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The older cabins on the ridge are said to be haunted, and contain journals in which guests log the spooky things they’ve experienced there. Examples found in the logs include furniture that has been found completely rearranged in the morning, TVs that turn on and off, rocking chairs that rock by themselves for several minutes, doors that open and close, and words that have been whispered into guests’ ears while they were sleeping.

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12417 Pacific Way
Long Beach, WA 98631
United States

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46.3925553, -124.05391639999999
Pacific County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Long Beach, WA (2.8 mi.)
Ilwaco, WA (5.8 mi.)
Ocean Park, WA (6.8 mi.)
Chinook, WA (9.8 mi.)
Naselle, WA (11.7 mi.)
Hammond, OR (14.2 mi.)
Warrenton, OR (16.9 mi.)
Bay Center, WA (17.2 mi.)
Astoria, OR (17.7 mi.)
Deep River, WA (17.8 mi.)

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  1. We stayed in the first cabin closest to the pool. We experienced loud bangs of furniture moving, doors opening and closing, people running up and down the stairs all night. My mother-in law came with us and stayed in the room upstairs. While the rest of us were at the pool she came to ask us if kids were just in the room asking if she was awake. She is deaf in one ear and sleeps on her good ear and still heard this like the kids were in the room with her. There is forsure something going on in this cabin. Ther were no previous stories in the journal that was in the cabin so we entered our experiences in it.

    • OMG! Never again! I’ll have to tell you about the place we stay in at Long Beach, Washington. It’s called the Lighthouse Motel. We always stay in room 101, it is in the older section built in the nineteen fifties. We have been going there for 30 some years. Okay, they have guest books to sign, going way back, in the books people report ghosts and hauntings. I never reported what happened to me. But some people say the ghost whispers in their ear “I can’t breathe”. All of them say they awake at 3:00 A.M.. all of them rent 101, or 105, they say this ghost is friendly. About ten years ago we were in 101, I woke up at 3:00 A.M. with something I couldn’t see a large man pinning me to the bed smothering me! I could not move, I tried flailing my arms around to wake up Jim. He sleeps heavy. I knew if I didn’t say something I would die, I said Jesus! Help me! It vanished, but not before I could see it was a very big man, wearing lumberjack jeans, a black belt, a flannel red and black checkered shirt, and a dirty blue bandana around his neck. Like out of body, I saw a woman laying in my place with medium long dark hair spread over the pillow, dead. I stayed awake all night praying and begged Jim to get me out of there. I’d forgotten about the ghost, if you can believe that, it’s been ten years. This time we prayed over the place, but I was terrified to go to sleep. I felt something watching me the whole time we were there. I told Jim I will not go back. I wonder if at the time this happened I had longer dark hair? I resembled this woman?

  2. c.k. I am the one who heard a voice whisper can’t breathe. I lived and worked at the resort for 8 yrs. I lived in the old managers cabin 106. I could tell some stories. lol we had paranormal investigators show up randomly at our door . they asked to go in and record for just a min. came out about 10 min later . he recorded a voice saying friend or fred. my brother fred had very recently passed away. by the time it was all said and done there were 70 class a evps. an article written by a freelance writer . I just listened to some of the evp ‘s yesterday. anyhow makes sense now. crazy!

  3. Yes I heard doors closing and opening and moaning and whining I believe that the lighthouse resort is haunted but I still stay there all the time I love it !!!

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