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The ghost of former owner Mr Shary has been seen walking across the road from the cemetery he was buried in back to his house. People have also seen the apparition sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

4956 North Shary Road
Palmhurst, TX
United States

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26.262476170253276, -98.27762049430021
Hidalgo County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Palmhurst, TX (2.5 mi.)
Alton, TX (2.8 mi.)
Alton North (historical), TX (2.8 mi.)
West Sharyland, TX (3.2 mi.)
Mission, TX (4.4 mi.)
McAllen, TX (5.0 mi.)
La Homa, TX (5.4 mi.)
Palmview, TX (6.1 mi.)
Doffing, TX (6.8 mi.)
Palmview South, TX (7.0 mi.)


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  1. My father in law saw an old man in a rocking chair that was on the side of the road rocking his chair late at father in law worked for Mr bentson who was married to the shary family and when they turned to check there was nothing there the old man disappeared .

  2. this house looks fairly old to me!!! I live in Texas but, NOT that area. I live way north of that. but i’d say It IS haunted Tell me how many miles it is from DFW area

    • My friend and I had gone at around 2am and parked next to the cemetery on the side on the road. We got down and close to the house just to see around. I’m not sure if anyone actually lives there but there was someone on the property. A man was walking around and at first we ran away because we might get someone angry, but then the man just simply wasn’t seen again… we went around to see if maybe he was in the back but no, no one was there anymore…

  3. I have been there in the evening several times and have seen the rocking chair rock back and forth when there is no wind blowing. As we approached it, it suddenly stopped.Regardless, I know that something supernatural has something to do with it moving.We got this eerie feeling as we approached it. You should go and visit,it is peaceful and quiet.I recommend going right before the sun is about to set.

  4. I was driving through there to go to edinburg,,and when I passed where the shary mansion on street, my car was messing up,,my sterring wheel felt like if it didn’t wanna move no more,, so I would press the gas and car didn’t wanna advance,,so I just said a prayer and car started to work..I later found out that area around sharry mancion was haunted including street..

  5. As we were driving south on Shary Rd at around 1am coming from a BBQ at my brothers ranch north on 107. My wife notice a lady walking on the side of the rd on top of the bridge which I had not seen but decided to turn back to see if what my wife was saying was true. My daughter was side on the back sit and both my wife and daughter lowered their windows to see better and there she was walking. I was driving real slow to try to figure out if it was a normal person or a ghost that we were in countering. We didn’t stop completely because she notice us and decide to go past her but I asked my wife to get her phone camera and video her on our way back south her she was gone.

  6. I visited the Shary Mansion some time in the late 1990s to early 2000s when they use to give tours of the mansion. Upon entering it, you could smell the age of it. Very old and musty. It was like taking a step back in time. It still had the old furniture left behind. It has a 2 lane bowling alley in the lower floor, a huge kitchen and the main entrance is so big it had 4 different living room sets and was used as a ballroom too. The second floor had the bedrooms and again it had all the furniture as it use to be back in the day. Unfortunately we did not experience any paranormal activity. It would be great to see if you can contact the owners, I believe it was donated to the Pan American University, so that they can begin giving tours again.

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