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Another cemetery where visitors swear they regularly see a green, glowing light hovering around certain gravestones.

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Geographic Information

Stillwater Union Cemetery
Stillwater, NY
United States

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42.9518384, -73.63559220000002
Saratoga County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Stillwater, NY (1.3 mi.)
Mechanicville, NY (4.3 mi.)
Schaghticoke, NY (4.4 mi.)
Valley Falls, NY (5.0 mi.)
Round Lake, NY (7.9 mi.)
Country Knolls, NY (8.9 mi.)
Victory Mills, NY (9.6 mi.)
Schuylerville, NY (10.6 mi.)
Waterford, NY (11.2 mi.)
Ballston Spa, NY (11.3 mi.)


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  1. After learning our house was quite haunted with over 7 deaths here in the past 20 years, we had gotten into the paranormal and Stillwater Union Cemetery was the first place we tried out some equipment we had bought over the internet with paranormal investigator friends before using it in our own home. The SB-7 box was used with what seems to be 4 different voices with one being a little child’s voice. The EMF detector was loud and clear reading numbers well into the red at times in different hot spots and we have 29 recordings of voices in a two hour period of what some of the locals call the portal area. Definitel;y a very spooky night. My camera captured a woman in old clothes with curly red hair it looked like. It was a picture of her down to her knees and see through but floating. Another picture had a big purplish orb and when it is zoomed in on you can clearly see a face of a man. Matrixing I am told. I still remember this cemetery and have been wanting to get back with our equipment but have not as of yet. Very creepy and very very haunted indeed. Alot I could not explain

  2. This is also St. Peter’s Catholic cemetary also colocated in this same area, one side St. Peter’s, the other Stillwater Union I guess. Anyway, one time myself and a friend had an unexplained experience there. It was the early 1980’s. We were doing what a lot of 21 year olds did on Friday night, in Stillwater then, sharing a couple of beers, and picked the cemetary as the spot to do it. It was summer/a warm weather month, just prior to dark, around 7PM or so, so still light to some degree. Also it was only a couple of beers, and had just gone out, to state that prior to any intoxication jokes/comments. We were just talking and such, standing facing toward the a housing development and the high school, which are approximately a quarter mile or so south. Tall pine trees separate the development and the cemetary. All of a sudden, I saw a round, white light in the distance, round like a car light, but only one, and in the sky above the pine trees near the development. I pointed it out to my friend, who saw it too. It started to grow larger, like it was coming toward us..We watched it get bigger and nearer for a few seconds, then realized this wasn’t something we had seen before or could explain. Although both of us were about 6’2″ and 200 plus pounds, we looked at each other, and agreed we probably wanted to leave. We jumped in the car, started the engine, and started to depart. The white round light then stopped advancing, and slowly dropped below the treeline…We still left, with no idea what it was. Then just a few years ago I was watching a special on TV about the topic, and learned that the light could have been an “orb”, or the form of a spirit, which is prevalent in cemetaries..It definitely happened , we both saw it..

  3. I lived right on Russell Drive next to the graveyard, and occasionally I would for exercise I would run up and down the hills in the graveyard and look at the stones when taking breaks. I would feel as if i was being watched. One day me and 3-4 of my friends decided to take a walk to the graveyard in the back where the trail is, where if you followed it it would lead you to a duck hut looking thing on the river where you could fish. We noticed ropes along our way, as if they were there for someone to hang something. I would continue to run in the cemetery and some days there would be a distinct smell, a smell of almost like a perfume and it always happened in certain spots, and as soon as i would leave that spot, the scent would leave. I no longer live by there anymore and will never return, it occurs in my nightmares sometimes and still scares me.

  4. This cemetery is in my back yard and recently I have been smelling perfume in my home …. hearing noises …. and sometimes I feel as of I’m being watched … I have lived here 2 years,now and just recently have had a huge string of bad luck and odd things happening. .. my computer randomly started playing ring my bell a song from 1979 with no programs running just the home screen :/ my daughter and her friends have also seen a red orb floating …

      • Hannah, was your experience and the perfume smell on the side near the Russell Drive apartments,!or other side toward high school? Just curious if whole cemetery has this stuff, or certain locations. My parents are buried there and I visit sometimes.

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