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A ghost believed to be a former owner named Louie is rumored to haunt the bar area, mess with the pool balls during games, and tinker with the electricity. His ashes are reported to be kept in a container on the bar’s mantle.

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Geographic Information

3807 L Place
Seaview, Washington 98644
United States

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46.33072709305419, -124.05619197427444
Pacific County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Long Beach, WA (1.5 mi.)
Ilwaco, WA (1.6 mi.)
Chinook, WA (6.6 mi.)
Hammond, OR (10.3 mi.)
Ocean Park, WA (11.1 mi.)
Naselle, WA (11.9 mi.)
Warrenton, OR (13.1 mi.)
Astoria, OR (14.6 mi.)
Jeffers Garden, OR (15.7 mi.)
Deep River, WA (17.7 mi.)


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  1. Me and my wife grew up here and when we became drinking legal we heard about the haunting of the bar from locals. The pictures we have in the dining area all have orbs in them I go there but I’m really friendly with the staff I might try to contact the deceased owner.

  2. Ok so sometimes I go out to eat and I went to the lamplighter and I thought I heard a glass break and there was no one there to break it so I was wierded out

  3. I grew up across the road from the Lamplighter – from the time I was 6 until I was 19. Not only is Louie there, but there are 2 women in the North side women’s bathroom (by the apartments) that haunt there. I’ve never heard of the women leaving the restroom, but I know they’re there. I’ve seen them.

    • Melissa I would love to chat more with you! I lived in the Lamplighter apartment for several years with my dad and the original owners daughter! Please let me know if it ok to contact you!

      • Crystal Nichols  |  

        My great grandma was one of the owners of Lamplighter my mom works there with some other family members of mine when she was young my mom knows several stories that happened there and I have had experiences there in the lounge

  4. We went to The Lamplighter for lunch today for the first time. Pretty good food, but the place felt kinda creepy. My husband decided to shoot a few pool balls. When lunch was served he came back to his seat saying, “That pool table is really uneven. I hit a ball and it went in a long arc across the tablet.” A short time later he was sitting in a chair by the front door while I gathered my things to leave, and said that he felt very uneasy sitting there. He had never heard about The Lamplighter being haunted. I guess Louie is still active there.

  5. So my family and I just sat down im the dimning area for a late lunch here at the Lamp Lighter and when I went around the corner for a look at the bar she said that she heard me call back to her and say “hey”. I did not say anything to her. Weird.

  6. I have been going to the Lamplight for 10yrs now. Many experiences that are not explainable. I saw a velcroed remote fly sideways off a TV behind the bar and fly straight at the bartender”s head. She said that happens often. I’ve heard th girl whispering and crying in the back bathroom before it was moved. The lights are constantly flickering but that could be bad wiring. Louie”s ashes are over the fire place mantle and my family eats at that table frequently. Several other stories of hauting’s by locals.

  7. When I went to the lamplighter I had a female spirit hang out with me and my friend she I guess was looking out for us she was nice had alot to say

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