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The Crandall House was built in the 1800s by unsuccessful stockbroker Sylvester Crandall for himself and his wife Julie. Legend has it that the two fought incessantly over money, and Sylvester was often seen by himself in the house’s cupola. In 1887, Julia’s mother, sister and stepsister came to take Julia home, and Sylvester shot Julia’s mother and stepsister to death while Julia’s sister ran and hid. Then Sylvester shot Julia before going up to the cupula and shooting himself. After this, the neighbors were puzzled to see Sylvester walking on his property at night or sitting in the cupola. The light there would stay on until the sun came up. There is also an account from neighbor James Mann, who became stuck in the snow one night and was helped by another man who appeared to be Sylvester.

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Geographic Information

1332 W High St
Ballston Spa, NY
United States

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42.9995072, -73.86575619999996
Saratoga County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Ballston Spa, NY (0.9 mi.)
North Ballston Spa, NY (1.6 mi.)
Milton, NY (2.5 mi.)
Round Lake, NY (5.7 mi.)
Country Knolls, NY (6.6 mi.)
Saratoga Springs, NY (7.1 mi.)
East Glenville, NY (7.9 mi.)
Galway, NY (8.5 mi.)
Mechanicville, NY (11.2 mi.)
Stillwater, NY (11.5 mi.)


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  1. I live in Ballston Spa and the story I once read was Mr. Sylvester and his wife did fight often so she decided to leave. With what family members I am still a little unclear about. Anyways when his wife and family members were getting into the buggy he ran outside with a revolver and shot them all dead in the buggy. He then retreated into the house and went up to the copula where he hanged himself. I say he hanged himself rather than shot himself because I’ve heard stories of neighbors seeing a man hanging in the copula. How true these accounts are I am not sure. I just figured another version of the story could be told.

  2. Ive lived at 1332 west high st and i can tell all that doubt it the place is haunted i had knifes fly out of my sliverware draw i had a message written on my bathroom mirror that said get out or die i also have seen what looked like a person hanging . I have had a good friends wife thrown down the stairs and when i fanaily left the apt i was renting my ex wife myself and a friend looked up at my apartment window and it was glowing red

  3. I lived HERE IN THIS HOUSE from 1989-1991. Nothing strange ever happened..I actually do have photo’s of the coupula where Crandall took his own life…

  4. Where do I go for information to investigate the house, or any of the haunted areas? I’m new to the paranormal stuff and I really would like to investigate some of these places and film the evidence.

  5. Can you share the photos of the house. My mother almost bought this house in 1980, she and my Step Father wanted to turn the first floor into a restaurant. The town did not approve so they never purchased the house. I was suppose to live on the third level with my husband, the second I walked in I got a werid feeling, I had no idea what happened until we took the tour of the house.

  6. I had a friend in school that lived there. We used to go there sometimes after school. Definitely had alot of weird scary things happen,

  7. I went to school next to that house and there is definitely paranormal activity we used to play in the playground that was located directly behind that house and we used to tell stories and scare each other.and the light in the cupola definitely turned on and would stay on for a few nights at the time knowone lived there in the 80s early 90s go there from your own opinions

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