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While the building does not use the word “haunted” to describe itself, it hosts ghost tours and tells visitors to expect rapid temperature changes, disembodied voices, and shadows and apparitions walking throughout. Photography and EVP recording are highly encouraged with the chance of picking up a woman who is reported on the balcony, a little girl who likes to play peek-a-boo, and a man whose presence is detected with the smell of smoke.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

685 N 1st Ave
Barstow, CA 92311
United States

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34.90486569999999, -117.02457559999999
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Barstow, CA (0.4 mi.)
Barstow Heights, CA (3.0 mi.)
Lenwood, CA (4.9 mi.)
Apple Valley, CA (29.4 mi.)
Victorville, CA (29.6 mi.)
Adelanto, CA (31.2 mi.)
Fort Irwin, CA (31.3 mi.)
Lucerne Valley, CA (32.0 mi.)
Mountain View Acres, CA (33.7 mi.)
Boron, CA (36.0 mi.)


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  1. I visited the Harvey house on a field trip a couple years ago, We were on a space expo that had come to town and the whole thing involved nasa. First going into the big room on the right (I don’t remember what that was called) and staying there for a good 30 minutes looking at holograms of space, the staff had expected classes all day that day and had extra chairs set out in case there wasn’t enough. I happened to be sitting in one of the chairs next to the extra and open ones, a few of my classmates knew about the history of Harvey House but never mentioned it to each other because of the expo. I remember sitting there paying attention to the holograms when the chair next to me squeaked, It those metal fold out chairs literally everyone has and I looked over but no one was there, I didn’t accidentally touch it or anything to make it squeak. I soon felt cold, specifically my hand. I tripped out because of the dark and something cold is touching my hand but I caught one of my classmates attention and I waved it off. I remained cold the whole time. When we were done they directed us to go up the stairs to the first room on the left, they explained we couldn’t go into the other rooms and had to be quiet due to other vacationers and a big wedding was going to happen the next day and they were off limits. We climbed the stairs and again I was at the end of the line, I looked behind me after hearing something but caught the sight of a ball going down the stairs to the basement that I had not seen before hand. The basement was closed off with a unsturdy baby gate, and there was no breeze or air conditioning inside, It was fairly cold and it was going to rain that day. I felt uneasy but continued up the stairs to sit on the hard carpeted floor of the “rock” room where they introduced cool rocks and games about nasa. Soon after an hour up there we gathered our things to go downstairs to the ballroom. It was fairly empty except the many pictures that lined the walls of pictures of Mr. Harvey and the Harvey ladies. We stayed in there and were allowed to explore the empty room and a classmate and I went over to the far corner, that had a window with a balcony and a big picture of Mr. Harvey next to it. We were just explained that there was a woman who was a Harvey lady and had an affair with a married man, when she fell pregnant and her lover left on the Santa Fe to go back home to his wife, she jumped to her death. We didn’t freak ourselves out or anything but thinking about how crappy the expo was and as we were looking at the Harvey Ladies, we saw a women in white dress/nightgown jumping off the balcony above us. We shouted worried if one of the hotel main stayers just committed suicide, the expo concluded and we went outside to see nobody and indefinably no body of someone who just committed suicide. I’ve only been back once to conduct an investigation but was allowed to because its become a wedding spot (I really don’t know why they turned it into a wedding spot in our drug riddled crappy town. just don’t move there. The crime isn’t worth it.)

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