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The 1918 Renaissance Casa De Palmas Hotel said to be haunted by the ghost of an elderly lady who appears in the basement. Another female apparition, or perhaps two, have been seen wearing black veils. Police officers were once called to check on a strange woman walking around on one of the building’s towers, and they found themselves trapped inside. The phones have been known to behave strangely in the building as well.

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101 N Main St
McAllen, TX 78501
United States

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26.2051953, -98.23441839999998
Hidalgo County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
McAllen, TX (0.3 mi.)
Pharr, TX (3.2 mi.)
San Juan, TX (5.0 mi.)
Lopezville, TX (5.2 mi.)
Mission, TX (5.7 mi.)
Palmhurst, TX (6.4 mi.)
Granjeno, TX (6.5 mi.)
North Alamo, TX (6.6 mi.)
Alamo, TX (7.1 mi.)
Hidalgo, TX (7.5 mi.)

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  1. I actually work at this hotel. there is alot going on here. Equipment being turned up hotter, radio volumes going up, pots and pans swinging doors opening and soda machine turning on..That is all just in the kitchen. Ive even caught things out of the corner of my eye like someone walking by. knowing it cant be because its 4 am and no one is in the kitchen but me.

  2. Well I am 14, me my sister and my parents stayed at Casa de Palmas on the 27th of June. On the trip upstairs my father and I knew something felt wrong about this place. Once we walked into the room my dad complained about the floor feeling uneven as if he had one leg shorter than the other and that something touched his foot. Past that we enjoyed ourselves at the pool. Then towards like 2 in the morning I wake up to use the bathroom, I then notice there are three pairs of scissors around the room and they are open. Us not knowing where the scissors came from we left and checked in somewhere else.

  3. I stayed at this hotel a few years ago and stayed on the third floor. In the middle of the night, I woke up to all the lights on and my blankets moving. It also felt like I was enveloped in electricity. I stayed in a different room after that but did not and could not sleep, and didn’t sleep well for a few months after that.

  4. At 2:59 am in the morning of January 19th, as I am asleep, laying on my right side with my left shoulder pointing upward toward the ceiling, my gold necklace dragged upward toward the ceiling against my left shoulder and I felt a tightness of the necklace press against the right side of my neck. Felt as though something was trying to pull the necklace from around my neck. I gathered the sheets around my neck and went right back to sleep. Figured the spirit wasn’t there to harm, just letting me know that I was being watched over.

  5. I stayed in this hotel for two nights in January 2016, and on the second night when I was almost asleep the phone across the room turned on by itself and I was treated to a dialtone over the speaker that then turned to a busy signal. I pulled the covers up over my head and stayed in bed I was so freaked out. The next morning I inspected the phone on the desk and everything appeared normal. This was on the third floor.

  6. I stayed at this hotel last night and as I was getting ready for bed, with the desk lamp on and looking up at the ceiling…I suddenly saw a shadow move in front of light of the lamp on the ceiling and afterwards couldn’t sleep. I’m so glad this was just a one night stay.

  7. My wife and I stayed at this hotel on the third floor,second room from the end of the hall. I woke up at around 2:00 am because I heard the phone ringing. I answered it and no one was one the line. I went back to sleep,again, the phone started ringing and again, I answered it and I heard a voice on the other line that sounded like a mumbling or like someone was playing a record backwards.To my dismay, my wife never heard it and she is a very light sleeper.I hung up, then left the phone off the hook. I told her about it the next morning and she said that she was overcome with a deep sleep, she couldn’t explain it.

  8. I was asleep when I suddenly felt the room very cold, like when you open the refrigerator. I had to cover myself really good. This is lasted a minute or two.

  9. David Bell Jr.  |  

    If you cannot read above, I came in late to the hotel and entered room 322. I took off my uniform (our airline lays over there) and took my water bottle out of the bag and set it next to the tv, I had to go to the bathroom, nature was calling. Bathroom door was slightly ajar while I was in the bathroom. I came out 15 minutes later to watch tv and I saw the bottle like this (see picture above). I KNEW it was a ghost that turned the bottle upside down!!! I NEVER knew the hotel was haunted and I had layovers there DOZENS of times without incident. I told the ghost to leave me alone and leave my room. I actually stayed another night in the room and nothing happened.

    • Me and my husband stayed in this same room on our wedding night unaware of the hauntings that occurred here previously. Nothing like this happened, but both me and my husband had nightmares all night. I had dreams of ghosts flooding the hallways, and a small girl all dressed in black standing in the corner of this room. When we woke up we both shared our dreams and he said he had the same dream. Mind you neither of us knew this hotel was haunted, but from the beginning we had a very eerie feeling as we walked the hallways. Definitely a night to remember since we’re both fans of all things scary! And it was our first night as husband and wife(:

  10. Lidia Barrientez  |  

    My husband and i stayed on the first floor a week ago. I got woken up by a hard yanking of my feet. That i woke up gasping.Thought it was my husband kicking me, but he was no where near me. I was so sleepy from the trip that i just went back to sleep. My husband also said that he woke up later in the morning and saw a shadow of a person standing next to the bed. I did not know this hotel was haunted till I got back to Austin. My co worker used to live there and i explained to him what happened and where we stayed and immediately he tells me that place is haunted. Creepy!

  11. I stayed there for a work week in early 2014, having no idea of any hauntings. On my next to last night, I was lying on my side trying to fall asleep, but not close yet. Restless, I tried to roll over, but couldn’t something firm was blocking my back (all the pillows were accounted for). I could move my arms and legs, but could not roll over or scoot backwards. Deeply disturbed, I quit trying and lay there still, praying silently, for about ten more minutes before I felt the pressure lift from my back. I rolled over fast and looked around, but saw nothing. Didn’t sleep the rest of the night, and spent most of the following night in the lobby or near the pool – never slept. I won’t go back. Can’t remember what floor – it was an upper floor at the back of the hotel. And no, I don’t want any part of any investigation. I won’t muck with the paranormal.

  12. Jerry Scrumhalf  |  

    My mom used to work there in the 80s. One day her car didn’t start at home, called my sister to give a ride not wanting to be late so my sister picked her up. My sister had my 3yr old nephew with her. When they arrived there, my 3yr old nephew, sitting in the back seat, said “Look mom, this is where I burned myself”. Mom & my sis looked at each other with a dumbfounded look. Not sure how true but apparently there had been a fire at that hotel in the 1930s or so? Point is, how would he know, obviously. #Creepy

  13. I’m staying there in 2 weeks. I have my wedding there and we’re styaing on the 3 floor. I’ll write back here if anything happens.

  14. I checked into my room there recently walking down the long first floor hallways I never felt quite at ease, just something felt off about the place, no balance. I get to my room, it’s small. I put down all my bags, and just kept feeling like someone was there next to me like 2 feet away. Kept catching glimpses but kept no mind, I took a shower and packed up my things. I felt that feeling like I was off balance. I took those as signs to check out. I booked another hotel that night. Don’t need that weird energy. But this place is definitely active. It just turned 101 years old. Go find out for yourself.

  15. Hey so i’m 13 and i stayed there last weekend for one night on a Saturday with My family(sister about 8 yrs,brother 16 yrs,mom,dad) we got two rooms on the 3rd floor one for my mom and dad and one for the three of us (me and my siblings) my parents had room 233 and we had room 231 so we weren’t connected close to our parents. When me and my brother went to put our stuff in our room(my sister was with our parents at the time) I had the biggest feeling that someone was breathing heavily right next to me over my shoulder but of course nothing was there.My brother also agreed that he felt strange and it felt unbalanced in the room and it was odd.After we had all unpacked we took the elevator to go to the first floor cause we wanted to check out the pool and the hotel.While me and my brother were walking down the hall the curtains of someones room moves intensely left and right making loud noises scaring me and my brother half to death so we both ran to catch up with the rest of our family (again my sister is with mom and dad) (so much has happened that i have to say so this will be quit a story) As we were all on the elevator we pushed the button for the first floor and it took us to the second floor so i was like what the hell that’s weird so my mom pressed it again first floor it takes us back to the third floor and my dad gets freaked out along with my little sister .Me and my brother just look at each other right away know this hotel is fucking HAUNTED.After 3 more tries we got to the first floor .As my dad asked about the elevator and told the lady at the front what happened the rest of us checked out the pool.It was nice.later on like a couple minutes my dad was still talking with the lady at the front desk about elevator problems or something.My mom and my little sister are next to the pool checking the temperature of the water.Out of no where my little sister says”Mom ! who’s that lady she looks weird!” My mom gets embarrassed because all the people outside stare her way and me and my brother are at the hot tub and we notice she’s pointing at nothing our little sister was pointing at a bush not a lady .I believe that she saw what she saw though because later on probably around 6:46 when i checked my phone.We went to hang out at the pool and barbecue. I had to go back to my parents room where my dad had the hot dog buns and i wanted to grad some extra Dr.peppers.(know that i went alone) I took the stairs cause i wan’t comfortable going to the stairs by myself. It was a long walk but i could use the extra exercise so i didn’t mind.As i got up to the third floor i was looking for my parents room number 233.I was kinda lost and as i was looking for the room number i saw it.saw her. There she was. The weird lady my sister had pointed out outside. I was scared to death. I was alone . scared. Until i saw it .room 233! i put in the card to the door and quickly got inside grabbing the hot dog buns and getting the Dr.peppers from the fridge. I was scared to go back out there.I felt frozen. That feeling where everything stops and you just freeze.Your heart just drops and you immediately feel like passing out.I eventually after like 4 four minutes sucked it up and ran out to the hall.She was gone and i was relieved.When i first saw her in the hall i stood there for a good 11 seconds capturing her image. She was maybe about 5’2 and she looked like any other lady you’d see at H.e.B buying toilet paper for her family or 8. She looked about around her 30’s or 40’s but she did have a mean/gloomy type of face. When i went back outside i had only told my brother about what had happened .(I told my parents the next day)–will go back to when i told them) So then anyway we had a good time together swimming and eating you know American things like hamburgers and hot dogs. It was getting late maybe at like 10:00.We all headed back to our rooms and this time my sister wanted to sleep with my mom so it was just me and my brother. Alone withe the T.V and snacks. We planned to do an all nighter(if u don’t know what that’s where u stay up all night)lol like duh anyway after taking a shower me and my brother turned on the T.V and it was working and i had texted my mom if her’s was working and she responded yes.Which made me thing ..Fuck ..not again.There had to be some type of spirit letting us know that it’s in here with us.After it not working and me getting frustrated i yell “OMGF just work already ” it worked and went to channel 26 where they were playing Diary Of A Wimpy Kid on Nickelodeon.Later on the lights flickered all weirdly and randomly and this was later on when i was on my phone i remember looking at the time..2:54.I told my brother”Hey Justin it’s about to be 3:00am” To us that meant holy shit Devil’s hour..or Witch’s hour.For Sure some paranormal activity was bound to happen especially to teenagers as dumb as So it did.Stuff totally fucking happened . As i was falling asleep watching one of my favorite movies , Grown Ups lol it’s funny i was slowly falling asleep and my eyes were heavy.I woke up gasping. Something or Someone pulled on my arm like something strong.And as i woke up my brother was in the bathroom listening to his music kinda loud and i called out his name and he was there.He came out and i asked him right away did u pull on my arm when i fell asleep? He said no.I was frozen once again just sitting there knowing just knowing for sure something is here and it wants attention.I was actually not too scared i searched up hauntings about the hotel came on here read the comments and it actually made me feel less scared knowing i’m not the only one who’s been scared half to death here.It’s actually pretty cool encountering ghosts and weird shit like that but like when ur right in the middle of it happening you freak out.Me and my brother actually ended up sleeping at like 4 or 5 ..not sure.The next morning Me and the family had breakfast and taled about our experiences at the hotel me and my siblings just said it was grat and blah blah it was nice and fun…none of the creepy shit.Now remember when i said i’d be back at when i said that i told my parents the next day? Ok so I had told them when we stopped at a Whataburger for lunch during the roadtrip I told my mom everything in the bathroom and she had encountered a ghost too.This was not the same ghost i had seen though.This was an animal.She said that she saw a big gray/black colored cat outside during the barbecue at the pull and that she was gonna walk to it until it dissapeared right after she turned the other way for a couple of seconds.My mom says that this cat had been relaxing hadn’t moved since we got to the pool. Maybe what she saw was an actual cat or maybe it wasn’t .I’ll never know if what i saw or what she saw ..or what any of us saw is real or not.
    That’s my story
    Have any of you encountered any of this?

  16. I will be staying in this hotel tonight , I will definitely update you ! As soon as I walked in I felt sprit energy , no bad vibes . I didn’t know it was haunted until this very post.

  17. Hey all, me and my friend have a YouTube channel and will be staying at the hotel this week, and documenting everything that happens in a video we hope to release soon. If we don’t release it, call the cops… -Shaqo. We just released a video documenting our visit to the Old San Juan Hotel and caught some interesting things if you’re at all interested in that. If any of you have stories you’d like to share with us and have it appear in a video, send it to the email See you all soon.

  18. I am currently staying at this hotel for work and had been given a heads up that it’s potentially haunted but I’ve never had a paranormal experience in my life nor necessarily believed that they were possible. Around 2am, after tossing and turning for most of the night, I jolted awake when I heard someone stomping down the stairs and yelling in fright. My room was right next to the stairwell on the 2nd floor (210). As quickly as it started it was over and I was absolutely awake and spooked. It sounded like someone in distress running down the stairs. Not 10 minutes later, my phone rings and there is no one on the line.

    I wasn’t supposed to leave my room until around 6am but shortly after this I got all my stuff together, got dressed and got out of there. I’m now sitting in the lobby waiting for the hotel van nearly two hours early.

    There’s definitely something happening here.

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