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No longer in business, this hotel is said to be the site where a prostitute was once murdered. Folks say you can hear ghostly screaming and crying for help coming from the building, and her apparition can be seen calling and waving from a second-story window at night.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    W 5th and S Lincoln
    San Juan, TX
    United States

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    26.189370725747796, -98.15682953598298
    Hidalgo County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    San Juan, TX (0.1 mi.)
    Pharr, TX (1.7 mi.)
    Alamo, TX (2.1 mi.)
    North Alamo, TX (2.6 mi.)
    Lopezville, TX (3.4 mi.)
    South Alamo, TX (3.7 mi.)
    McAllen, TX (4.6 mi.)
    Murillo Colonia, TX (5.4 mi.)
    Nurillo, TX (5.8 mi.)
    Muniz, TX (6.2 mi.)


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    1. i went with a group of friends lastnight to the hotel close to 3 am. we were in there fora few minutes and opened one of the room doors and heard something get thrown and a female scream , then a quick scream like in agony then silence and we all ran!

      • We also went there late at night but 2 dirty hobos live there i thought we were gonna get mugged but one by name of cecilio said he used to work there thats it and the story of a girl being murdered is true

    2. Omg my dad used to work at Pizza Hut and on a late trip to deliver he passed by the hotel and he said he saw a party on the second floor and I guess he hadn’t noticed it had been closed for the past 60 years and he saw a girl at the window waving and signaling him to come but he didn’t so one his way back he passed it and had realized damn the hotel party ended early and he saw a sign that said historical hotel sanjaun hotel has been closed for over sixty years ago oldest build in our town so sure as he was he went in side the hotel and saw the same girl and she said nice seeing but sorry I have to go of course I did die fifty years ago and stay and you’ll be like me and then she disapered and then he freaked out and called the police and they said no sir this hotel has been closed for years and no there was no party going on earlier tonight

    3. I went there one time and walked the halls alone not to sure why but i was working on the building next to it never knew a thing about it but seemd like a nice place to look at i walked to a basement that lead bu stairs down on the side i felt a very cold feeling and as i was about to make a call to my brother my phone shut COMPLETELY OFF! I KNEW from that moment i over stayed my welcome with a new found respect for that place i see nothing good from venturing there if you care to share your stories of the location id like to hear it 956.867.3437 thank you and good day

    4. This place is definitely haunted. Went there with a few friends back in ’09 and we just felt this really cold chill come on us and you could hear this ugly sound. I ran back to the car but supposedly my friend said she saw an image but nonetheless that place is so creepy.

    5. I’ve been here, there is a sign posted about a story about a man that died in this place. I don’t know if the prostitute story is real, as it says here that the prostitute was murdered maybe the city is trying to hide the truth for any reason. I haven’t been inside the building though.

    6. My brother was there last night with a group of friends around 10 pm. My brother recorded about 10 minutes of them walking around the hotel, they were barely walking in the building talking amongst each other when 16 seconds into the video he caught a ghost saying something. The first word is inaudible but the other words can clearly be heard. It said “inaudible, get out!” It was a faint whisper and I had to turn my head phones up fully to understand it. At the time my brother said he heard no whispers but felt like he was being watched. There were also whispered conversations caught on the video, as if more than one entity had something that they wanted to be heard. And also that inaudible word would be said in a different part of the hotel. That place is definitely haunted and do not want to be disturbed. I get the chills just thinking about it.

    7. Julissa guerrero  |  

      Me & some friends went today around 9:30, we parked in the side, were the stairs were facing us. While we were getting off the car to explore it, we looked up the stairs & there was a man watching us. He was definitely scary & was Wearing a white & black suit & was old & bold. There was a guy behind him in orange but we couldn’t see his face. We got back in the car as quickly as we can & looked back right before we took off & you could see him walk back inside. That place is definitely haunted! This wasn’t just a man! He looks so scared & everything. I recommend not going if your really scared because that place is haunted Forsure.

    8. My name is Bert Tamez, member of The Ghost Hunters of South Texas. I am wanting some more information about the area, and if my group and I can go investigate?

    9. Brittany Martinez  |  

      My bf and I heard about the haunted hotel in San Juan Texas, we decided to check it out and pass by the building, it was maybe about 9:20 pm on Oct. 2 2016, we saw the building and as we got close, I got this small weird feeling and I told him “there’s something wrong with me” he said “what’s wrong?” I then said “it hurts” he thought I was playing cause he knows I get scared easily, as he drove closer, I swear I got this insane panic attack that hit me SO FAST, I was gasping for air, my head felt heavy, felt like my chest was sinking in my body, I was literally choking, I couldn’t breathe, I was crying at the same time, then he drove even more closer, he noticed I was panicking, he was yelling “breathe!” And all I could do was just hit him on his arm, like as in, we gotta get out of here..he drove fast on the street, passing the hotel, and I was able to breathe finally, I had stopped crying, I felt so much better, I don’t know why I had got that panic attack, I was fine all’s crazy weird how when we had got close, I got that panic attack, I got it as fast as a blink of an bf that he was really scared, he thought something was really wrong with me, I didn’t even know what was wrong with me, it all happened so fast..We are not going there again lol

      • How can you post something at 8:52 pm on October 2, 2016 if the situation happened to you at 9:20 pm on the same day?? Also, you got a panic attack from being fearful of the confrontation of being scared of the hotel. It happens when watching scary movies too. Be careful, because it is possible to scare yourself to death while awake or sleeping…

      • We also experienced physical harm when we went. We got sick. Nauseous and my bf vomited and felt pain. I also got lots of anxiety and pain in my left leg like someone had a hold of it.

    10. *************WARNING *****************

      It is known that this prostitue does not like males by the name “Charlie” or “Carlos” …

    11. I have been researching the story of the murdered female escort.
      And have not come across a story of it in San Juan hotel or other deaths.
      To be a haunted hotel u need to know the story of the deaths to make it real.
      I’m doing a paper on haunted places and seems ibhave no facts. Please share names of people who died. And dates

    12. My friends and I went last just drove around it and took pics. We got some creepy vibes and captured some weird stuff on the pictures. The four of us are sensitive to spirits. We all got sick and had to leave. Pains and nausea. My bf vomited. Definitely a creepy place.

    13. Captured this amazing apparition. Took this the same day before my investigation with some buddies.
      Check out my Youtube Channel. “South Texas Paranormal.”

    14. There is nothing we went around 2 am we had flash lights we taunted the ghost called it out nothing walked throught the whole building nobody felt chills or cold spots we called every name it supposably “hates” i honestly think everyone who posted here is stoned and “saw and felt things”

    15. Lmao everyone here cappin I literally juss got home from their like 10 min ago nun happened 2 rooms were cold tho the basement n room 101 but basements usually cold so ion know what y’all on

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