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Saratoga County Homestead (aka Homestead Sanitarium) opened in 1914 as a tuberculosis hospital. It is rumored to be haunted by patients who perished here, one of whom may be Mr. Horace Carpentier, buried at the nearby Barkersville Cemetery. The sanatarium is sometimes referred to as Bills Road Infirmary in Providence, NY. Trespassing is absolutely forbidden at this site – don’t even bother visiting unless you’ve acquired the appropriate permissions ahead of time.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Barkersville Road
    Barkersville, NY
    United States

    Get Directions »
    43.10341550735354, -74.02087354668765
    Saratoga County, New York
    Nearest Towns:
    Galway, NY (5.9 mi.)
    Broadalbin, NY (9.4 mi.)
    Milton, NY (9.8 mi.)
    North Ballston Spa, NY (10.3 mi.)
    Perth, NY (10.6 mi.)
    Hagaman, NY (11.1 mi.)
    Ballston Spa, NY (11.2 mi.)
    Northville, NY (11.4 mi.)
    Saratoga Springs, NY (12.0 mi.)
    Mayfield, NY (12.3 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. Been driving by this place for 30 years since i was a kid.Being as having a camp in the area it always looked creepy, closed now looks even worse! 10/23/14. But worth a trip.NO ACCESS TO SITE!

    2. I heard about this place I will really like to visit it I was wondering do anyone know any information on who to contact so I can do my investigation

      • Although highly unrecommended, you can sneak into this building. Most people park around the corner and sneak in the back. It is illegal, so don’t get caught! It’s also very dangerous, as it is falling apar . If you haven’t been yet, be careful if you do go

    3. Would like to tour the sanitorium who or hiw do i contact the care taker doin research on old buildings n really interested plz contact me back ty

      • Although highly unrecommended, you can sneak into this building. Most people park around the corner and sneak in the back. It is illegal, so don’t get caught! It’s also very dangerous, as it is falling apar . If you haven’t been yet, be careful if you do go

    4. Michele Canary  |  

      Place is pretty cool. U obviously have to trespass to get into the place so beware of that. We parked across the road, as we went to leave and put the truck in drive, we didn’t go anywhere. We kept putting it in park then drive even switching out ppl since no one knew what the prob was and after like a half of an hour of playing this game out truck was in park and jerked forward. We dropped it in drive and got outta there lol.

    5. the care taker lives next door. the neighbors pay attention as well. sneaking in is not a good thing the care taker will have you arrested. I’ve drove past it a few times. i think the best way to find out is to drive out there and ask to find the care taker and then ask that person. i do have a few more photos as well.

    6. My sister and I came to visit saratoga a few years back and was looking for a place to play disc golf. But, we ended up getting turned around and stumbled upon this place. We thought it would be a good idea to jump the fence and take a peek inside to just get our thrills. When we went inside I was some glad it was during the day cause at night I would have just stayed outside. After about 20 mins inside we got s few pix and decided to get the hell out. But. As I was driving down the road, we started to feel sick and have headaches like something was on or in us. It was until a few minutes later my sister pulled out a tile she took from the place… my superstitious thought was to return it immediately..
      So my sis agreed. and we went back to return the tile.
      Once, the tile was returned we both felt better and got the hell outta dodge.

    7. I personally know many people who have been inside this place and have does extensive research on it and not only is it extremely haunted, it is evil. The leading doctor there would experiment on his patients, especially females, toying around with their reproductive organs claiming it was for science, but really it was for his perverted curiosity. He would kill patients and claim tuberculosis was the cause. You cannot find any public record on the deaths without getting in trouble. Most of the records were burned. People that have been inside at night have stated feeling sick and uneasy at all times. There are videos on YouTube of various occurances around the place including a child ghost in the childrens ward, evil laughing, and other spirits. Wheter they are real or not, the Saratoga Homestead is known by everyone who has ever lived in upstate New York. After hearing the stories, my want to go inside has not ceased, but then again, neither has my fear of the evils of the place.

    8. I’ve done much research on this place. It’s always been so interesting to me, and back during the summer while inside I have on video a small glimpse of a shadow. Although nothing else happened back in July, I was here as of yesterday with a group of friends. Not only did we hear loud but profound music(kinda like a hymn) as we were pulling out of the front lot, I flashed my high beams as we saw a legit “shadow” scamper away from my highbeams. that encounter sealed my belief , and verified to myself and all of my friends that this place is truly haunted



    10. I was there this past late fall. Interestingly enough, I was walking the front of the building with camera equipment when a Saratoga County Sheriff drove by. I waved, he returned the wave and kept going. I walked the entire perimeter. I could see where the fence had been damaged and repaired in several spots. The west side of the fence and posts had been pulled entirely out of the ground. The rear of the building was completely accessible. doors propped open with a piece of wood. Exterior is actually in great condition. I did not enter because I was alone. Ive been in this situation before and came upon squatters. Not a good position to be in. With nobody watching my back, I elected to only peek into one of the doors. The mold and mildew smell was fairly strong. Lots of noises coming from second and third floors. Almost sounding like metal file cabinets opening and closing. I did take many HDR photos of the property. If your interested, you can visit my website galleries and have a look.

    11. Hit like if you can see the face I captured! First pic was 3 orbs .. I took a burst shot .. first was 3 orbs. Next was this face .. crazy.. editor made it blue. But original was green

    12. My other pic won’t upload. But I felt like something was around my buddy’s and I the whole time .. the burst shot was 3 orbs in the lower right of my screen. The second was this face that I had sent in an anilized .. very cool and the investigator I sent it to made these pics for me and framed them

    13. These pics where taken in the back feild of the building.. it was pitch dark and I took a burst shot facing the rear of the building before we left. I got in the car and when reviewing the photos I was amazed at what was seen

    14. I went to this historic site at 2 am with two of my friends. We parked down the road and walked to the sanatorium. I can say that I was a little spooked before going in. But it was just nervousness. We went in and explored the entire building. The basement, the two levels, and the roof. We were there for about 2 hours, and not one sign of the paranormal. No spooky encounters, no noises, no apparitions. We saw nothing, which was unfortunate. I didn’t even feel a presence. I believe it is partly because I don’t believe in the paranormal, but I went here trying to see if it would lead me to believe. The adventure was good. But paranormal activities do not exist there. At least, not for me or my friends anyway.

    15. 28 years ago, 1990, my then fiancé, myself and 4 other couples went up and in. Back then, the doors still stood, there were no outside damage to the structure and there was even all of the window glass unbroken and still in tact. We went through, every floor from end to end. In the center of the building on each floor is a common room with a grand fireplace. Our visit was at the end of winter so snow and ice had fallen through the chimneys and it poured out, frozen to the floor probably12 feet in diameter. On the bottom level, below ground is the kitchen, and attached is a narrow, windowless hallway that turns slightly, continues and then opens up at the far right side to the hospital crematorium. The ovens, and receiving doors still stand today. There is an pulley style elevator shaft and a small theatre that when we went was frozen and approx. 2-3 feet deep. Cool sight with a hardwood bottom. So all this is to explain the integrity of the building at the time, and that it was still very much like the hospital that had closed. We, all the couples together walked to the end of the hallways where there is an open atrium style area. We checked it out, looked out the windows at the caretakers house next door, then began to walk back. We all stayed together, and were fairly certain we were alone. As we turned back down the hall, we noticed a metal, 50’s style medical gurney was now placed in the middle, across the hall way. Beyond that, a single stack of books, stacked 3- 4 feet high. These were absolutely not there when we went through. As we stood there completely freaked out by this, we all, audibly heard from one of the patient rooms adjacent to us a phlegmy, sick cough. With that we were out. All of the girls headed out immediately, and we tough guys stayed behind because clearly we are all so prepared to handle such a situation! The girls said that they could see our flashlights at the lower bottom of the building, as we made our way out, but they could also see small orange lights at the upper parts of the building were no one was. That’s it. No little girl spectre or lost film producers. The cough, the orange lights, stacked books or the gurney I cant explain. What I would say is the place is not a happy place and for many it was the last stop on a long and tough road. Whatever had been there has long moved on. I and my then fiancé, now wife as well as a few of the other couples still live near there and have watched it sadly decay even more over time. The thing that scares me the most of this incident? That leaves me shaking in fear? That was 28 years ago!! AAAHHHH!!!!

    16. My dad and I decided to go on a drive last night and we decided to look for the old run down sanitarium. We found it and drove by. While driving by, I started getting really emotional, to the point of me crying. We pulled into the driveway between the overseer’s house and the hospital and the feeling went away. We discussed going in and finally decided we were going to give it a try, as the basement door was open. My dad reversed the car and we looked up into the second floor third window and saw a woman standing back against the wall. As we pulled forward slowly, 3 more figures appeared. The woman was standing up as well as 2 other figures and one was kneeling on one knee. The woman had straight black hair to about her chest and they looked like they were black and white. This experience will stick with me forever. I will never forget how she was dressed.

    17. Been in here a few times,me and a bunch of friends use to go there as thrill seeking teenagers looking for a place to have some fun and drink underage. There would be times when it would just be a few of us,other times it was a few car loads of us at a time,everytime at night.
      we had a blast in that place.
      My first time there I was scared shitless,bit not enough to not go in,me and two others entered and 2 stayed in the vehicle,we were in there for maybe 30 minutes but barely made it a quarter of the way through in fear of getting list in there although it’s really not that big in there.
      We didn’t see or hear anything crazy but when we got back in the vehicle the two that stayed back told us they heard a loud crash come from inside the building,like a heavy door slamming or something heavy fell.
      Those of us that were inside the building heard no such thing.
      There was another time there was maybe 10 or 12 of us 6 couples actually, we all separated couple by couple and explored the place we all somehow ended up in the auditorium at the same time.
      I found a ladder that went up into a little 2 foot by 2 foot hole,I climbed up it and saw an old projector that from what I could gather,it use to shoot through another small maybe 8×8 inch square hole in the wall out into the auditorium.
      In the hole was a deer,maybe 120 lbs.
      Dead obviously.
      The head was stuffed inside that hole and the rest of its body hung from the hole gutted with fresh blood on the floor underneath it.
      That was the freakiest thing I’ve witnessed in that building.
      As for ghosts I didn’t get to witness

    18. That place actually just burned down completely a year or two ago. I used to go there all the time to hang out when I was in high school. It was definitely a spooky place that weird stuff happened. Most of the weird stuff that occurred there was due to the grounds keepers daughter’s chasing people out and off the property. The grounds keepers and his daughter’s live right next door to the place so it wasn’t hard for them to get there. Not saying this place wasn’t haunted, but it was more real people doing stuff than spirits.

      • My great grandmother died there in 1922. Death certificate says from TB but family tells a different story. I wish I could find the truth. My grandmother, her daughter, was only 2 at the time. I hope to visit there someday.

    19. We were just there yesterday may 9, 2019 and the sanitarium has not burned down that is wrong, the building is delapitated and peeling and without windows with broken glass all around but very much standing, the roof has collapsed in some spots. The caretakers house is deserted and boarded up and this is very much haunted

    20. I am the new owner and the site will reopen for small group access. please feel free to follow on facebook @saratogahomestead There are plans to restore parts of the facility including the caretakers house. Ask for no trespassing but details posted on FB as we get closer Tours and ticket sales will go to funding charity for veterans and first responders and some of the hospital will be set up as a retreat

      • I appreciate what you are doing, and I am happy you are the new owner and fixing it up. I trust that you will do the best you can to restore this beautiful building.

      • Andie J Zajaceskowski  |  

        We lived on Glenwild road with a very good path to the hospital. My grandfather helped build it and we had direct phone line to the place. I went to school with Barbara and Murial Suss and knew the family. Dr. Suss was friends with my family. There were no spooks there. I was in and out of there with the Susses a lot. We had to be careful so as not to contaminate the patients. After it closed, I had full access to it. I lost touch with the Susses. The last I saw Barbara she was living near Galway Lake but that was many years ago.

        Andie J Zajaceskowski

      • Are you still the owner? I’ve heard it’s changed hands recently again. I’ve been on an organized tour here in April 2021. I greatly appreciated it, thank you! Is there still plans to renovate any of it?

    21. I watched it on Destination Fear. They picked up some voices and a dark figure. I grew up in upstate NY so, it was pretty interesting. They mentioned no one knows what happened to all the bodies of deceased, but if there was a crematorium, that explains the mystery.

    22. Just there today with my wife. The place has the best view in 3 counties!!! But you have to go up to the roof to see it. Hate to see such a magnificent edifice crumbling from neglect.

    23. A group of us used to sneak in with audio recorders and cameras around the early 2000’s, we’ve gotten a couple pictures, no luck with audio. one trip, we entered a freezing room, complete with icicles, in mid summer. another trip, we saw shadow people. and one of us almost was pushed out a window by something we couldn’t see. our last time, we got close enough to see figures in robes on the roof? (one of them had a light like it was smoking a cigarette, pretty sure they were human.) we left when they looked like they were coming down stairs. While we did sneak in multiple times. We had originally tried contacting the caretaker at the time and get legit permission, and all that got us was threats and a gun pointed at us.

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