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The Roma Historic District in Roma, Texas preserves an intact example of a border town in the lower Rio Grande valley. The town was an important port and transshipment point on the Rio Grande from 1829 to the 1880s.

The apparition of a beautiful girl in a flowing white dress has been seen in the plaza area outside the church late at night. Crying is also heard when no one is around.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

102 North Water Street
Roma, Texas
United States

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26.4062468, -99.01794940000002
Starr County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Roma-Los Saenz, TX (0.2 mi.)
Roma Creek, TX (1.3 mi.)
Evergreen Colonia, TX (1.4 mi.)
Loma Vista Colonia, TX (2.4 mi.)
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Sunset Colonia, TX (3.0 mi.)
Escobares, TX (3.4 mi.)
Fronton, TX (4.1 mi.)
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Garceno, TX (4.9 mi.)


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Comments (7)

  1. La LLorona is alive and well in Roma? Man, she really does travel, I have heard that she frequents San Antonio, the Valley (McAlllen,Weslaco,Brownsville etc.) Regardless, she must have a ton of stock invested in tissue paper for all of the crying she does. lol!

  2. As a former Roma Police Officer, I worked night shift many times. We patrolled that area due to a large amount of illegals (migrants) crossing the border illegally. One night me and another officer were stationary in front of the city hall (a street south of the church) at approximately 1 or 2am. He was in his patrol unit and I was on mine. We were talking about a case I had assisted him earlier that shift when I saw a black flowing shadow next the his front passenger window going toward the back of the unit. I followed the shadow with my eyes. My partner asked me what’s wrong. I immediately got off my unit to yelled at him “un mojado”(illegal immigrated) and he got off his unit following me. We both looked around the units and the surrounding areas but didn’t find anyone. I am a skeptical person but that night I know I saw something n I’m the type of person that I will look for something until I find it. That night we spend a little over an hour try to find the “illegal alien” but we never found anything. To this day I still think what could that black shadow be? A plastic bag that flew away? Idk but it was weird

  3. Felipe Mondragon  |  

    I was stationed there in Roma as I am a border patrol agent. One night, we received a call informing us that there were several illegal aliens walking on the main street of the city. As my partner and I drove to the area, we made contact with them and they all started running into the brush. My partner and I got off our SUV and engaged in a foot chase. With my partner by my side, we were running after these illegals and just when we were going to apprehend them, they vanished in thin air!! We both stopped in our tracks, looked at each other in disbelief. We searched and searched,but could not locate them. One thing we did notice was that as we were giving chase, all three appeared to be turning a bright white, then they vanished. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the truth. My partner and I have never said anything , until now because no one would believe us. Regardless, I’ve been told by other agents that they too have gone through similar experiences.

  4. There has been a lot of murders and deaths of illegals that come across the river and cross through Roma. As a DPS officer (now retired), I would investigate the remains of the deceased. There was one case of a woman who was determined to have been murdered. We found her remains behind a vacant building down the street from city hall. When we started questioning the citizens, no one knew anything about her. One afternoon, I went back to the spot where her body was found. Out of nowhere a medium sized brown dog appeared. This dog had the look in his eyes that he was sad. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I continued looking around. The dog began to bark and walk away, then came back as if to tell me something. I looked at it and he continued like as if to tell me something. I followed it and it led me to the murder weapon which was right next to a mechanic’s shop. The dog then began to bark very loud at the dumpster that was on the property. I looked in the dumpster and found a bag at the bottom which contained a shirt with blood on it. Forensics took over and returned with a verdict that it matched the deceased woman’s DNA. Long story short, After extensive questioning of the mechanic, he confessed to the murder. As I was handcuffing him, He said,” I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that meddling dog!” I went back to look for the dog and I could not locate it, like it just vanished out of nowhere. I went to the trunk of my squad car and took out a bag of Ole’ Roy and opened it. I left it there in hopes that the dog would find it. As I drove away, one of the citizens stopped and asked me why I was leaving the bag there? I told him it was for the dog that helped me solve the case. This old man told me that was impossible, that dog I described was exactly like his dog, but his dog passed away several years ago. Like I said, this is an old town. Anything that happens here doesn’t surprise me.

  5. My grandfather ran a bar in Roma’s Historical Plaza and my father saw this girl. He told me this story when I was a little kid so needles to say, when I read this, it verified that my pops was telling the truth.

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