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Once an air force base from World War II to the early 1990’s, the area has since been abandoned. Curious investigators should wear masks considering this place contains many toxic materials around, but many EVPs are captured here as well as strange figures on video and camera.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

18374 Phantom St
Victorville, CA 92394
United States

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34.5897958, -117.3701749
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Adelanto, CA (2.3 mi.)
Victorville, CA (5.8 mi.)
Mountain View Acres, CA (6.5 mi.)
Hesperia, CA (12.0 mi.)
Apple Valley, CA (12.2 mi.)
Oak Hills, CA (14.3 mi.)
Phelan, CA (16.1 mi.)
Pinon Hills, CA (19.1 mi.)
Wrightwood, CA (21.8 mi.)
Lytle Creek, CA (24.0 mi.)


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  1. I worked as a security at the logistics airport. I had to pass a exam to be able to drive on the airfield, and part of our patrol was driving around the abandoned base housing and the hospital. Our instructions were if we found anyone in the houses or hospital we were to escort them off the base. This would happen every so often, and repeat offenders we would call in police. I had twice gone into the hospital when I spotted unidentified vehicles parked near by. On my last patrol of the hospital, after removing trespassers from the hospital and escorting them off the base, I had went back 1 hour later to be sure the area was secure. When I went in I was walking thru the hospital I heard a bang on the wall. I ofcourse thought it was more kids in there. As I went further in and thru the area I found no one. On the way out I heard voices, and believe me they weren’t human. I saw shadows and movements, twice and again heard voices. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, I have never felt that way. I got out of there as fast as possible and never went back in. I know what I heard and saw, and it was spirits. I have never repeated this story because Im sure I would have been the butt of many jokes, but I know what I witnessed.

    • Hi Lance I was wondering if u could tell me the name of the security company u worked for and how I might b able to contact them. I am part of a paranormal group, and we have been trying to figure out who we could get clearance with to lawfully investigate the hospital out there. We normally stay around for about 2 hours per investigationnight although we were hoping to extend our time with this hospital. Any information you could share would be really appreciated. If u want to check us out first we are on facebook search L.A.P.S. or legendary amature paranormal society. Thanks again.

    • Shirley Sattarwhite  |  

      Went there and did a EVP section played it on my way house and almost crash cuz I cannot believe the things I was hearing coming through. I have proof so if you need to hear it you can email me and I can send it to you George Air Force Base is really haunted and it really need to be on TV as one of the most haunted places in California it’s many demons and spirits that’s down there real paranormal Activity is going on down there

    • The voices weren’t human? Were they some kind of animal? What else would have a voice? It obviously wasn’t disembodied spirits because they don’t have physical lungs and vocal chords to be able to move air.

    • I visited this place and feel it’s haunted. We went to the hospital late at night with flashlights. After being in there we heard banging and voices whispering. We turned our lights off and there was still strange noises, footsteps and banging from all over. There wasn’t a actual person anywhere else cause we saw no lights, it was pitch black with the sound of footsteps. I can agree with some of the other posts here saying you see images out of the corner of your eyes. It happened to all of us.

    • Went there couple times and I’ve heard something almost every time. First couple experiences I only heard some type of grunt/moan. The third time I went by myself for a bit waiting for someone. I entered through the door and stopped about a couple ft, when I stood still I heard glass moving but was not on top of any, there was glass behind me, after hearing glass I heard what I thought were footsteps.

    • I know it’s haunted. You have most likely kicked me out once. Been there several times. Every time we go I get cut or bruised. It’s not a joke, my son his girlfriend and I went in the hospital through the ambulance entry we all saw the same thing it was like a black mass kinda charging at us. When we turned the corner it was gone. If you go under the hospital very creepy. We would hear like humming, knocking banging. In the kids ward it gets bad. No one will go back with me anymore but I will anytime. You have to experience it than you will know.

  2. I go through this abandoned area every sat to get to the gym where my son plays basketball. I’ve always been curious and I love investigating. I want to bring my dog and go look around so bad! Im just scared of getting in trouble!

  3. Me and my buddies went to check it out and it wasn’t good. The moment we stepped in we all got the feeling as if someone was telling us to leave. As we walked further down my chest felt heavier and I had the impression as if we better get out because I knew we weren’t alone. Every room I looked in I saw something out of the corner of my eye and the moment I looked it was gone. It was all feelings of evil and I would advise everyone to stay away, as it didn’t feel safe.

  4. I just moved out to the area and found a near bye job from the base. I go all the time. The hospital has security so be care full. The houses are also very active ive got one class a evp and lots of good pics. Its fun im really into it. Alot of bad history there believe most of the property is hot with spirits some bad..

  5. Last week something was tossing rocks at us. I love the houses also there accesable. Anyone want to go sometime hit me up. Im trying to put together a group ive got some equipment and flashlights..

  6. Me and A group of friends just went and i didn’t expect what we saw we went to the abondon movie theater and houses and we saw flashing lights moving in the shadows and rolling on flash light we ran fast as shit to our car and there was a car following us and we were scared as shit the car randomly disappeared it was a black truck so watch out

    • i went today and i was about to enter one street but at the end of the street was an all black 2016 tacoma and it had its lights on and i assumed it was security so i started backing out and then its lights went off lmao i got scared as shit and went back home

  7. ive been many times… sometimes i’d hear a loud bang in the distance or whistling. my friend claims something grapped his ankle and tripped him. ive seen a woman in white at the end of this long dark hall and then our flashlights started flickering and turning off…. ALL of our flashlights. we dont encounter paranormal activity ever time we go but i enjoy going anyway. i advise you to park in the parking lot at the church or gym and walk over there so security doesnt see your car and bust you.

  8. Anyone wondering how this place is as of now there is barely no security at all and I just went tonight. We heard shit in the hospital and we got out quick. There is something really odd and off about that place but definetly something in there still haunting the grounds enjoy

  9. Check out my video about the base. Just you tube. Actual Demon face pic @ George air force base. Anyone who wants to go hit me up on my channel.

    • Randirty
      Went this Halloween recorded the whole experience and caught some weird stuff on video I’ll post two pics one regular then one with what appears to be a human figure by one of the hospital doors we didn’t see this while recording but later going over the video caught it

  10. I have been there with my sister in law, but there has always been security riding around and following us so we have been unable to investigate. Any suggestions as to what is the best time and where to park without being noticed. I know there is a park there and what looks like a gym and I have seen people going in, however, like I said, we have been unsuccessful thus far investigating the area.

  11. I’m going out to George AFB in January for a World War II re-enactment, and thanks to all of these spooky stories, I am REALLY looking forward to it now! I hope I’m not disappointed. Thanks everyone.

  12. I’ve been there several times I haven’t experienced anything is there like a certain spot u have to go to in the hospital cuz I know it’s haunted I just want to experience it myself

  13. Just came home from there nothing special. Attempted to go a few nights ago security ran us off bit found good places to park just be careful security is bad out there went through some of the houses an explored damn near the whole hospital have videos of inside as well will go again if any one cares to take a trip let me know

  14. I went in there today 3-8-2018 i walked into the back and i just felt like i was super heavy in my Chest. I heard that it’s haunted. As i was taking pics i heard sound like a door slammed down below the stairs i have so much respect for places like this idk what’s wrong with me everytime i come here i want to cry and at the same time I’m comfortable here. I drive here all the time i love History

  15. Me and a group of friends went to the George Air Force base and we went and looked around and we went to the third story of the dorms I believe and we didn’t see anything until we went to the other side and my friends brother lost his car keys and we looked everywhere even on top of the cars on the floor we went everywhere to look for them as we went back we saw the keys on the trunk and so we went on and kept looking around this one door I believe it was a school it did. Not budge or open at all so wen walked around and we came back to wheee that door was we where standing across from it as I looked it slowly opened so I said hey Guys didn’t we just try opening that door and they said yes and we eeee like how in the world is this it took all of us to try and open that door but it wouldn’t open. No matter how hard u try so it was something that opened that door I believe I wish I had the video I recorded it the whole time we were there and Idk what happen to the video but I wish I had it scared me

  16. Hi shirley i go here every other day to check on paranormal activity there and nevrr found nun but i do feel like every time i go someone’s watching me or just get that creeped out feeling lol but heah please!! Can you send me it plzzzz!!!

  17. Hang around former military sites and you’ll be joining the spooks. You all have no idea just what kind of toxins are there. Until you’ve seen friends drop dead because of things they have inhaled, or seen men (including those of color) turn gray from exposures… Well, let’s just say that the last person to go into an decommed AFB is a former serviceman.

  18. SheppardElementaryStudent  |  

    As a child, I hated going to that hospital. The doctors/nurses always all seemed very aggravated/mentally agitated for some reason, and I just got hair raising vibes from it (even while it was a functioning occupied building.)
    Also not sure if it was a result of the environmental issues, but there were insane amounts of birth defects, miscarriages, and stillbirths in that hospital… I was told by my mother that some women would refuse to go to that hospital when they went into labor…(her included, when my sibling was born.)

    Has anyone seen the lady with the red hair and green eyes lately? I used to have dreams of walking down the roads of the base housing (Utah and Montana,) but it was like the base was abandoned (ironically not much different than it looks today,) and at some point I’d stop dead in my tracks, as a woman with fiery red hair, and green eyes that stared into your soul, would appear (very vividly against the droll surroundings.) If I didn’t wake up immediately from the shock, and was still in the dream, she did nothing but stare. If I moved, she would follow…but it was as if she hovered; always facing me…and I couldn’t get away from her, she would continuously stay within my view unless I actually woke up from the dream. Terrifying for a 4yo. I still randomly have her pop into a dream from time to time. The setting is usually different (not the base) but the setting of the dream always seems to be an abandoned place, with very droll colors, almost out of focus…and then SHE pops up. Still jolts me out of bed at almost 40yrs old. I’d almost equate her to like when Pennywise from IT would randomly pop up.

    I’d also have recurring dreams of seeing my own grave when I lived there. Not sure what in real life would cause dreams like that in a kid who only lived there from age 2-5.

  19. Me and my friends were just here 2 weeks ago, while there i had an eerie feeling
    upon entering. and had no idea that this place as haunted, nor did we no about the history or it’s background. during our time there we never once encountered any security, however felt we were being watched the entire time.
    we were there from the morning till sunset doing a photo shoot as exploring and taking photos of abandoned and haunted places is our thing. during the final moments of our shoot, i had a strange sense of fear and numbness wash over me and it caused me to somewhat feel nauseous.
    as someone who is related to gypsies, witches and psychic’s i know what to watch for so that being said, i made the executive decision and told my team of 4 that it was time to wrap it up.
    on the way out we ran into some writings and symbols on the walls that i recognized from my studies and felt them “the markings were fresh” so urged us to hurry for safeties sake.
    as we were leaving the corridors that lead to the main entrance just by the stairs i tried to lighten up the mood a little and screamed ” let me get a hoooooyeeeeaaaa!” and almost immediately got a response that sounded like something at the bottom of the stairs had thrown something heavy and ran!
    at this point my entire team panicked and we began jogging out the building.
    as we gained distance heading the direction of the church near by which was where we parked, i looked back and spotted what appeared to be a male figure on the roof wearing camouflage with what appeared to be a rifle on his back and it looked like we were being observed!
    at this point my crew thought i was tripping out and i then pulled my phone out to zoom in and forgot to record!!!
    i clear as day watched the figure switch positions from hands on hip to hunched with arms over the roofs guard.
    a week later we planned to go back, but then something came up and we had to reschedule, a few days before the next shoot my buddy calls me to let me know that he refuses to go back!
    When i asked why he informed me that a 31 year old man that had been driving through the area had stopped to ask a couple of teenagers who were walking through if they needed a ride because it was hot and had gone missing.
    days after the date we were meant to be there, that man had been discovered shot dead, murdered for reasons unknown!
    it could have been us, and i have so many questions to who and what the hell the motive was, i also have raw footage from our visit and i need to process it for evp’s but haven’t had the chance, but i now know that there is for sure something wrong with this place!
    i also had a lung infection the following week due to all of the residual chemicals in the air, so i encourage any who plan to visit to do it with a mask, weapon, and group “mandatory”
    not only is it bad for your health, haunted by demons and hazardous, but there are psychopathic, satanic racist killers there!

    if you wish to hear more, or would like to see the videos once processed, or even just see more pf our abandoned photography you follow us on Instagram @strange_exposures
    or email me directly at or @panduhh_official

  20. I currently work here on the airport . in my office it sometimes smells like a cigar from what I as told , an old general had been in the same office . the whole airport has a weird feeling at night

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