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At Stevens State Park, Battery Russell has a bike path said to be haunted by a man in his twenties who holds a flashlight and searches for enemy soldiers. Unexplained sounds also have been reported as well as cold spots and the apparition of a man in fatigues carrying a long knife.

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100 Peter Iredale Rd
Hammond, OR 97121
United States

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46.178519, -123.96551199999999
Clatsop County, Oregon
Nearest Towns:
Hammond, OR (1.6 mi.)
Warrenton, OR (2.2 mi.)
Jeffers Garden, OR (5.5 mi.)
Astoria, OR (6.5 mi.)
Chinook, WA (6.6 mi.)
Ilwaco, WA (9.7 mi.)
Gearhart, OR (11.0 mi.)
Long Beach, WA (12.7 mi.)
Seaside, OR (13.0 mi.)
Naselle, WA (14.9 mi.)


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  1. I went here once when I was 18, and pregnant with my first son, and his dad. We left right around dusk on that june day and we heard someone yell Fire, and we actually heard the cannon Boom, and the ground shook too. We ran to our car and then we saw the guy with the lantern follow us almost to the parking lot.

  2. Not only battery Rustle but batteries Clark and Mishler are also haunted. I was walking through battery Clark with a friend of mine one day looking around when we saw a dark figure float across the hall in front of us. It was dark black but we could see the wall through us. A couple seconds later it went back across the hall into a side room. When we pushed back the door the room was empty.

    A few years earlier my family and I took the battery Mishler tour and while we were standing in one of the rooms where the disappearing gun pits are located I was standing in the back of the group and looked back to see a soldier standing behind me. I turned away and back again and he asked me to help him find his way. I was freaked out enough as it was but a few minutes later as we were walking through a corridor and another soldier or what I thought was a soldier, was setting something on a trolly and he looked directly at me.

  3. A few years back, we went to Fort Stevens to go camping. We visited the old battery Russell, and we could hear voices faintly. The feeling of heaviness followed us through all the dark rooms. It felt so depressing. I could “smell” the firing guns. The feeling of death followed us the rest of the day.

  4. Lynne Coughlin  |  

    My son, Alex and I, walked thru he bunkers, you can hear people talking in hushed tones, we went early Sunday morning in off season, no one around tourist wise, 5 other people walking on the far side, so no one around, we felt as if we were being watched by 100’s of eyes, only as if they were just watching, then we saw a man in a long coat up the high wall over looking the water, we stopped for water, looked up again and the man was just gone, as if he has run off quick, we visit the seemingly haunted places in our area mostly for the historical value of the site itself. There are many on the peninsula. Unfortunately we had dead cell batteries because we were on the way hone from a 4 day camp out in nearby Naselle, Wa. Another Spiritually Charged place of interest to us.

  5. While my brother and I were investigating Battery Russell a few years ago, I caught an EVP of a woman saying “yes” in response to a statement my brother had made. This is indicative of an intelligent haunting. Photos of several orbs. Also, a photo of a partial apparition standing at the top of the stairs.

  6. We used to participate in Civil War reenactments every Labor Day Weekend. One time we we pulled up to unpack at our campsite and as I reached for the door handle my arm was scratched. Three 3 to 4 inch parallel thin bloody lines on the bottom of my forearm. We were around blackberry bushes and I would say that was the culprit.. but I hadn’t gotten out of the car yet.

  7. I live in Hammond and tonight was my first time going. While climbing the step up to the very top level of the battery I couldn’t go any further I got dizzy and a feeling as if I couldn’t move. I am not afraid of heights either. I had no clue this place was supposed to be haunted. I just couldn’t shake this uneasy feeling in my gut. We decided to leave because my husband to stated he felt uneasy. This place gave off some seriously creepy vibes.

  8. Back in October 2007, in a group of 4 ppl, my boyfriend at the time, my best friend, her boyfriend at the time, and me, we were walking the path after hours to get a spook and got more than we bargained for. Of course, our men holding the flashlights at the pitch-black hour and location, took off leaving us girls behind after all 4 of us saw a white figure stand just as a human, walk across the path, couldn’t make out clothing or distinct features, we were busy running for our lives.

  9. Danielle Marcus  |  

    This place has my vote for haunted. My husband and I just came back from a daytime investigation- as the park is only open until 4 and we weren’t there camping overnight- and caught various EVPs and bizarre EMF spikes (the place is abandoned and not only is there no electricity that would give off false readings, the buildings themselves are barely standing). The places that have the most frequent claims seem to be the Battery Russell and other main building and museum, however we found the majority of our activity at the Elias Smur, all the way on the other side and in an area way off the beaten path. Frankly, haunted or not this place is so eerie and beautiful and you can’t walk 10 paces without literally stepping on relics of history.

  10. I went to Fort Stevens with my mom and siblings. I went inside a building and took a video on my camera looking around. At the end of the video I was by some stairs and you hear what seems like a girl saying “yeah” and giggling. There was nobody around but me. There was no wind that could have made the noise. I didn’t hear it till i looked over the video. I definitely felt something around me when i was walking.

  11. I have been doing my own investigation of whatever spirits may be in hammond .
    And I have incountered tons of stuff . I had a witness and video and photo proof but I accidentally deleted it .
    I walked down by the 4 way in town in hammond opening myself up to whatever.
    All of the sudden me and my friend heard crying beside us in some bushes then it went above our heads .
    I wasn’t expecting it to happen so we left .
    I would love to go back with someone soon as my investigation isn’t over and I want my video and photo proof .

  12. I have been there countless times. I’ve known this place was haunted ever since I was younger. I always feel eiry feelings when I’m there. not only at the battery but also the bike trails and even the campground itself. The main place that catches me is the battery. I FEEL the sensation of something there that I just cannot see. Even my cousins feel it and my mom who doesn’t believe in that stuff. In particular, there are these few rooms with old brick fireplaces that I just cant walks into. I see glimpses of lights and shadows while walking past. The whole vibe is just bad. The most terrifying moment was just when I went a couple of weeks ago. My all the kids and teens in my family, including me, were playing hide and seek. I went to go hide and I found this perfect place. It was just a slight hole in the wall of a room that I could barely fit through and it was dark, unnoticeable at a glance. So I hid there. And as I was hidden I constantly felt people walking around me and hearing echoes and noises by me. Though I was determined to win this game, I couldn’t stay there because of the presence of a supernatural being. Though it is definitely haunted, it is a great place with lots of history and fun things to do.

  13. Joshua Armstrong  |  

    So me and my girlfriend went to battery russle one night right as it was getting dark .Me and her were already spooked by the place but yeah So I had my gps on while we were going there and right as soon as we steped on the top step it said u are out of service and my phone wouldnt get service.So we went up to the round pit and carved are initials in the wall .There was a tunnel that had a round about set of stairs next to us .I said lets go down there to my girlfriend and as soon as we started to go down the stairs there was the most frightening sound ive ever hurd in my life .It sounded like the grudge but with a clicking sound like ahhwwwwwe click click click click .Ive never hurd anything like it in my life.It was no animal and it was loud like it new we were about to come down the stairs .We ran so fast soooo fast Then not too long after that I hurd about the ghost adventures going to visit there and that the place was haunted .There is no doubt about that,there is something very dark there.

  14. Just went there about 2 days ago on Saturday April 25th, 2021 since my family was kinda close to the fort (we were staying at a hotel in Manzanita) and my grandma had driven us up to the fort. As my mom, sister and I walked up to Battery Russell, I felt the eeriest vibe that something bad had happened there, but I was still excited to be there. I quickly went up the first set of stairs leading up to the first large floor and immediately found the spiral stairs. I stopped in my tracks and stepped back, I felt a dark presence near the stairs and had to wait for my sister to be in my sight, but I still didn’t feel comfortable so I had waited for my mom to finish going up the long staircase up to the battery until I was able to walk down them. As I walked down the spiral stairs, I felt a large cold spot on the stairs which disappeared when I got to the bottom, it was fairly cold outside, but this spot was freezing, as if I was laying in the snow with no clothes on. I walked to the right to see 2 dark rooms, I went forward into the first one and had to turn on my flashlight on my phone, I turned away after walking in for 2 seconds, someone or something was definitely watching me, it was the most uncomfortable feeling of pure evil. I walked around the corner again and walked out of the battery and straight into the field in front of it. After I waited for a few minutes and finally gained the courage to walk back in and into the same room, I found my sister near there so I had her come in with me, she freely walked around the dark rooms. I froze near the doorway of the rooms. I turned my phone light on again and walked in to the same room from before. I looked around the small room and turned my phone every which way, taking pictures upon pictures. My sister was in the same room as me and talking to me, I looked around the room again and once my light got to the small window looking into the next room, I saw a shadowy figure of a tall man walking in the next room, I instantly ran into the next room and saw nobody, I looked around the 2nd room to confirm that it really was a ghost. My flashlight roamed the room again and I pointed it near the front corner to the right and I saw it again, a tall shadowy figure standing in the corner of the room, he then disappeared right in front of me. I backed up and ran out of the battery again. I took a break of the inside and went to the very top and got some fresh air. I saw my mom and sister again and walked to the bottom and walked back in with them. I split up again and started to wander the battery again. I walked from room to room to room looking for anything else interesting. I found a second spiral staircase and walked down them, feeling nothing that time. The same type of rooms were on the right again and I walked over, finding nothing in the first room, but again, I saw another shadowy figure, but shorter and a little fatter than the other one I saw. I tried taking a picture, but he slowly faded as he walked toward me. I was wide-eyed. I couldn’t help but think why these soldiers were here in this battery. I started to get emotional but I didn’t cry, I just felt sadness. I sulked and walked out of the battery, but once I left, this weight lifted from my shoulders and I felt fine and happy again. I can’t explain any of these apparitions and feelings. I also heard voices and footsteps in the battery. Once we were about to leave, I forgot about more parts of the battery more down the main path, and I had to run all the way down there to get to them. I found them and the whole way there, I felt a feeling of intense hatred on the trail to it and I felt scared that I was alone, it was the worst feeling I had while I was there. I took a quick look there, looked around the other parts of the battery and ran back, out of breath, I didn’t look back, I wanted to get off of that trail and in my grandmas car. I had to walk when I reached the battery and quickly got to the car. I was terrified of that part of the trail. We went to the other batteries to like the West Battery and Battery Pratt (but not Clark) and I was alone while wandering that part of the Fort. Battery 245 and Battery Mishler was closed because I wasn’t part of the daily tours. But I walked to the doors of Mishler and I got an intense feeling of hate and hit the door of the battery. I walked away and continued to explore, not going near Battery Mishler again. I will be going back to the Fort and I am currently planning on being a docent at Fort Stevens, hoping to fulfill my dream of working at multiple haunted locations and owning a haunted places town in my backyard. I was also able to drive past the haunted Commander’s Quarters just 0.9 miles from the West Battery. I am excited to go back again, considering my terrifying encounters at Fort Stevens.

  15. We visited during the daytime and we’re not aware of the alleged paranormal activities reported for this site. We did enjoy learning about the actual historical importance of this site during WWII. I’m quite sensitive to energy, active and residual, of both the living and the departed. I typically know immediately when a place has energy, be it positive or negative. Aside from some mild claustrophobia in the smaller/darker spaces in the battery, I didn’t detect anything on our visit.

  16. We live right by ft stevens. We go there l there all the time for walks. We gave always heard of the haunts in ft. Steven’s. But this takes the cake.. check this orb out

  17. My son and husband were riding bikes on the path on memorial weekend when all of a sudden, our son took off full speed and said there was a woman in white hovering the ground chasing him. My husband didn’t believe him and turned around. When my husband turned to look, there was a figure of a white lady hovering the ground coming towards them, they both took off at full speed and when my husband turned back around about half mile down the path, nothing was there.

  18. Jennifer O'Daniel  |  

    Since I received moved to Longview, WA and visited Fort Stevens with my dad I was reminded of an encounter that I had there as a child. In the mid-90s when I was 9 years old my family camped at Fort Stevens for a couple of weeks. We were really big on exploring places and playing hide and seek in the woods and at random locations. One day we visited Battery Russel and it was my dad, older brother and myself. While we walked around the area I felt that there was something else there and we weren’t alone but I didn’t think too much of it. After exploring the battery my dad decided that since no one else was there we could run around and play hide and seek. While my dad was counting my brother and I took off in different directions to hide. I was running around the lower level looking for a dark place to hide when I ran around a corner into a room and saw a man in a military uniform walking out of the room through the other doorway. Scared he would yell at me for playing in the fort and not wanting my dad to hear where I was, I didn’t say anything to him. After we played and gathered together to head back to the campground I told them about the military man I saw and that I was scared he was going to be mad at us for running around playing. My dad and brother laughed and dismissed it, and said it was just my imagination because they were running around the fort and didn’t see anybody. I have been there a few other times as an adult and didn’t see anyone but still felt that feeling of not being alone there. It wasn’t until recently when I was looking up haunted places in Oregon that I learned that Fort Stevens is known for being haunted and that validates what I saw there as a child. I wasn’t scared of him because he looked like he was just walking around doing his job, I just didn’t want to get in trouble for playing where we probably weren’t supposed to.

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