 mi.)
    Jamestown West, NY (14.7 mi.)


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    1. helsea katherine  |  

      I have grown up in jamestown new york which is a short drive to and from gurnsey. I have had many terrifying expriences there. Once ia group of friends and i stopped by at one a.m. just to see what would happen that late.. we parked our car at the top gate which is about 25 ft from the road when we walked up to gurnsey cemetary we had seen nothing for about 30 minutes and went to leave and had a rush of air pass all of us but no trees moved. Then when i turned around to yell at a friend to pick up the pace shehad a orb behind her floating for just a few minutes. When we returned to the car the car was pushed almost into the road all the doors were still locked but there were hand prints on the inside of the car windows.

      • I too had handprints!!! I also felt a presence the whole ride home. Muddy child hand prints on the back of my car like a child was sitting on the trunk

      • Went back in 2015 around spring time with a few friends back in college and man oh man we didn’t see much till my best friend to this day we’re sitting by the tree in the middle and heard little kids laughing and playing an began tugging our shorts almost like let’s play , sounds like a movie scene but this is what happened. When we went back to the car there was many children hand prints , we had a great experience because we respected place I believe.

    2. I Live in Frewsburg NY. First i would like to say this is the first time i have shared this story with anyone who i didnt trust in person, but i want to share this. i have gone there many times over my years here, day time and night time. the cemetery is a sad place. many of the stones have been damaged by punks wanting to party and show off. have been flipped over and broken, but any who on with my story. This will sound very strange and fake most likely, and i will give you a quick version. Me and my cousin and our friend went there one night i dont remember the day or time but iw was clear skies and moon lit. we sat up in the grave yard and watched. I was a bit annoyed as nothign happened but my friend insisted she heard rustling and saw shadows and started crying to leave so we went down to the bottom of the hill where we parked our car and got in. my cousin looked to me and said “dont worry man, we can still see something ****ed up. kind of like that!?” and pointed to this thing on the side of the road ahead of us that i at first just passed off as garbage in the wind or something. it was on its knees, its lower legs were longer than its upper legs, it was hunched over with his hands in a praying type motion as it rocked back and forth on the road side, its face was elongated and almost looked like it had a snout it was covered in a mangy looking long hair tho you could easily see its apparent flesh through it, its eyes were… well simply put its eyes were just glowing holes and the thing itself seamed to be illuminated by an unknown light source. as my cousin pointed at it and we got closer the things head snapped towards us and its rocking stopped. i was driving and my arm was out the window on its side of the road. i floored it and got the hell out of there while my cousin demanded i turn around and go back… sadly i did so. not more than 100 feet up the road is a turn around spot. when we went back it was gone, luckily, and we went home. my cousin and i went back the next morning to the stop where we seen it and in the hard ground we seen 3 toed long clawed footprints leading back into the forest through a bunch of downed thorn trees, and where we seen it sitting the plants near by were black and matted down. i am a large man myself at the time this happened i was about 400 pounds and even wearing heavy work boots i couldnt make an imprint.

      I know my Typing and punctuation suck…

      • Thats something id like to see,but not have attack. I saw a Liken type creature,bery much like this,but at Leolyn woods in lilydale. We were walking. We BOTHsaw it. Just as youd described. We slowly turned to run the trail back,we thought we were doing ok,til there it was, kind of galloping along side us, but within the trees. We took the path out toward the post office,and it wasnt there. It never
        w e n t after us. So- I do believe you! Im going at dusk on a time besides halloween! Glad theres a private owner now♡

      • Jonathan Goldman  |  

        It almost sounds like you described a werewolf. But it’s very possible the entity you encountered was a demon showing its true form. During my initial investigation of the area we knocked on doors and were informed by nearby residents that occult activity was a common thing at the cemetery and in the surrounding woods. It’s extremely likely that during these rituals a portal was opened to the other side and was never closed properly…

    3. oh boy have i heard some crazy s### about this place.. i went there once and we saw an albino deer and i was told prior to that animals are good spirits inside the cemetery.. but before that we were being followed by a PT cruiser which was obviously following us.they passed nearly 5 or 6 times on our way there.. which we never posted anything or told anyone we were going so it was very odd…. there are stories of a cult that meets there… anyways we didnt really see anything or hear anything but we were only there for a short moment before cops showed up looking for lost teenagers in the area… for not being there long, the experience was one i wont forget but anyways ive heard stories of a haunted cabin inside the woods behind the graveyard and i was told if your a virgin you gotta kiss the white cross and my friend went there once and said one of the peopole he was with had something scratched in him on his back…. idk i wasnt there… crazy place tho

    4. This cemetery has been investigated by some reputable groups….a few vowed to not go back. I have gone there a few times with a couple of friends. Yep we did get some wild pictures. One of my friends sat on a bench while there and we took his picture. Later we were looking on line for some information on the place…..well lo and behold we found a pic that someone had taken of the shape of a man sitting there that is buried next to it……..well we got a shock as was a very close likeness to our friend who had sat there on our visit. We always take 2 pictures quickly back to back of something and several of ours had something missing or something added in them…..I was woke up the morning after our last visit there by something seriously scratching down the back of my right arm….I woke my husband up as I was yelling and waking up….pictures were taken of the 4 5 inch scratches down the back of my arm. While there it rained outside of the cemetery but not inside of it……there certainly were many things that we didn’t have an explanation for. I certainly would like to go back but with more than a couple of other people. The cemetery has been being fixed up by the area boy scouts. The cemetery is on privately owned land. The owner is pretty decent. You can locate him through Frewsburg town hall and get permission if want to be there at night….also let the police know you’re going to be there. Please remember this is a very remote area with a lot of wild life….seeing a bear or venomous snake is a real possibility…..just saying….be safe.

    5. This place is terrifying! When I went I heard child’s laughter and footsteps behind me but when I turned, nothing was there. I also kept feeling a cool breeze blow by me but it was 80 degrees outside. This place is definitely haunted…

    6. Walter galarza  |  

      Just came back from a road trip with my friend. And 1 of our destinations was here. As we were following directions we drove to the cemetery twice. No knowing it was fixed. We stopped right in front of the entrance but was expecting a more old looking scarier sight so we drove to leave. As we got to the top of the road where you can go the observatory my car started to make this siund like the muffler fell off and was making a rattling noice like it was dragging and scrappinf the asphalt. I stopped we both got out. Checked underneath all around the car and nothing. We got back in the car and the noise was there. I drove and maybe about 4 feet away from that cave, it felt like something let go and the noice stopped. I looked back and there was nothing on the ground. Then my phone started acting crazy and i had this uncomfortable feeling. Gave a prayer to what ever it was holding my car. I rebuked it in the name if jesus christ. And pray for light on their dark walk. It was an experience i will not forget this was on 4/14/2016.

    7. I went there with some friends we tried to take pucs and videos but only one of the phones would work it was raining that night but oddly enough it was not raining in the cemetery. Me and one other kept seeing a figure of someone in a long black rob or cape standing by the woods close to the road we kept yelling hey who are you but no answer as we started to walj towards the figure it vanished . we took tourches with bug repellent in them and had them burning in one pic there was a face just above the flame . i also saw in a pic a little girl standing by a tree along the side of the cemetery holding a doll. I could feel how sad the spirits are.

    8. my friend and i went there and we walked when we got there it was around one pm and we went into the cemetery hearing childs laughter so i looked up some stories on gurnsey hollow when we noticed that we where being watched when we turned around there was nothing but cool air and it was 80 degrees outside when we went back to her house there was a little girl in the driveway who walked away when we got there then that night we woke up and there was handprints on her mirror

    9. Some friends and I wanted to go out to Guernsey around midnight one night. We were freaking the way up…it was hard to even get out of the car. As we were walking up the dirt path we saw a lit candle. It was under the white cross. The weather today was on and off thunderstorms, so someone or somethin had to have lit that at most 2 hours ago. The group walked up to the cross and found a note nailed to the cross. We ripped it off and it was directed toward a friend that couldn’t go that night. As we were huddled around the cross, one of the boys in our group told us to be quiet bc he heard bells ringing. As we were listening they went off! More than once! Cemetery folktales say that bells and string were put on graves that held people who were buried alive! We sprinted!! Also there was a nuse and knife on the cross!

    10.  |  

      We tried to find it tonite. Everything is private property no trespassing not sure if we were even in the right place would have been a perfect night with the full moon and all but BUMMER!!

    11. I went to Gurnsey Hollow with my boyfriend and before we got to the entrance in the car I was severely attacked by an unseen force and It felt like I was having my heart squeezed and I had 3 deep scratches on my chest.

    12. I grew up in Jamestown, NY and lived in Frewsburg for awhile. One night with my boyfriend and 2 other friends we decided to go there and see what was up. This was around 1996? Anyway we sat up top for quite awhile talking when I saw a women who looked like she was in a wedding dress or some kind of old fancy white dress. She just kind of appeared then floated over to the next gravestone and went down. We all went over to check and see who the stones were and I would guess it was a couple buried there. We were then so freaked out we all ran to the car which took a few minutes to start then we flew out of there never to return!

    13. I used to live in New York for many years while growing up.My friends and I went to visit this cemetery about 10 years ago. When we got there, we parked the car and walked the rest of the way to the cemetery. It is in a remote area so we stuck together. We arrived at around 7 pm. Everything was quiet until we went to a certain area in the cemetery. It was cold, while everywhere else was warm. We felt a depressing sadness overwhelm us, it was very obvious that something was there. The hairs on the top of my arms were standing up and the feeling of being watched was very strong. I was not the only one to feel this, my friends felt it too and were in a almost panic mode due to what they felt. As soon as darkness arrived, we started our way back to the car. The moment we left that certain area of the cemetery, the eerie feelings began to subside.We still knew that something was not right.We got to the car and left. We promised to come back again, only when there is more light. Go check it out.

    14. I’m life long resident of Warren County, and being a high school student I’ve ALWAYS heard creepy stories about the place from students and teachers alike. One night in early October a group of four of my friends and myself decided that we had to find out for ourselves. We headed up there around 10:30 and finally found our way to the cemetary around 11:30 (its not as easy as you’d think) we started our walk up to the top of the hill to take pictures with the cross. The exact moment we got to the cross and turned around to look at the bottom of the hill was were things went bad. We started hearing tramping all around us in the woods. Growing up around here has given me plenty of time in nature and around wild animals, and let me tell you with the amount of noise five teenagers make PLUS the fact that we all had flashlights, there is no way that there was an animal(s) big enough to make that kind of noise within a half mile. All of the sudden the noises stopped, except one. It slowly got closer and when it was about a hundred feet away it just straight on charged us. We took off down the hill, but before any of us ever made it to the car the headlights turned on and then immediately off. We got in that car and drove an ungodly speed down that crappy dirt road. The following Monday we were discussing what happened in Spanish class, and our teacher brought up a very interesting point. He told us some of his personal stories with the place and pointed out that there is in fact an old cabin up behind the cemetary AND there’s a decent trail leading to it from the woodline behind the cross. He pulled up Google earth and flipped back to previous satellite pictures of the area until he found one where all the leaves had fallen (which you can do on a desktop) and we could see the trail. Whatever came at us ran directly down that trail. Can’t wait till my friends get over themselves and want to go again

    15. one afternoon, myself and two of my good friends decided to do a mini investigation at gurnsey hollow. it wasny enough for us to go into the cemetary so we decided to venture further into the woods to try finding the other grave sites that were said to be back there. as were walking through the woods snapping photos and doing evp recordings, we heard a womans voice. it was almost as if she was singing. but not with words. more just tones of voice. i guess classified as moans? but they sounded more like they were bieng sung rather than just spoken. at any rate we kept walking through the woods. and we heard it several more times. and each time it was from a complete different direction in the cemetary. all in all, i would definately say this location is haunted. without a doubt there is paranormal activity in this dark and tragic place.

    16. My friends and I went to this cemetery three years ago. We were there at night and we heard children crying and screaming. We also heard a woman crying and screaming. my cousin was walking through the cemetery and said he saw a woman sitting on a headstone, when he approached her, she just vanished in thin air. In one of the pictures that he took, it captured the apparition of a woman just sitting on a head stone. We tried to upload it on this website, but we kept getting a message that read,”error”. Gonna keep trying as I want you to see what we captured on film.

    17. Today my friend told me about her experience. She said that right when she went through the gate she had this eerie feeling. She told me that her dad played Oijie (sorry cant spell it) and the little girl who was stoned, her tombstone started to crack and the cross was glowing. She said while there, there were a lot of firepits and symbols on tombstones.

    18. I went here with my ex and my friend. We had the the headlights to our vehicle shining up as we were walking up the pathway towards the old gates. As we were walking up there were three shadows and once we got up to the gates, there were four. We raised our hands and once we noticed who was who, and the fourth was standing next to me. Once we looked next to me and ahead again the shadow was gone. There was a lady in a white nightgown that led us in and she disappeared about halfway through. There were orbs and lights. Some that looked like shooting stars. We have photos but I’ll have to find them. There was one that was of a soldier coming out of the ground. Another of a spirit holding a newborn baby. I just took my boyfriend there and he had said he heard moans. We didn’t see anything. That was about the only thing that happened this time. But he was very weirded out and skeptical. Once I seen this site I seen that phantom moans were something that people heard so that was kind of cool. Very spiritual place. You’d have to be there on the right day and right time to hear or see anything!

    19. Ive been many many times n each time it gets more crazy last time I was there a good friend of mine was attacked. I seen her get hit n fall about five feet to the side right into me. We were using a spirit box n we where told to leave several times. Then that happened so we left.

    20. No Name Paranormal  |  

      I’ve been investigating haunted locations now for the past 15 years and this is the first place that made me leave an investigation early because of the overwhelming activity that was happening, We arrived just before dusk and got set up. It wasn’t long before we heard the voices. First it was down by the car. Nobody there. Then it was coming from the woods behind us. Then, it was coming from within the cemetery itself. We heard a voice respond to us from behind a tree that was only 15 feet away.. This wasn’t our imagination. In fact, one of the members of our team is a police officer and he heard it also. When we agreed that we should leave , I audibly heard a woman speaking. When doing evidence review I picked up the voice of a woman saying ” Don’t Go”. Also on review , The recorder picked up the voices of men yelling which we did not hear for ourselves. Check out our evidence from there on our No Name Paranormal YouTube page ( 2023 The Year In Review) While you’re there , check out our other videos.

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