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Allegedly the ghost is haunted with residual type hauntings. People claim to feel “presences” and cold spots throughout the town.

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Geographic Information

Calico CA
United States

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34.9488889, -116.8641667
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Barstow, CA (9.6 mi.)
Barstow Heights, CA (12.2 mi.)
Lenwood, CA (14.5 mi.)
Fort Irwin, CA (23.9 mi.)
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  1. My girlfriend and I went to Calico and walked all around the town. We went down to the cemetery where I stepped on some graves by mistake. It was not a windy day, quite the opposite. A tornado started right next to us and actually chased us around the cemetery. We could not shake it. It was violent. I made a dash for my car. It followed me. I drove up to the gate to get my GF who was covered in dust. Me, my GF and the inside and out side of the car was covered in dust. Once we left we looked behind and the tornado cease to exists. It was an experience to remember. To anyone who goes to the graves, DO NOT STEP ON THE GRAVES!

  2. This location is very active for paranormal activity. The mine is active for poltergeist activity and apparitions have often been seen walking the streets after dark. It’s wonderful place to visit and they do offer a night time “ghost” tour. Camping is available along with a restaurant, right in town.

  3. was camping at calico with my family, my daughter and i went through the back of the campground and sat at a table it was about 4:30 pm sunny no one around, then all the sudden a little girl was skipping beside me, i felt happy not scared, i could see her hair color what type of clothes she had on , she seemed happy and went towards the town, as soon as she came by me she was gone. i call her the happy campground girl. i have tried to find her but i haven’t seen her sense. i am going to keep trying to find her, this was about 8 years ago.

    • I took a picture of the crowd watching the dead wedding and I got a picture of dead children in old clothes watching the broke my girl dressed in black with a fancy hat one indian girl with a shaw and another girl dressed with 1930 or 1920 clothes she had a big bow in her hair blonde.

  4. We took the Calico Ghost Tour just the other day and our guide mentioned the popcorn cart over by the school yard has been know to have activity so I took pictures of it. After I saw a shadow dart across a bridge. My friend saw it to. Our guide said there is a little boy that people have seen and the shadow may have been his. I think I caught him in my photo inside the popcorn cart.

  5. Me and my hubby went to ghost town as we were coming from Vegas and saw the signs on the road and gave it a try. We were amazed of all the history here. We entered Maggies Mining and right before the end of the tunnel I started to feel an ackward feeling as I was standing in this spot.

  6. We visited in May 2016. While walking around Lucy Lane’s house I walked toward the parlour and felt strongly that I and my 10mo old son were not welcome. Enough that I stepped back and wouldn’t go closer. We even tried approaching from the kitchen instead and still felt it. I felt a slight pinch on the back of my neck as we walked past. I guess someone doesn’t like children there.

  7. Kimberly Dominique  |  

    We are Spirit Chasers and would love to see what we can. If possible Go to our site and tell us about your Calico Ghost Town Experiences. We are Spirit Chasers California. A 266 member team. Calico Ghost Town please contact us on Facebook.

  8. Came here when I was still in boy scouts. I can tell you that 90 percent of the stuff here is residual. Souls or “recordings” stuck in an endless loop unaware of the changes that happened around them. Great place to visit totally recommend.

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