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There have been many reports of hauntings in this house ever since it was converted to a museum in 1951. Phantom music and voices have been heard on the first level of the house, believed to be from the to Flavel sisters who were gifted musicians. A strand, unhappy presence is felt in the library room. The apparition of a woman has been in the hallway of the second floor, who vanishes when approached. A floral scent can be smelt at all times in the bedroom of Ms Flavel, even when no one is around. The apparition of Captain George Flavel has been in his bedroom, where he disappears into the floor once his presence is noted.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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441 8th Street
Astoria, OR
United States

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46.18813624124198, -123.83504697857359
Clatsop County, Oregon
Nearest Towns:
Astoria, OR (0.2 mi.)
Jeffers Garden, OR (2.9 mi.)
Warrenton, OR (4.5 mi.)
Hammond, OR (5.6 mi.)
Chinook, WA (7.9 mi.)
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  1. I visited the Flavel House back in 2006. Upon entering, I felt a very strong, depressed feeling. I knew right away there was a dominant entity guarding the house and the family. It was overwhelming. Mr. Flavel is an extremely domineering man, even after death. He permeated every room in the house and after a while, I needed to leave the house because I felt I could not breathe.

  2. I WENT THERE!!! only it was at night. When i loked in the downstairs window i swear i saw a ghost or something IN THERE! the door was locked,too. and it was NOT a shadow.

    Oh yeah, i went in the haunted room,too.nothing happened

  3. I went there quite a few years ago and had no idea it was even haunted.. the feeling of the place was very eerie when I walked in but didn’t think anything of it since it was an old house.. on my second visit i went there with full knowledge of the hauntings so I was trying to take lots of photo’s.. in one photo taken in Cpt. Flavel’s bedroom it looked to be a little mist spot by the head board on the bed however i chalked it up to maybe just being sun reflection.. Now after reading this story above about apparitions I have to say I have serious goosebumps and shivers.. in the room adjoining with the Cpt.s room is another bedroom and it has a drawn portrait of the Cpt. I got my picture taken beside it.. I kid you not the windows were closed so no added glare right beside my face slightly in front of his portrait was an oval mist shape.. since his drawn picture was completely visible to compare the mist that formed beside me was exactly the same head shape as the Cpt. ears and all.. I never knew until reading this post that there were actual visual sightings just heard about the noises.. I thought it was odd about the pictures I took but hearing that others have seen it really makes me realize maybe there was something there and I was just trying to deny to myself that it was possible.. Sorry to write so much but I had to share my story.. for years I thought I was just nuts! lol

  4. I visited the beautiful house 2 days ago and I had to say the people working at the house were skeptical. I learned about the house here and I had an awesome experience. When I was at the stairs of the attic I asked someone to come to me I heard footsteps in the attic. No one is allowed up there. Also I was in the kids room and I was video taping and I didn’t get in one camera but something dark flew right past my eye. And I also got an orb on picture. Apparently the place where the ghost are is the bell tower. Your not allowed up there for fire reasons, but everytime I was in another room I was also brought to A. The stairs or B. The children’s room. Very awesome house and creepy Zak Bagans cmon down!

  5. I have been to the Flavel house twice now and both times had things happen. The first time we were checking out the primitive 1800’s indoor bathroom on the second floor. The cabinet under the sink popped open. It has one of those wedge type latches that you have to turn to unlatch. I spent 15 minutes in there trying to replicate the door opening with the latch partially open, even stomping on the floor to see if vibration could get it to spring open….nothing
    The second time I took a lot of pictures in the place especially getting reflections off of glass. I took a picture of Capt. Flavel’s Portrait/photo that was in a glass frame in the doorway of the parlor on the south side of the house. I got an interesting artifact in the glass that looks like a woman in an old dress. I blogged about the Flavel House Here http://larsenadventurechronicles.blogspot.com/2015/01/

  6. We visited in November 2018. I am not a ghost hunter but I am a sensitive with a variety of past experiences. I did not study the house or the family in advance, and I had no preconceived expectations. My visit was for love of architecture, history and museums. None of the docents mentioned anything to me about the house being haunted. I toured the main floor completely without incident. I had vivid personal experiences on the second floor. Specifically on the grand staircase, in the hallway at the top of the grand staircase (very strong) and in Katie’s room (the one with the fireplace). The information in the room states that she died in that room of something similar to starvation from complications of another illness. Captain Flavel passed away in his own quarters. I have nothing to report about the remaining rooms including the Captains room. Based on my experiences here I don’t believe this house is actively haunted but I am willing to say that there are residual energies present, be it of the homes past residents or from the decades of visitors who have passed through it since. Perhaps it’s a combination of all of this but I cannot confirm either way. It left me melancholic and intrigued by the Flavel family and their history in Astoria.

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