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This historic inn was built at the turn of the nineteenth century as a boarding house and hotel. During the early twentieth century, a team of horses pulled the inn across the street to where it now resides today. And shortly after the inn began operations again, it became clear that the ghosts that haunt the establishment also made the move. The building is rumoured to be haunted by Charles Beaver, who is guilt after forcing his wife and daughter to run the business for decades, and returned to apologise. Employees and guests have seen a male apparition in a suit roaming the halls, as if looking for someone.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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4415 Pacific Way
Seaview, WA
United States

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46.33485530000001, -124.05507369999998
Pacific County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Long Beach, WA (1.2 mi.)
Ilwaco, WA (1.9 mi.)
Chinook, WA (6.8 mi.)
Hammond, OR (10.5 mi.)
Ocean Park, WA (10.8 mi.)
Naselle, WA (11.8 mi.)
Warrenton, OR (13.3 mi.)
Astoria, OR (14.7 mi.)
Jeffers Garden, OR (15.9 mi.)
Deep River, WA (17.7 mi.)


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  1. In early 2008 I stayed at the Shelburne while on my honeymoon. My bride and I had booked the attic room on the third floor. I had no knowledge of paranormal activity in the vintage styled lodging beforehand. However, I experienced something that I was unable to explain then and to this day I cannot explain. At around four in the morning I awoke to a bright light coming from the room adjacent to where we were sleeping. It literally illuminated the entire room. Confused, I sat up and rubbed my eyes to assess what I was seeing better. A few seconds later I was amazed to see a bright white orb gracefully float from the the other room into ours. And although my adrenalin was pumping and I was frozen with fear, this energy and light anomaly didn’t feel menacing. I actually recall it seeming very peaceful. It simply glided slowly past the foot of our bed and dissipated into thin air. I was totally shocked at what I had seen. Immediately I jumped out of bed and ran to the window to see if I could dismiss it as a passing cars head lights or some other rational explanation. Of course I saw nothing except the dark of night and a few streetlights at that early hour. My wife slept through the entire experience which only lasted for about twenty or so seconds. Then I laid back down and eventually fell asleep again as I contemplated what had happened and why. The next morning we went downstairs for the breakfast portion of our accommodations. After putting in our order with the innkeeper, I asked if there had ever been any reports of strange activities on the property? The innkeeper had an interested look on his face and said. “Why?” “What did you see?” I replied “I’m not sure, but I saw something.” Then he said “Well, we usually get reports of sightings in the hallway and on the stairs.” Then he walked away and that was all that was said about it. After breakfast, he asked if we would like to move to one of their private offsite houses at discount. He mentioned one of the house had just opened up and had awesome views of the Columbia river. My wife and I said that sounds great and enjoyed the rest of our honeymoon there, but I never forgot about my ghost encounter at the Shelburne.

    • I grew up in Long Beach and one night my grandma wanted to go to dinner at the Shelburne so I tagged along. I was probably around 12 and I had to go use the restroom. When trying to leave the bathroom when I was done I couldn’t get out. The door was unlocked and the handle turning but the door would not open. I frantically pulled for a good 15 min until my grandma came to check on me. As soon as I heard her voice the door opened. I refused to pee there ever again.

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    My best friends mom works there. And it was midnight and we we’re helping her mom close up the shelburne. We asked if we could roam around. We did and on the top of the stairs we heard stuff like knocking, pounding, walking… and we were the only ones there. Just me, my best friend, and her mom

  3. September 2020 – My husband and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary weekend at this historic inn. We didn’t know of the history or ghost stories when booking. When we walked in the front door to check in, I was telepathically shown an image of a young (8 or 9 y/o) girl in a white petifore dress (1900’s). She later showed me the back stairway, as if that is where she died (the stairway is roped off as it is quite steep). Later that night, one of the employees told us of the young girl that has been seen in or near room 5 on the third floor. I asked if I could see the room and she was kind enough to let me in unattended. I took several photographs and saw orbs flying from the bathroom area into the bedroom. There is definitely a presence there but completely peaceful and felt like a young spirit. I am a clairvoyant, empath and often have paranormal events happen around me, so this did not surprise me.

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