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Alfred University is rumored to be haunted by several ghosts. Among them are a Civil War soldier who walks the hallways of The Brick, which was once used as a Civil War infirmary. Other ghosts rumored to linger here are a little boy who appears on the second floor of Herrick Library and a woman’s apparition, seen in the CDC.

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Geographic Information

1 Saxon Dr
Alfred, NY 14802
United States

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42.25303956790658, -77.78839067619629
Allegany County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Alfred, NY (0.1 mi.)
Almond, NY (5.4 mi.)
Andover, NY (6.7 mi.)
Hornell, NY (8.3 mi.)
North Hornell, NY (9.1 mi.)
Canisteo, NY (9.4 mi.)
Arkport, NY (10.8 mi.)
Scio, NY (11.2 mi.)
Wellsville, NY (12.2 mi.)
Angelica, NY (12.2 mi.)


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  1. I am wondering of there are any reports or witnesses to the 3 large v shapes flying silently over Alfred state college in the fall of 73….I and two others as well as many people who c out of the dorms to watch these craft……

  2. I lived in the Brick for 6 months my Sophomore year. I lived on the top floor. At about 3am on a December weeknight, I woke up, and heard footsteps, like high heels, going down the hallway. I peeked outside my door and saw nothing, but I still heard footsteps. When I worked in Herrick, I sensed a little boy tugging on my arm on occasion around closing time. He seemed like a sweet spirit. I think he hung out in the children’s room or the meeting room nearby.

    I never saw the woman at CDC, but there is a very, very negative energy between Joel’s house, at the top of the campus, and the recently built Ann’s house. There’s a small footpath leading up, and I went a small ways up that path before I felt a very cold, very negative masculine presence almost pushing me back. Anyone know why?

    • No, kendall but Im 11 and my grandma was a dorm cleaner she just retiered there in December and throughout my life i would go there with her and help her a lot of times i would feel negitive energy there or the sense of something communicating with me…. one day my grandma went up 2 floors to clean and left me in some lounge room with 4 vending machines and i was on my phone and whatever then in the corner of my eye i saw a faintly visable little kid body only half though but i looked up and though i was imaging things but a few minutes later light flickered i payed no mind to it … about 10-15 minutes later i saw a little orb on the right side of me but at the same time i heard high heel foot steps coming from my left it almost felt like someone or something was messing with me in a playful way i didnt know what was happening but i just got scared and went up with my grandma… that was only the story about the playful energy i have MANY about Alfred State but the worst was the negitive energy… this story was the oddest one of them all thats why in shared it

      • I’ve been experiencing sleep paralysis along with a very NEGATIVE energy in my boyfriends room specifically. I have met others that shared with me they’ve seen a woman in a white dress roaming sometimes at late hours. I was using the bathroom last night and the curtains began moving by itself and also the door opening and closing itself.

    • I went to Alfred around 2000 and I know what is around Ann’s house. It’s been there a long time. I just came across this page after searching about Herrick being haunted. I used to work close at Herrick, and I restacked books. I remember the boy upstairs, and also saw someone in the basement level once. The environmental house is haunted too! 🙂

      But your comment about Ann’s house literally gives me chills. There is a very negative energy there that bothered us in the house that existed there before and was seen by people as far over as the observatory. Several friends of my friends actually saw him.

  3. I lived in openhym my freshman year. Although a newer building, it was in close proximity to the CDC. I would go to bed with my tv on, and wake up with my tv off and my music blaring. My lights would flicker, and handprints appeared all over my walls. As far as I could tell, I was the only one in the building to experience this. It probably didn’t help I was the only freshman in the building without a roomate.

  4. I’m surprise they don’t have anything on Mackenzie. After all I’ve had multiple experiences. One involving stuff being thrown in my room and night and another being footsteps in the stairwell even though no one was in them, but the best one was when I woke up in my friends room around 5 in the morning to what I thought was my friend standing over me, but later that day he told me he was still sleeping at that time….so I’m assuming it was a humonoid, although it was a very dark figure, I haven’t seen it sense then. This happened last semester.

    • I used to live in Mackenzie North. those dorms are shaped like a swastika when you look at them from a top view. we had a kid in the co ed dorm I was in commit suicide out in the woods near the dorm. lots of weird stuff even then back in 1977

  5. I lived in the old Theta Theta Chi house for 2 years and experienced many strange things. The most significant was when I was on the third floor and my metal dorm type bed was banging violently against the wall. The girl below me experienced the same thing at the same time.

  6. There are actually two known spirits in the CDC. One of a woman and the other a little boy. It’s believed that Abigail Allen (the wife of Johnathan Allen who built the home for his wife) and her son William are the two spirits who are in the building today. Abigail is believed to be attached to the building because it was where she housed her collections of natural history artifacts that she loved. Her son William was 2 years old when he passed away from some sort of illness. You can hear footsteps on the second and third floors (the third floor staff doesn’t even have access to), footsteps on the new and old staircase, hear doors opening and closing, and the elevator runs up and down on its own.

  7. I’m a current student as Alfred state & I’ve been Experiencing several supernatural moments. I haven’t slept in days. anyone have any info?! or experiences they can share. I live in Shults hall.

    • Hello Alisha,

      I am an Alum (05′) from Alfred State. My freshman yr I was in Shults Hall room 226 I believe it was. I didn’t experience anything supernatural that year, but I recall feeling depressed and lonely. My last 4th yr I was at MacKenzie East on the 4th or 5th floor (time has made things fuzzy). I had a ghost haunt me that last yr. it was extremely depressing and lonely that yr.
      all I can tell you is the best thing for you to do is to try to be positive. try to hang with friends. it is true when they say misery loves company and that is the same for the spirit world. I wish I knew then what I know now. if you can, perhaps maybe you can get some experts of this sort of stuff to come over to clear the space for you.
      I wish you well.

  8. I lived in kenyon this past year on the third floor and I started seeing a short shadow person in my room every night and felt their presence, it has now followed me wherever I go after I moved out:(

  9. I am Alfred U alum. Early 90’s. I lived in the Brick my first year, top floor. I had no paranormal experiences and do not know of anyone who has. That is not to say it is not going on. Many of my friends from there all agree there is something just odd about the whole area. Perhaps it is the lack of sun and dark gloomy winters. Maybe the elevated levels of lithium and arsenic in the water. That valley is certainly a different place and had a very profound effect on us.

    One of my friends there was a Native American from the west. When he first got here he made contact with the local tribes. He said they will come to the valley, they will not stay over night nor will they eat food there. He said it is a place where they would bring their sick and dying and their insane. From my time there, I know of 3 students and a local who committed suicide.

    I spent a lot of time exploring the immediate area. The woods, backroads, etc. I can say that I have run into hollows and areas where I simply would not go back to.

  10. I am a current student at Alfred University. I live on the second floor of the brick. I havent seen this civil war solider around but there is a strange energy to this building, you can feel how this building has seen some shit. Im not in my room very often but one time i was. My fan was off, my window was closed and i was sitting on my bed and the closet door slowly opens. Another time i was in my room with my friend. I heard a voice whisper ‘baby’. i asked if she said anything but she said no. she saw how confused and scared I looked. I felt it right next to my ear.

    My friends have also had experiences. One of my friends saw a man outside her window. she lives on the second floor. there is no ledge where a person could stand. ( a black figure outside her window)
    we hear things moving in the walls on the third floor in the corner. It kind of sounds like an animal nesting in the walls but not really…

    the first week of school my friend heard someone whisper “im here” in her ear some weird stuff happens

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