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Featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters, the casino is rumored to be haunted. Since the 1990s, witnesses have experienced odd apparitions such as that of a woman in Victorian clothing, cold spots, hostile energies, and even slaps from something unseen. Tinkling sounds and moving objects, such as a levitating trash can lid, also have been reported. And at least one ghost doesn’t follow the rules: The smell of cigar smoke has been detected in a place where smoking is prohibited.

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E Congress St
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
United States

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43.07817286983009, -73.78406167030334
Saratoga County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Saratoga Springs, NY (0.3 mi.)
Milton, NY (4.6 mi.)
North Ballston Spa, NY (5.3 mi.)
Ballston Spa, NY (6.3 mi.)
Victory Mills, NY (9.6 mi.)
Round Lake, NY (9.6 mi.)
Schuylerville, NY (10.3 mi.)
Country Knolls, NY (11.3 mi.)
Stillwater, NY (11.7 mi.)
Corinth, NY (11.7 mi.)

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  1. In In the year 1999 my then 9 year old daughter had a class field trip to the Canfield Casino. The tour was going well when we approached the Grand Staircase. At the top of the stairs was a woman in Victorian dress. I asked our tour guide how I could get a job giving tours in period dress and she turned very pale. “You see her too?” she asked me. I said I did and thought nothing more of it. Suddenly I started to feel a bit unwell. Two hours later it was time to go home and I still felt unwell. Arriving back at the school my daughter chose to ride the bus home with her friends as I was going to leave. It took me 10 minutes to get home. Within that 10 minutes I developed a fever that shot up to 104.2 f. I wound up going to the ER after 3 days of this fever.( And seeing this same woman in my house. She had not been there before) there was never an explanation as to why I became so ill, but I am positive that it was not a hallucination because I see her randomly.

  2. I visited the casino with my dad and brother in the summer of 2011. I remember that I had had an awful panic attack that was unrelated to our planned visit the following day. We had already looked around the first and second floors which were both part of the casino, I believe. The third floor was a long hallway with multiple rooms on both sides. Each room contained furniture taken from some historical family’s home which had been arranged to replicate different parts of the house (ex: the furniture from their kitchen was set up as it had been in the house.) You could only step a little ways into the rooms due to a majority of the being blocked off for obvious reasons. There were voiceovers of different “family members” playing in each room to give visitors some information on the family’s history. It was an awful history full of infidelity, spousal abuse, disease, and many lost children. I was more intrigued than my family members, so I split from my dad and brother. I was in a room at the end of the hall that would be on your right if you were walking away from the entrance to the hall. I forget what room it was, but I think it might have been a bedroom. The wife/mother was telling her part of the story. She was speaking about how she was abused and lost a number of children both before and after birth. I was standing there listening when I felt taller than me place their hands on my shoulders, as if to comfort me. I felt a sort of twinge of electricity travel through my veins and up my spine. At first I thought it was because I had been taken by surprise and turned around expecting to see my dad or my brother, but nobody was there. I walked out of the room thinking maybe my brother was messing with me and I would find him hiding in the hall, but out of all the people on the third floor, I was the only one on that side of the corridor. I firmly believe that a spirit touched my shoulders that day based on how my body reacted and the evidence previously found in the casino by paranormal experts. I wasn’t scared, though. Something about the way she touched me made me feel like everything was going to be okay.

  3. I spent a few hours there one afternoon and don’t think it’s haunted but the collection of small dimly lit room, some with shoddy furniture and odd little angles could easily lead people to see all sorts of odd things out of the corner of their eyes./ not a pleasant or restful place by any stretch of the imagination.

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