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A famous image of the C2D1 Ghost or Skeletal Image comes from this dorm, room C2D1. In 1985, the ghost named Tommy was said to haunt some Erie Hall residents, and the shot was snapped. This photo has been seen on the Internet, in books, in newspapers, on TV, and more, and the site is still said to be haunted.

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67-81 University Dr
Geneseo, NY
United States

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42.80001195389423, -77.82127066878661
Livingston County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Geneseo, NY (0.4 mi.)
Piffard, NY (2.5 mi.)
Cuylerville, NY (3.0 mi.)
Retsof, NY (3.8 mi.)
Wadsworth, NY (4.1 mi.)
Leicester, NY (4.3 mi.)
Greigsville, NY (4.4 mi.)
Mount Morris, NY (5.8 mi.)
Lakeville, NY (6.4 mi.)
Fowlerville, NY (6.6 mi.)


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  1. As this site mentions, there exists photographic evidence of this (now) well-known haunting, the most notable, perhaps, is the one referred to as the ‘skeletal image’ taken on Valentine’s Day, 1985. Other forms of evidence includes: contemporary journal notes written by 1986 SUNY Geneseo graduate J. Jeff Ungar; eye witness accounts from five Erie Hall students; a parent to one of the students; a parapsychologist; and testimony given by Charlie Manning, the priest from the Newton Interfaith Center who blessed room C2D1 in the winter of 1985. Several audio recordings were captured in the adjacent ‘B’-building during this time as well. I am well aware of these facts as I was – unfortunately – the 19-year-old college student who found himself at the center of the haunting activity, and who was tagged with the moniker “The Ghost Boy of Geneseo”. I would like to share a lesser known photo (taken approximately 3-4 minutes prior to what is now described as ‘the skeletal image’) that serves to demonstrate the effect that the spirit had on it’s environment. Jeff had requested that I ‘call’ the ghost out into the open in order that he might capture its image on film as some type of proof of its existence. He had me mimic a pose that he had seen on a TV show (I believe that it was called “In Search Of”) and I attempted to draw the ghost out. I should note that this event took place three weeks before the physical attacks began, so I as not as fearful of the thing as I should have been. You can see in this image how (in a closed-windowed, college dorm room) the frigid breeze from the thing was capable of ‘blowing back’ my sweatshirt sleeves and pressing the thick material back onto my chest. The ghost/spirit then passed through me (It felt like the cells in my body froze, then unfroze) and I then collapsed on the floor drained. At Jeff’s impassioned request, I reluctantly agreed to take a picture of the ghost (as it hovered above my bed) with his 35mm – the one that would become well-known, before I fled from the room.

  2. This is the photograph that has become well known – and often associated – with the haunting at Erie Hall in Geneseo. The poster to the left of the skeletal image features U.S. marathoner Bill Rodgers (who won four Boston and New York City marathons) and who was a boyhood hero of mine.

  3. This is an image of the first page of the journal notes (recorded by J. Jeff Ungar who resided in C2D2 of Erie Hall) dated February 11, 1985. These were the same notes that were presented for review to both Fr. Charlie Manning and Dr. Lawrence Casler during the haunting. They were later used for projects such as SyFy’s “School Spirits: Dorm Room Nightmare” and the award-winning independent film, “Please, talk with me …” as well as Tim Shaw’s book of the same name. My own memoir, ‘Surviving Evidence – Memoir of an Extreme Haunting’ also includes portions of them.

  4. I lived in Erie Hall fall of 1979 to spring 1980. I had some profound paranormal experiences. The first was I was vacuuming and felt like I had elbowed someone hard, turned to apologize and I was alone. One night at 3:15 am my bed shook and I thought my roommate had bumped it. I rolled over and looked to her side of the room. There was my room mate sound asleep. Standing there looking down at her was a guy. Dark curly hair, plaid flannel shirt and white painter’s pants. I sat up to confront him and he looked over his shoulder at me. He had no face, just bright white glow. Then he was gone. I was so relieved he wasn’t real, there had been rapes on campus. My room mate wouldn’t sleep in our room for weeks.

  5. I lived in Erie from dec. 1985 until may 1987… on B3 and C2……had never heard about this until now…very interesting.

    • Jacquie, I just missed you. Jeff and I moved out of Erie Hall in May of 1985, right after the haunting ended. The following fall (September of 1985) we moved to Wayne Hall. But many of the witnesses to the haunting were still residing in Erie Hall: Linda F; Beth K; Judy Y; Brian H; Luke F; etc. You might have know a few of them.

  6. Jacquie, I just missed you. Jeff and I moved out of Erie Hall in May of 1985, right after the haunting ended. The following fall (September of 1985) we moved to Wayne Hall. But many of the witnesses to the haunting were still residing in Erie Hall: Linda F; Beth K; Judy Y; Brian H; Luke F; etc. You might have know a few of them.

    • Chris-
      This story is freaking me out, I just read about it today for the first time… my freshman year (82-83) I lived in C2D2. I lived in C2A3 from 83-85 but it was so long ago I don’t remember any of the guys on the floor except my suitemates. The name Luke kind of rings a bell, was he a taller skinny kid with dark hair? I do remember the Toga party though! Do you remember any of us from C2A? I can’t believe this all happened right under my nose!

      George O.

  7. Ed Czosnykowski  |  

    Glad to have found this page; confirms it may not have been in our imagination.

    My roommate and I resided in Onandaga-North in 1975. One late winter evening we were laying in our cots and shooting the breeze before going to sleep. As I looked at my roommate I noticed he was strangely positioned, legs curled up at an angle and he was staring toward the end of his cot. At the same moment I saw a vague impish figure sitting at the end of the cot. A second later I saw an indentation in his bedsheet moving along the edge toward him as if someone was sliding his or hand down the sheet. I said to my roommate, do you see that, and he quietly said yes as he continued to look at the figure. Needless to say we got up and left the room until we decided we still had to live in that room and went back in to try to go to sleep.

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