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Formerly a convent, this hotel is now known for its strange spirits, including some nuns’ apparitions. Rumor has it that a spook here will assume the form of living employees to trick people, except that it cannot speak. Witnesses also have reported cold spots and the sound of someone calling out their names, as well as moving and dropping objects and footsteps that sound as if they are running in the ballroom.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    1000 Zaragoza St
    Laredo, TX 78040
    United States

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    27.501738767585596, -99.50610016285276
    Webb County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Laredo, TX (0.3 mi.)
    Larga Vista, TX (4.7 mi.)
    Los Altos Colonia, TX (7.4 mi.)
    San Carlos Number 1 Colonia, TX (8.2 mi.)
    La Presa, TX (8.2 mi.)
    Laredo Ranchettes, TX (8.4 mi.)
    Rio Bravo, TX (9.6 mi.)
    El Cenizo, TX (10.4 mi.)
    Pueblo Nuevo Colonia, TX (12.0 mi.)
    Ranchos Penitas West Colonia, TX (13.4 mi.)

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    1. I worked in the accounting for a few years and too often could one hear the running and dropping of heavy objects in the St Augustine Ballroom. A very cold rush of air could also be felt in the lobby restroom. And lets not even talk about the copycat spirit that haunts the place!

    2. I did not spend the night here but my mother told me of her experience. She was sleeping and was awoken by a presence in the room. She turn over to notice a person laying in mid-air with their body positioned with one hand above their head and the other at their side. She thinks that the person was a male and had died. It also would whisper into her ear “HELP ME” with a raspy voice.

    3. I live in cherry hills apartments in the base area. Cherry Hills is housing unit by goverment property. My apt 34 was haunted by some death people. My bedroom have portal . I would like to come to my house and check . All Apartments are haunted. Some paranormal event than the others. My unit is one of the most haunted around 3yrs later. Now the paranormal events start again . If you have change send a email, call me 956 415 4993.

    4. I was an airline employee staying there around 2008.I remember i was in room 215. I was awakened by my bed shaking. I wasnt sure about it and went back to sleep. I again had the bed shake, i was more awake this time and could not figure out what it was , it shook i think about 5 seconds, i then was awake and for a third time felt the bed shake. I thought my fellow crew member had played a joke and tied a string to the bed from the next room under an adjoining door but that was a real stretch and nothing was there. I got up to go eat as this was during the day , i came back to the room which had two beds, with one having my open suitcase and some arranged things. My suitcase was on the floor with the items in the same position as they were on the bed and nothing disturbed or missing. I had a do not disturb sign out so ruled out housekeeping. I asked the hotel van driver about it and he refused to discuss it. very strange.

    5. i had a dream about this hotel……kept hearing bangs on the door like lots of times….the only thing i heard was a demon saying “open this door!” but i couldn’t wake up at all….but all of a sudden i woke up….checked the time and it was 3:00 am….i got chills when i saw the time….because i mean they say that something about that time like bad things happen….i really don’t know! but i really don’t like this hotel just by seeing it gets me chills….yea i’ve heard people saying that it’s scary and they’ve heard strange things….but i want to find out myself

    6. ok, so Wow, I am now convinced that what I experienced sometime between 2002-2006 was paranormal activity. I had stayed at La Posada often for work, but one night I woke up very cold around 3 a.m. and adjusted the temperature in the room. I had trouble sleeping and felt strangely afraid. I recall laying there praying. Then, I finally fell asleep only to be woken up by the sound of heavy footsteps pacing back and forth and some other racket on the floor above me. When I got up and ready to go, the front desk staff asked how my night went. I said fine, but wondered if someone had been working upstairs or if there was work or something going on at night. They inquired what floor I was on, and when I told them, they said that the floor above me was vacant. I double checked my room number and they verified that there were no rooms being used on the floor above me – I think they said it hadn’t been remodeled for rooms or it was the top floor —somethng like that. I never went there again. Later that day, someone told me that it was in the area of the Mexican American War and that they might have been an old soldier’s boots I heard. Maybe…

    7. I too worked at the accounting Dept, which happens to be just below the St. augustine Ballroom, for little under three years. We were four at the accounting dept and we took alternating lunches. Often when I was by myself I could clearly hear the dropping of heavy objects and someone running from one sde of the ballroom to the other several times, and also the copier would begin making copies by itself, I tried not thinking too much about it, but there were many employees I knew had seen the copycat sirit, and yes it never spoke, and many other empoyees that had witnessed other supernatural phenomenon.

    8. I stayed there just last week for a track meet in laredo and i was soooo scared when i woke up from my 3 am nap. There was a ghost with my bed sheet over its head with holes cut out where the eyes should be, and it kept screaming “OOOOOOOO” I WAS SO SCARED OMG LOL. but he was pretty cool, we ended up hanging out all night lol.

    9. Kristina Bautista  |  

      Hi my name is Kristina. I visited the Hotel in 2014 with 3 of my four children. It is beautiful i fell in love with the place. I took several pictures i just love the place. When i got there and came into the hotel i ran into about 2 or 3 nuns in the hallway. I asked one for directions for the room i needed to go to for an appt for my son. He had an interview there. She quickly gave them to me and we went on about our business. A couple of weeks after i went on the internet and looked up the place so i could book a stay there in the summer. I was shocked to read that it was haunted. It stated if you ever see nuns there that they are ghosts! I grabbed the phone and plain out asked if nuns worked or stayed there and i was told no. I gave them the dates and they laughed and again was told that no the nuns were ghosts. The funny thing is that my mother in law was with us and she was the only one who did not see the nuns.

    10. I stayed at the La Posada Hotel many years ago on a business trip. The room I stayed in was back away from the lobby on the opposite side of pool. Similar to many stories I have read, around three am I felt my wife getting into bed, it took me a couple of minutes to realize but my wife was 1000 miles away. I woke up thinking some one must have came into my room by mistake and did not see me and went to bed, soon I turned the light on and there was no one there. What I found interesting for having such a strange experience, I was very relaxed with no sense of panic. After a bit I went back to sleep and in an hour or so it felt as if two or maybe three children where jumping on my bed again I turned the light on to find nothing. This happened one more time before I woke for the day.

      Feeling a bit self conciece I asked at the front desk if, maybe someone had ever mentioned anything similar, they asked me what room and when I told them the room number, the woman asked if it was like some one jumping on bed and I said yes. That was when I was told that has been reported often.

      But at no point during the night and experience did I ever feel scared or threatened. Would love to stay again if I get back to the area again. This time there will be no tequila in the picture.

        • Just stayed there for business trip. Nice old hotel. When going to sleep, I heard like mariachi type voices and instruments. Thought they fit in, but the voices and instruments were distant. But every time they strung the instruments the lights would flicker. This went on for about 45 minutes. I could not understand the lyrics or songs being played. I asked the front desk I’d there were mariachis playing the night before and there were none.

    11. During my recent stay at LaPosada I experienced some really strange activity that made me feel uncomfortable to the point that I shortened my stay. On day one after I was settled in my room and went into the bathroom to freshen up I saw water all over the bathroom floor and drops on the edge of the tub. I looked at the ceiling to see if maybe there was a leak but there was no leak visible. I notified the front desk and the maintenance man came to inspect. He could not detect a leak and thought maybe the shower head had been shifted and leaked on the floor. About an hour later I sat on the bed and turned on the TV and when the ac unit came on a loud noise came from the TV and the TV shut off. I tried to turn the TV off with the remote but it would not come back on. Maintenance was called again. He inspected the TV and replaced it with another. The rest of the evening went well. The next day I went to work and when I returned I went into the bathroom and the water was in the floor again with droppings on the edge of the tub like the day before. Maintenance came again and was so puzzled that he got his supervisor to investigate. The supervisor determined that there was an undetected leak and that I would have to move to another room which was next door to this one. I moved my things into the other room and settled in for the evening. After watching TV for a long time I fell asleep on the sofa in the sitting area only to be awakened by the room phone ringing at 1:46AM. I was afraid to answer and waited for it to stop ringing. After it stopped ringing I called the front desk to see if they called the room and the gentleman said no. That’s when I really started to feel uncomfortable. I went into the bedroom area to get ready for bed when knocking(on wood sound) started on the wall that was made of Brick. I became afraid so I went back in the sitting area and laid on the sofa. After laying on the sofa I started hearing noises from the room above me. I could hear a woman crying, a man raising his voice and a lot of foot movement. The next morning was quiet after I woke up but an hour later the noise upstairs started again. The male voice was loud and I could tell that he was angry. I could hear him threatening the woman and that is when I packed up my things and left. I did report the disturbance I heard above me but I did not mention the other strange activity. I felt like someone or something did not want me there. I had previously stayed there for business on numerous occasions and absolutely loved it and never experienced anything creepy until recently. La Posada was one of my favorite hotels. I’m not sure what I experience but there was some type of activity going on that cannot be explained.

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