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It’s been a while since this encounter(2005?), but as it was my first, I feel like I should share in hopes that someone out there may be able to validate this experience aside from me and my husband.

My husband and I were traveling home from a family visit on the Olympic Peninsula via the coastal route when we landed in Long Beach Washington towards evening. We decided to stay at The Thunderbird Motel as it was somewhat close to the Elks Lodge. We were tired and cheep lodging for the evening would do. Upon checking in, I noticed a couple of units which seamed desirable towards the back of the totally empty motel (possibly closer to the beach for better ambiance) and asked the Korean owner if either was available. She said that both of those units had three beds, but if we only used one bed, she would charge us the lower rate. Okay…we were tired after family and driving and just need a room.

We check into a unit which has a small kitchenette, super tiny bathroom, a small cold back bedroom and a main room with a queen sized bed, sofa sleeper and small desk and chairs. We decided to close the second room and just heat the main room/bedroom/kitchen area to keep things cozy.

I turned on the left side bedstand reading light and as I went to remove my hand it went off. Thinking it was a loose bulb, I moved my hand near and before I could could get my hand near to tighten the bulb, it went back on. As I moved my hand away, it went off. I thought it might be the plug and as soon as I moved my hand near, the light turned back on. I tightened things down and as soon as I moved a few inches away, the light turned off. Frustrated, I moved close to check the fixture once again and as soon as I got close, the light turned on, move away, the light turned off. I alerted my husband to the occurrence and he watched as for the next few seconds I could move my hand towards the fixture and it would turn on, move it away and it would turn off. I laughed and said, “Well, I give up.” As I walked away, the light remained on.

We were tired and hungry and it was time for dinner. Good thing we had a kitchenette! A little dinner music was in order, and while traveling, I always bring my wind up radio. Wound it up and tuned in to a great coast radio station. The perks of being somewhat close to Seattle and Olympia!

The soup was heating and we were enjoying sips of flask whiskey to surprisingly great music. We got up and were dancing to the music on the radio when the chill came on. The wind-up radio became filled with static, the lights flickered and went out and it became so suddenly cold in the room, we could see out breathe. I looked at my husband and said, “I think we may be staying in a haunted room” and suddenly all was back to normal. Weird.

We ate soup and wondered if we should consider moving locations for a good night sleep. Tired, we decided to stay. Nothing harmful, just weird…was it all in our heads?

Early every morning, around 3am, my bladder wakes me up. I was laying in bed contemplating the trip to the toilet when I heard the doorknob on the closed bedroom rattle. I immediately thought a break in might be happening and woke up my hubby. Just as I was waking him up, we both heard the bedroom door open then slam shut with great force. We jumped out of bed. My husband was ready for combat, I was ready to run.

All was quiet. We investigated the closed bedroom and all was calm, musty and very unsettling. After winding down, we lay in bed till dawn.

Not sure if we could stay in the Thunderbird again without feeling a bit apprehensive. Online, this place seems to have a seedy reputation (didn’t know it then). Would love to hear if anyone else can justify this type of experience at this location. I can’t quite remember the room number, maybe 13 or 14, but it is the left unit at the back of the lot.

(Submitted by Cheryl)

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201 Ocean Beach Blvd N
Long Beach, WA 98631
United States

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46.3522196, -124.05581219999999
Pacific County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Long Beach, WA (0.1 mi.)
Ilwaco, WA (3.0 mi.)
Chinook, WA (7.6 mi.)
Ocean Park, WA (9.6 mi.)
Hammond, OR (11.6 mi.)
Naselle, WA (11.7 mi.)
Warrenton, OR (14.4 mi.)
Astoria, OR (15.6 mi.)
Jeffers Garden, OR (16.9 mi.)
Deep River, WA (17.7 mi.)


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  1. Glad I look up if anyone else had anything funny happen staying here. Was around 8/2013 Was staying in the far back NW most cabin, had two rooms, one with two beds and one with just one bed. Was with my mom and 6 year old nephew. They took the room with two beds and I use the one with one bed. Think it was around 3am I was awoken to being shaking, like if someone was pushing the bed in at the side real fast! faster then anyone can move, As soon as I wake I fell this is not right and I don’t know why 10sec into it I think sneeze and flip over to see what doing this to my bed so I fake loud sneeze flop over fast as I can with hand ready to fight!!! It was dark not a thing was in the room, bad was not moving so ran out my opening door and open my moms room flip on light to see then sleeping?? Went and look all over, and found not a thing. it spook me!

  2. I have stayed here as well . That cabin is haunted . We didnt sleep well when we stayed . I have never stayed in that cabin again but stayed in the newer part of motel . Very eerie in that back cabin , drafty too . The door to the bedroom would not stay closed . Things would go bump in the night in that bedroom.

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